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Her Majesty, Mary IV, By the Grace of God, Queen of Vlasdol, Defender of the Faith

Her Majesty, Mary IV, By the Grace of God, Queen of Vlasdol, Defender of the Faith

Her Majesty's portrait in the citadel

By the Grace of God, Queen of Vlasdol

In office:

Preceded by: Miss Emily Simpson

Commander in Chief of Her Majesty's Defence Force

In office:

Preceded by: Miss Emily Simpson
Succeeded by: N/a

Personal Details


01/10/2002 (age 18)



Political Party:

The Royalist Movement of Vlasdol


His Highness, Crown-Consort Bartholomew Wickes




Royal Tenetenbaum Officer's Academy
- Doctorate in Political Science
- Bachelor's degree in Military Theory


Anglican-Unitarian Protestantism


"Our enemies surround us from all sides. They trap us into a corner, unfortunately for them, our only way is out."
- Mary IV, Coronation speech

Upon her crowning, Her Majesty found herself in a difficult situation. Never before had Vlasdol been so shattered. What were once the crowning leaders of the world, in just two years became a weak and ruined nation. Thanks to hyper-inflation and the 2 year long Halloween Revolution, resulting in the death of Miss Emily Simpson, Vlasdol has been reduced to a mere fraction of its former self.
As Emily was an only child, Mary IV was the next in line for the throne, as she was descended from Lord Protector Albert III. She studied her Great-Great-Grandfather's political doctrine, how he asserted situational dominance, and how he controlled situations. It's fair to say she's mastered it. And despite having been suddenly thrust into this situation, she makes the most of it.

Early Life

As a child, she lived very comfortably in the McDowell Estate, she paid close attention and read through all of Albert III's speeches, and mastered his political ability, became well rehearsed in his policies until she was effectively his political clone.

As the descendant of Albert III, Mary IV was pretty well aware she'd be close in line to the throne, once Sir Riley Simpson reinstalled the monarchy.

Rise in Politics

With the Halloween Revolution, Mary IV quickly joined the Royal Army of Vlasdol, receiving the rank of Major General, due to her political and symbolic importance, her division was kept to the back, but once the Artorian massacres occurred, they were thrust to the frontlines, where she lead them extremely well, despite her being only just 17, using the same control tactics Albert III used to control them, and keep them motivated.

After the war, she obviously survived, and being next in line, was crowned.


Mary IV has only just became the Lord Protector, and in a period of hardship, the Vlasdolian people are eager to see if she rebuild the empire, or guarantees it's extinction


  • Extreme anti-communist policies
    Following the anarcho-communist Halloween Revolution, its safe to say very few Vlasdolians support the communists. Mary IV cannot be counted among them

  • New Vlasdolian Armed Forces Reformation
    With its ruined population, industry and economy, Vlasdol cannot support its en masse army anymore, so it is in the middle of reforming to a smaller, elite force, capable of fast and brutal power projections

  • The Roaring Lion doctrine
    Communism has no place in the modern world, our policies must reflect this.

For & Against

  • For: Soft power projections, Albert III, loyalty, anti-communism

  • Against: The communists, betrayal, nations with only hard power

Personal Information

There are very few details available about her life, although resources do indicate an interest in board games

Personal Trivia

  • She's the Great-Great-Granddaughter of Albert III

  • Her crown-consort, Sir Bartholomew Wickes is the Grand Admiral of the Royal Navy of New Vlasdol


“Our enemies surround us from all sides. They trap us into a corner, unfortunately for them, our only way is out.”

“Complacency and arrogance formed the roots of the Old Vlasdolian government. It is my duty, by the Grace of Our Lady to ensure such unacceptability never taints this great nation again.”

"To think of oneself before one's countrymen is an unforgivable crime, one that can never be absolved."

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