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Her Imperial Majesty, Miss Emily Simpson, Imperator-General of Vlasdol [OUTDATED]

Her Imperial Majesty, Miss Emily Simpson, Imperator-General of Vlasdol

Emily Simpson, aged 303, encased within the Mechanicus
Personal Info




East Tennetenbaum Hospital


MT: 12, PMT (OLGEA): 18-24FT: depends on when it's set, most commonly 12,500


Harold Simpson (biological) Priorem-Imperator Riley Simpson (legal)


Leona DuFresne (biological) Conjuga-Imperator Gracie Joyce (legal)



Sexual Orientation:

Undetermined, FT: Bisexual, Abstinent

Preceded by:

Imperator-General Riley Simpson

Succeeded by:

[MT] Her Majesty, Lord Protector Mary IV

Ideology Info

Political Ideology:

Monarchism, FT: Absolute Monarchism, Imperial Cult-ism

Economic Ideology:

MT: Socialism, state capitalism, FT: Greater-Goodism

Emily Simpson is the (MT) Her Imperial Majesty, Miss Emily Simpson is the newly crowned Imperator-General of Vlasdol(FT) Her Imperial Majesty, The Most Holy Emily Simpson is the Imperator-Immortalis of The Eternal Vlasdolian Empire and the rightful matriarch of humanity. She suffers from Sabax Capabilis, a very rare mental illness where the affected is afflicted by somatic and religious delusions, as well as borderline sociopathy, while also having a massively extended lifespan and being considered a superintelligence.
[size=200]Early Life
In her earlier years, from birth until her adoption at five years, she lived a very difficult life. With an abusive father who is declared a traitor to the state, she barely got by, until in 2016, Harold was caught and killed by The Cadre, it was eventually found out that she is related, by blood to the, at the time, Minister of War (Who was then promoted to Supreme General), who adopted her, and made her his legitimate child.
MT - Emily is very rarely seen in public, besides the coronation of her father, she had not attended any ceremonies. She is mostly studying political and military theory.
When there was the Vlasdolian Civil War, she had an assassination attempt that was very close to successfully, had Loyalist Harrison not intervened. She spent the rest of the war in Fortress Alba, recovering from injuries.
FT - The Most Holy Emily Simpson, Imperator-Immortalis of The Eternal Vlasdolian Empire and by extension humanity leads mankind with her consciousness implanted in the mind of the Mechanicus, a synthetic body that is the spitting image of Emily at 12 years old.
Sabax Capabilis, her reign and the unification of Earth
The Most Holy Emily Simpson is the leader of humanity because, at six years old, she was diagnosed with sabax capabilis, a very, very, very rare illness where the patient lacks any emotions and most left brain capabilities, as well as somatic, religious and grandiose delusions. however, they have an eidetic memory, ridiculously fast learning capabilities, very high levels of intelligence, fast mental maturation, very high amounts of cognitive ability significant increase in lifespan, very fast progression through Piaget's development theory and has the potential to eventually be considered a super-intelligence.
Armed with this and very little to do, she devoured the knowledge within countless databases, and by the time she inherited the throne at 12 years, she had completely elapsed all other world leaders in terms of political and military prowess, despite her incredible ability, she was still a teenager, and her extended lifespan meant she looked like an 8 year old, so very little she did was taken seriously, both by the other leaders and by her own subjects.

Ultimately, through a complicated web of alliances, promises, threats and force projections, Emily had politically manoeuvred many major nations into conceding all of their territories into vassals owned by Vlasdol, those that refused found themselves staring down the single most powerful military entity on the planet. Most citizens around the world adored Emily, because by the time she had puppeted most other nations, she was 16, and still looked like a preteen, so the people practically developed a cult of personality for her.
In 2057, humanity had developed the ability to implant a person's memory inside a synthetic body, this was completely unused until in 2058, a very elaborate assassination attempt had very seriously injured her body, to the point where she was likely to die within 30 minutes. In the first and last ditch attempt to keep her alive, a synthetic human, called the Mechanicus, was uploaded with her mind. At that point, her title changed from Imperator-General to Imperator-Immortalis.

Pro and Anti
  • Pro: Peaceful decisions, imperialism

  • Anti: Weak people, 'But thou must!' situations


  • (FT) She has a Mechanici owl named Wilbur

  • (MT) She plays Grey Knights in Warhammer 40k

  • (FT/MT) She can speak every human language

  • (MT) She is very hostile and mostly unwilling to join alliances without her father's recommendation

  • (MT) When democrats in the Royal Ministry of War betrayed the crown, an attempted assassination by Jacob Sears, she suffered a slash-wound across her face, which healed without issue, however, it left a permanent scar, visible even on the Mechanicus

  • (MT) Much to the vehement hatred of The Cadre, in political cartoons, Emily is often portrayed as a rat, a fox, a low functioning autistic child or a baby

  • Her favourite song (besides her theme) is Waltz No. 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich, she is unnaturally skilled at the waltz

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