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Third Government of Oceania

Stronger Together: The Third Government of the Republic of Oceania

A Letter From the President

My fellow citizens,

It is my honor to welcome you into
my home. Here, at Number 16 Yew
Street, I will be working for the next
four years alongside a team of the
most talented public servants in our
nation to craft an Oceania that works
for the many — not the few.

My Administration is proud to host
the most diverse Cabinet in all of
the history of our Republic — by
political affiliation, gender, and
race. Of our four major political
parties, three are represented in
my Cabinet and all, as well as all
regional interests, are represented
in my Administration.

I am also delighted to establish the
Executive Office of the President,
comprising a new, federal civil
service that will work from the
grassroots to the boardroom to
ensure not just prosperity, but hope
and progress across our nation.

I am honored to have been selected
to serve as your President, and I look
forward to building an Oceania where
we recognize that we are, truly,
stronger together than we are apart.
I ask you believe in yourselves, that
you believe in your future, and you
believe, once more, in the promise
of our nation.

Vienna Eliot
President of the Republic

The Executive Office of
The President of the Republic

Statehouse Office
Chief of Staff
Deborah Canova
Chief Strategist
Navin Tamboli
Senior Counselor
Mamte Valimbe
Senior Advisor
Eraldo M. G. Trigo
Vice President's Chief of Staff
Hanna Nilsen

National Security Council
National Security Advisor
Lt. Gen. Cimino Wyrick

Economic Policy Council
Economic Policy Director
Heng Zhou Tan
Dr. Mawani Maure
Budget Director
The Hon. Beta O'Rourke

Domestic Policy Council
Domestic Policy Director
Dr. Anne-Mar Hoffer

Office of Administration
Press Secretary
Moira Stamper
Cabinet Secretary
Kurkjian Leier
Assistant for Intergovernmental Affairs
Loureiro Codner
Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs
Autio Cancilla
President's Public Liaison
Rev. Father Juedes Zemba
Director of Political Affairs
Marino Hullen

Office of Science and Technology
Chief Technologist
Dr. Mcmahen Ahdieh

Office of Drug Control and Policy
Dr. Dalenna Davault

Office of Trade and Embassies
Trade Representative
HE Dillard Winifield
Dean of the Diplomatic Corps
HE Fisprod Heritage

Presidential Fellows
An assembly of civic, business,
and cultural leaders invited to a
residency to increase the nation's
participation in national affairs.

  • Ahlers Dolce, ONN correspondent

  • Aarão Weisel, former Councillor

  • Hazel Ledlow, Oceanian Young Labour President

  • Wesley DePass, DePass Corporation

  • Alexis Torres, Poet

  • Pierre Omidyar, Founder of eBay

  • Kreitman J. Emelda, Noble University

  • Kelly Nordland, constitutional scholar

Our Cabinet

Vice President of the Republic
Adam Kahn

Adam Kahn organized unions
and fought around the globe
in courts and on the picket
line for the rights of workers
worldwide. An ally of working
class people and a true friend
to the Republic, Vice President
Kahn has been a close colleague
of President Eliot and is an active
advisor on day- to-day executive

Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Allison Ricardo

A long-time member of the
community of international
service, Allison Ricardo has
served as Ambassador to the
United States in the Vishal
Vig Administration. She is a
renowned internationalist and
a devotee to the principles of
international cooperation.

Secretary of Finance
Emily Ndereba

As a top leading consultant in the
world of emerging financial
development, Emily Ndereba
has held residence at several
central banks across the globe
as a consultant on developing
an economy. Ndereba's expertise
will help bring out Cabinet in
the right direction for Oceania.

Salvador O'Hara

Few have shown the thought and
calculation that Salvador O'Hara
shows in his everyday work. A
fellow of law studies at multiple
universities and a much
respected scholar of the discipline,
O'Hara brings to our Cabinet the
careful intersection of theory and

Secretary of Defense
Fawzia Hussain

Born to refugees, Fawzi Hussain
at a young age learned the
importance of combatting
threats at home and abroad
— at the same time, she
understood that wars are fought
from the ground up, within the
community. She will bring to
our Administration a strong
leadership much needed now.

Secretary of Community Affairs
Ana Ernst

Secretary Ana Ernst is one of our
nation's foremost advocates
for the marginalized people of
our nation. With a stated goal
of fighting all forms of injustice
and oppression, Ernst will bring
to our Cabinet the closeness we
need to have in our communities.

Secretary of Health and Labour
Alexios Viel

Pegged by some as the progressive
firebrand of Oceanian politics
, Viel
served as a Councillor and former
Chairman for the Labour Party.
He's bringing to the Statehouse the
kinds of bold ideas that the people
of our nation crave the most.

Secretary of Public Works
Luen Veas

Luen Veas, the child of foreign
immigrants, saw firsthand the pain
and strife of wartime conditions. A
firm believer in a charitable form
of government, he will bring to our
Administration the hope and
motivation he brought to troops
on the battlefield, and a hunger
to do good in the world.

Secretary Culture and Equality
Elsinore Ophelia-Eliot

At thirty–eight years old, First
Lady Elsinore Ophelia-Eliot is
one of the youngest, and yet,
most distinguished jurists on
this side of the continent. She
is known for her work for the
government implementing the
Constitution, and Ophelia-Eliot
is an invaluable member of our

Secretary of Rural Development
Peter Janzen

Humanitarian and civic servant
Peter Janzen is one of the
foremost prominent voices
in the rural politics of the
Republic today. His service
in the Council to rural areas
and his support for localized
communities show that he's
here to mean business.

Secretary of the Environment
Nisha Gadhavi

This young woman wowed
the nation when she rose
to prominence as Minority
Leader. A dedicated public
servant and environmentalist,
Nisha Gadhavi brings to our
Cabinet both the experience
and enthusiasm we need most.