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ViZionarian Storefronts and Major ViZionarian Businesses

ViZionarian Storefronts
ViZion World Corporation - Keeping The World Spinning.
Largest company in ViZion
Astyria Corporation
AstCorp is a combination of many of Astyria's best and largest corporations, including ViZion's Armaj Heavy Industries.
General Industries Corporation - Changing The Way The World Works.
General Industries Corporation is a fast-growing company with over 25 different companies in ViZion across various industries. It is in the top 5 nationally in profit. Including one of ViZion's international airlines.
Globe Talent Agency
ViZion's largest acting and modeling talent agency.
Entourage Investment Firm
ViZion's largest investment company.
United Mailing Service
ViZion's largest mailing service.
Multivision Entertainment Group
ViZion's largest television provider and a large provider of internet. Partnered with Universal Telecom for bundles with cellphone services.
ViZion's leading insurance company.
Imperial Isles Airways
ViZion's second largest airline, and a major international airline.
Vivaj Mobile
ViZion's and the world's fourth largest mobile carrier.
Priceco Wholesale
ViZion's largest wholesale club.
Armaj Heavy Industries - Wealth. Created Daily.
Defunct April 2014. ViZion's second largest corporation, it is a power to be reckoned with. AHI is becoming AstCorp. See below.

Major Companies
Mikai Rail Company - One of ViZion's largest train lines.
ViZion Train Line - A large ViZionarian train line.
Blue Seas Ferry Company - A ViZionarian ferry company.
Wimder Holding Company - One of ViZion's largest investment firms.
Ricco's Department Stores - ViZion's largest department store.
TTB Cellular - ViZion's third largest cellular service company.
Tieka Broadband - A struggling internet provider who has slipped from first to third nationally over the past two years.
Viva Airplanes - Viva Airplanes is a domestic-only producer of commercial and private jets. It is the 4th largest nationally in the commercial/private jet industry.
Shogun Motorbikes - ViZion's largest motorcycle producer.
Western World Airways - Western World Airways is one of ViZion's oldest airlines, and with its new management has begun to grow in an attempt to move from third to second in largest airlines. Includes an all-new group of airplanes, having replaced an ancient fleet.
Hishan Airline - ViZion's fastest-growing airline company, and currently the fourth largest airline, having leapfrogged Kohijo Intercontinental, who in turn had passed Mediterranean Skyways. It has recently begun international flights.
Kohijo Intercontinental Air - Now the fifth largest airline in ViZion - and closing in on fourth - Kohijo Intercontinental is growing fairly quickly, its fleet is fairly new. The airline is international, and offers good fares.
Mediterranean Skyways - Previously an airline that flew only around the Mediterranean sea. It has seen some amazing growth before stalling out as ViZion's fourth largest airline, and has now dropped in 6th. It is a very prestegious airline around the Mediterranean.
Low-Fair Airways - ViZion's oldest and largest low-cost airline. Flies to over 50 nations world-wide.
African National Airline - One of ViZion's newest airlines, it serves much of Africa and has rapidly been going, surpassing some of the more established airlines.
Eastward Airways - An airline who makes many international east-to-west and west-to-east flights, along with flights within ViZion. It is a quickly growing airline in the eastern hemisphere.
Blue Airways - Low-cost, regional airline serving the African claims as well as the Central American claims. Largest of the regional airlines in ViZion.
Vista Skies Airways - One of ViZion's newest airlines, it is focused on longer-range domestic flights. Still a relatively small airline.
Global Winds Airline - ViZion's newest airline, GWA is a long-range focused airline that currently only serves domestic routes from coast to coast and continent to continent. However, ambitious plans have it expecting to be a large global airline in the next five years.
Golden Flight - A very expensive regional airline in ViZion serving the African claims. Thought of as the ViZionair of regional airlines.
Arctic Flights - For the longest time, it was the only regional airline to handle ViZion's Antarctica territories, however with the emergence of Ice Age Airline, it has competition now. However, it still has a commanding lead.
Ice Age Airline - Ice Age Airline is one of the two primary regional airlines that services ViZion's Antarctica territories. A new start-up airline.
Tieka Media - ViZion's third largest broadband internet provider and second largest cable company - fourth largest television provider overall.
uWatch Internet Television - ViZion's second largest and fastest growing television provider, uWatch is internet based and by far the most popular among younger generations.
MediaComm - One of ViZion's leading combination and media companies, it is ViZion's largest satellite television provider (third largest television company overall) and second largest satellite internet provider.
Coles Retailers - Coles Retailers is one of ViZion's leading retail stores, third in the nation in sales and second in net profit. Offering everything from clothing to food to consumables and beyond, this is a goldmine! It is also third in online sales behind and - is ViZion's second largest online retailer behind only - is the nation's second largest search engine in searches as well as advertisement revenue.
Relic Time Pieces - One of ViZion's premier watch and clock makers, it is perhapses most well known for its LinkMagnet Clock Wall in the Central Vitalita Golden Garden.
Barah Drinks Bottling Company - ViZion's third largest beverage producer.
Dyno Technology Corporation - One of ViZion's oldest cellphone manufacturers, it's still large but has struggled against trendier competition and is making a push with two new smart phones.
Arch Mobile Technology - Arch had its hayday in the 90's, and has sense fallen upon hard times. While producing some quality products, it is the smallest of ViZion's major mobile phone manufacturers and has just launched a new phone to attempt to turn the tide back into its favor.
Broadquest Sports Fitness Crossfit - One of the nation's leading gyms.
Global Interactive Group - Parent corporation of ViZion News Broadcast, search engine and email service, social media, International Broadcast Group, and Fans Media cable network.