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VlaRiSsiAn Armed Forces Overview

Population of VlaRiSsiA: 1.6 billion
Available Manpower: 968.4 million
Fit-For-Service: 702.3 million
Reaching Military Age Annually: 22 million
Total Military Personnel(excluding parliamentary forces): 310 million
Active Personnel: 145 million
Reserve Personnel: 102 million
Child Forces: 63 million
Parliamentary Forces: 105 million
Defense Budget: 42% of Government Spending

Tanks: 1.4 million
Armored Vehicles: 6.9 million
Total Artillery: 2.5 million
Total Naval Assets: 45,000
Aircraft Carriers: 1,500
Total Aircraft: 600,000
Total Drones: 3 million
Total Orbital Death Rays: 50
Total Intelligence Satellites: 75
Total Bombardment Satellites: 100
Total Space Craft: 15,750
Total Space Stations: 500
Total Space Military Bases: 75
Total Nukes: 1.75 million
Total Antimatter Supernukes: 110,000
Total Apocalyptic Antimatter Tsar Nukeas: 96
Total Chemical Weapons: 100 million tons
Total Biological Weapons: 65 million tons