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Ularin, Leader of the Hordes

Horde Leader 874.387567.34564 'Ularin'

A rendering of Ularin, during the War for Arratana

Horde Leader of the Visoran Empire

In office:
8773.364 Standard Unitary Calendar - Current Date (76,043 years)

Preceded by: Vokan, 3455.122-8773.364

Personal Details


3744.334 SUC (79,787 Years Old), Foundry KAZAK-34


"Where you see misery, hatred, slavery, I see a universe bowing to its true rulers."
-Horde Leader Ularin to a visiting diplomat, 73729.003

Horde Leader Ularin is... An imposing figure for a robot. His frame stands at precisely 8 meters tall like the rest of his empire, yes, but his armor is heavily personalized. All kinds of runes dance over the armor, telling stories of victory and slaughter, and his optics, tinted a dark-red, always seem to glow with hatred.

Early Life

Created to serve as one of trillions of soldiers during the Great War, 874.387567.34564 started 'his' life as a simple soldier. Fighting constantly on the front-lines with the alien foes, even as he slowly began to gain the fires of true sentience- Adapting with each and every battle, before eventually the war ended, and he gained the initial notion for what would happen next.

Rise in Politics

Leaving for Installation 0-1, the heart of the Visoran Empire, Ularin as he now called himself, challenged the previous leader, Zokan, to a duel. Zokan, as was tradition, accepted the duel, and they met in the field of combat. All reports indicate that the fighting last a full week, between the two evenly matched Visora, before Ularin ultimately won with a carefully calculated feint, driving his left mandible through Vokans left optic, into a primary CPU unit. He left the arena, and rose to the position of power, the Hordes adapting quickly to the new ruler...


Ularin kept his place of power through the typical system for the Visoran Empire- Dueling any contender who would dare challenge him, and approaching the duels the same way he did Zokan- Attrition.


  • Policy 93404
    To ensure the safety of the Visoran Empire, and its working... 'Populace'... Ularin has never been afraid to strike first, and without warning. This has led to the Intergalactic community decrying him as a War-Hawk, which Ularin simply ignores as 'irrelevant.'

  • Policy 90445
    Policy 90445 is the creation of new, dedicated foundries. Being made in the so-called 'Reserve' galaxies, these Foundries are made out of gutted Stellar Line Ships, and are intended to be place over a hostile planet, so that any kind of reinforcement can quickly be made, and deployed.

  • Policy 001, 'One Ruler'
    Ularin has kept the ancient tradition alive- Being the singular ruler of the Visoran Hordes, he is multi-tasking upon trillions of different tasks at any second. Coordinating battles, fleet-movements, bombardments, or even speaking to a thousand different galactic leaders all at the same time.

  • Policy 98763
    A policy that was put into place to simplify organization of organic races. Instead of being spread out at random across planets, they were consolidated into work-camps. Conditions within these camps are near impossible to find out, but one can easily do the basic math...

For & Against

  • For:Totalitarianism, Military Strengthening, Scientific Advancement, Gun-Boat Diplomacy, Artificial Life

  • Against: Capitalism, Foreign Dependency, Democracy, Socialism, Monarchism, Religion, Organic Life, Disarmament

Personal Information

Ularin is what many organic leaders have called, 'An unusual chat', who is known for an uncanny ability to negotiate any deal in his favor, while still leaving both sides happy with the conclusion... And leaving many forgetting this is the AI trying to conquer the entire universe.

Personal Trivia

  • He has killed 983 Visora who have challenged him to a duel.

  • He was the 999,999,999,999th Unit to come out of Foundry KAZAK-34.


"In economic terms, workers are the worst casualties."

"Be vigilant, or be forgotten."

"Suffer not the failing organic to live."

"When the war is going poorly, do not come crawling back to the Hordes for mercy."

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