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The Shrekacratic Ogres Republic of
Psychotic Dictatorship

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Shrekism - A Political Ideology and a Religious Cult of Personality

Shrek is seen as supreme under the glorious religion of Shrekism
Basic Introduction
Shrekism is the main ideology of the Ogre’s Party of VlaRiSsiA as well as its main and only religion. It is a totalitarian ideology that takes Stalinism, Maoism and Juche to the next level. It seeks to reach totalitarian communism through the total control of every aspect of life in the Shrekacratic Republic. It is similar to Ingsocism(the ideology of Ingsoc in 1984), but it is more economically far-left while Ingsoc has no defined economic policy. It is extremely reactionary, valuing strict theocratic tradition over progress, hence why VlaRiSsiA is a very religious theocracy based around its founder. It is similar to North Korea socially, economically and politically but even more ideologically psychotic.

Commandments of Shrekism
-All must worship Shrek as the only true being
-All must be willing to die for Shrek
-All products and citizens are property of Shrek and the Ogre’s Party
-Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life
-The Ogre’s Party is divine and are the subordinates of the Omnipotent Ogre
-Criticism of Shrek is the ultimate sin and must be punished by execution
-Opponents of the Ogre go to the gulags
-Capitalism is a curse that came from the gates of Hell
-Its not yours, it’s OURS
-The Capitalist Swine sell is the ropes which we hang them with
-Big Shreker is watching you
-War is peace; Freedom is slavery; Ignorance is strength
-No privacy, everything belongs to the government and only the government
-VlaRiSsiA is superior to all other nations, and ethnic ogres are the only true race
-Eveything for the state, by the state, from the state, to the state, and in the state

Why YOU Should Be Shrekist
In a Shrekist society, everything belongs to Shrek. Everyone worships Shrek. Every action by the state is ordered by Shrek. Everyone is watched by Shrek. Everything is a part of Shrek. There are no bourgeois concepts like freedom or democracy, only absolute control by the Ogre’s Party. There is only one party with all the power, the Ogre’s Party. There is only one leader and he has absolute power, Shrek. Shrekretariat Donkey serves as the minister of the Ogre’s Party and Ogreneral Puss ‘n Boots serves as the minister of the military. Every week, a brutal political purge happens where thousands of suspected capitalists are shreksecuted and thousands more are sent to the gulags. It isn’t too bad, only about 500,000 potential rivals are shreksecuted annually and about a million go to the gulags, but this secures the Ogre’s power. Even the inner party must worship Shrek and anyone who refuses will be shreksecuted. Shrek is watching everyone even in their own homes, so in every ogre’s personal lives, they must repeatedly be praying nonstop to their Ogrelord.

Where Shrekism is Politically

Shrekism is extremely totalitarian with a strong centralized economy and an extremely reactionary government. It is off the scale in terms of totalitarianism while being more traditional than most monarchies. Advocating for collectivism, it tends to be placed on the economic left despite violating most forms of communism. Degenerates like weebs, bronies, thots, tumblr users, k-pop fans and furries are executed for their blasphemy. On the political compass, Shrekism is doubleplustotalitarian(off the compass vertically), far to the left economically and max traditional culturally. It’s economic policies are similar to a more extreme version of those under Stalinist Russia, being extremely centralized and tightly controlled by the ogre’s party. The markets are strictly controlled by the elites and all economic decisions are controlled by the supreme leader. The emphasis on tradition, such as having an absolute monarchy and a theocracy, make Shrekist staunchly different from the more progressive and secular Marxism Leninism. Shrekism is more similar to North Korean Juche as well as many traditional, anti-technology religious groups. The emphasis on complete control over every aspect of life makes Stalin seem libertarian in comparison. Mass surveillance and absolute repression is so endemic that it is only identical to an Orwellian dystopia. The level of propaganda, indoctrination and brainwashing can allow for the party to completely change all facts as well as the past, present and future. Some have called the ideology “less transparent and open than a black hole”. But is totalitarianism really that bad. I mean, Shrekism has Shrek so no one would mind living under it. The flag of VlaRiSsiA can make anyone, even the most staunch anti-totalitarians, nut.