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Major ViZionarian Airports

Major ViZionarian Airports

Vitalita International Airport (VIA)
VIA is located in ViZion's capital - and largest - city, Vitalita. It is the largest airport in ViZion, and as well as globally. Also available are plots for malls, hotels, and so forth!

Central Universe International Airport (CUI)
CUI is the newest major airport in the country, and located in eastern Vitalita. Build due to growing demand for more flights and airlines in Vitalita, while VIA is maxed out. This new airport is already buzzing with travelers.

Claudius J. Griffincrest International Airport (CGI)
Claudius J. Griffincrest International Airport is ViZion's newest international airport. It is located in the Port of New Alton, a bustling city of five million people, and one of ViZion's largest business and vacation spots, located in central ViZion along the Indian Ocean coast, and is quickly becoming a major airport internationally.

Antibarber International (AII)
Having been completely rebuilt a few years after the Decade War, this in the third largest airport in ViZion. Located in the Angola claim, it serves a whopping 7.2 million people per day.

Lymar International Airport (LYM)
One of ViZion's oldest airports, Lymar International Airport is growing rapidly, and is the city of Lymar's only airport. The desert city is known as the Oasis in the Desert.

Kirkland National Airport (KIR) (Kirkland, ViZion)
One of ViZion's and the region of Astyria's most important business and vacation hubs, this massive and rapidly growing city houses one of the world's most important airports.

Kingsgate International Airport (KGX) (Kingsgate, ViZion)
Home to the nation's largest spaceport and one of its largest theme parks, Kingsgate is known as the "Gateway to the Heavens". It is one of ViZion and Astyria's most important industrial cities, and houses many major corporate headquarters as well.

Rasville International Airport (RAS) (Rasville, ViZion)
Rasville, ViZion is one of the fastest growing cities globally, and is expected to reach over 10 million under current projections over the next three years. RAS also includes a massive cruise port, as well as a major high-speed train station.

Dogbar International Airport (DIA)
DIA is among ViZion's newer major airports. Located in eastern ViZion in the city of Dogbar, this is one of the largest airports globally, serving some 14.5 million people on average per day, and growing.

Northern Amazon International Airport (NAI)
Northern Amazon International Airport is located just off the banks of the Amazon in ViZion's Columbian claim in southern South American ViZion. Serving 5 million people daily, it is among ViZion's largest airports. Located in St. Cloud.

Amaria International Airport (AMI)
Amaria International Airport is located in ViZion's Costa Rica claim in Central American ViZion, and is the primary international airport service that region in the city of Amaria, home to some 10 million. It serves 4.5 million travelers per day to make it the 5th largest airport in ViZion.

ViZion Island International Airport (VII)
VIIA is a smaller international airport serving the ViZion Island, an island located in the south Pacific. VII is located in the islands largest city, Tropic City, and has roughly 1 million travelers going through it per day, and is one of the hot spots for vacationers.

Icestone International Airport (IIA)
Icestone International Airport is ViZion's smallest international airport, serving only a few hundred people per week. However, it is the only international airport in ViZion's Antarctica territory and serves only smaller aircraft. Longer distance flights will require a layover stop at one of ViZion's various southern-most airports. Located in the small town ironically named Sunny City.

Other various airports within ViZion:
Dodoma International Airport (DOI) (Dodoma, ViZion)
Boa Vista International Airport (BVI) (Boa Vista, ViZion)
Yucatan International Airport (YIA) (Yucatan, ViZion)
Chieftain International Airport (CIA) (New Vista, ViZion)
Babu International Airport (BIA) (Barneston, ViZion)
Jackson Regional Airport (JRA) (Jackson, ViZion)
Templeton National Airport (TNA) (Templeton, ViZion)
Adamsville Regional Airport (ARA) (Adamsville, ViZion)
Tacoma Regional Airport (TRA) (Tacoma, ViZion)
Archville National Airport (ANA) (Archville, ViZion)
Bumba Regional Airport (BRA) (Bumba, ViZion)
Kawbe Regional Airport (KRA) (Kawbe, ViZion)
Marceton Regional Airport (MRA) (Marceton, ViZion)
Northpoint View Airport (NVA) (Northview, ViZion)
Cuito Regional Airport (CRA) (Cuito, ViZion)
Morichal Regional Airport (MOR) (Morichal, ViZion)
San Jose Regional Airport (SJR) (San Jose, ViZion)
Chibawa Regional Airport (CHI) (Chibawa, ViZion)
Tabago Regional Airport (TAB) (Tabago, ViZion)
Arlington National Airport (ARL) (Arlington, ViZion)
Roundtown Regional Airport (RRA) (Roundtown, ViZion)
Cepasta Regional Airport (CEP) (Cepasta, ViZion)
Barmarse National Airport (BAR) (Barmarse, ViZion)
Oliver Anderson Regional Airport (OAR) (Amstari, ViZion)
Kingston National Airport (KNA) (Kingston, ViZion)
Pharaohs Landing Regional Airport (PLR) (Armi, ViZion)
Hawksworth Regional Airport (HRA) (Hawksworth, ViZion)
Ambrezette Regional Airport (AMB) (Ambrezette, ViZion)
Moahi Regional Airport (MOA) (Moahi, ViZion)
Ikomba National Airport (IKO) (Ikomba, ViZion)

*CLOSED* ViZion City International (VCI)
(VCI's original thread is gone - it was back in Sept of '03 or around that time - so two new ones are up: for purchasing something, and for more info on it.) There are 100 concources, each with 400 gates in it. There are also 14 sectors with 200 terminals in each. Each Terminal has 200 gates. Sector 1 has an amusement park in it. Currently, there's 12 departure runways and 12 arrival runways, with one tower for each runway, plus a large tower for the whole airport. Over 5,100,000 travelers come through it daily! Located in the outskirts of (west) ViZion City, ViZion. *We are doing massive expansions to this airport. for more info.

*CLOSED* Doujinshi International (DJI)
ViZion's second largest airport, which is home to 10 concourses; 70 terminals each; 100 gates in a terminal. It is, like VZCI, located in ViZion City, though this is located in the Southern part of the city. Nearly 1,500,000 travelers pass through its ultra-modern, ultra-sophisticated, and extremely luxurious concourses.

*CLOSED* HLAMIA International Airport (HIA)
The newly finished airport will be located in the NW section of ViZion, in the Port of Alton, a growing city with approx. 1.3 million residence at this time. The airport has four concourses and 156 terminals. It is the third largest airport in ViZion.

*CLOSED* Oncomm International Airconnections (OIA)
Located in Sameson, ViZion, a large city in Southern ViZion, it is ViZion's fourth largest airport. Serving over 600,000 travelers daily, it is always a busy place. Currently, there are four concources with 70 terminals in each, and 20 gates per terminal. There are no plans to expand this airport, as Doujinshi International has just been built, and is much larger then this now-aging airport.

*CLOSED* Rock City International (RCI)
Rock City International is ViZion's fifth largest international airport. With four concources, it has 50 terminals, and 25 gates per terminal. It averages 350,000 travelers daily. Located in Rock City, NW ViZion.

*CLOSED* Hamperton International (HIN)
Located in Hamperton, Hamperton International is, like the city, growing. Hamperton is currently the sixth largest airport in ViZion, with four concourses, 40 terminals, and 30 gates per terminal. Located on the southern tip of ViZion.

*CLOSED* World Connections (WCA)
This is a small airport off the coast of ViZion City, on a man-made island. World Connections is closed to the public and business, and is highly guarded, as it is the airport for nations representatives and other government officials. Submarines are the only way to access the airport, aside from air and swimming. Unfortunately for swimmers, there is 24/7 guard in the waters. Anyone caught trying to reach the island may be shot, but most likely captured and taken into custody.

There are many other, smaller airports, some of which will be listed later.