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The Borderlands of
Left-wing Utopia

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Anarchist Jamison "Mad Max The Freedom Flame" Peyton Nathan Renard Tyler Mason Justin Arielian.

Name: Anarchist Jamison "Mad Max The Freedom Flame" Peyton Nathan Renard Tyler Mason Justin Arielian
Nationality: Australian
Height: 205.74 cm (6 ft. 9 in.)

Born in the outback and forests of Australia, Jamison was a force to be reckoned with after much adaptation to the harsh elements of nature.

During the Cold War itself, he found himself fighting alongside with Cheryl (Commodore Cheryl Rikka Catherine Emily Paulie “The Slashing Fury” Hermione Lauren Shermaine Sabrina Juliette Rachelle Evelyn Marian) for the liberation of their homeland from the Western Hemisphere. This was made worse by the fact that the Eastern Hemisphere has left Australia for fend for herself, given the geographic limitations, along with the technologically superior Western Hemisphere approaching them.

Soon, the inevitable happened, and when the nukes hit the scene, Jamison and his people were inside the nuclear bunkers that have been built all around Australia. While most of them died horribly in the war, a good 95% of them managed to survive the nuclear holocaust, all thanks to the sturdy bunkers and the survival instincts that the Australians have acclimated to.

A few more weeks have passed, and it was at that point that Jamison and Cheryl met Valentijn; his people were being sent to fan across the entire globe to save the survivors before the terraforming took place. With luck, Valentijn happened to come across a good thousand Australians. While the terraforming was being done, the Australians were extracted and given a shelter to live in, along with all the accommodation that they could ask for. After terraforming, a good 40% of them, along with the chosen few, decided to stay in Australia, including Cheryl. However, Jamison and the other 60% decided not to, owing to the loss of trust in any form of governance, even from Valentine Z. Cheryl and Jamison bid each other farewell and separated on good terms, with the former promising to visit the latter often.

Being popular with the rest of the mass, as well as being capable, Jamison was more or less allowed the leadership, i.e. to lead his people to a better future in Australia, which eventually was renamed to Vidunderlige Nye Verden (Brave New World). Jamison gave his people free reign to do whatever they want, while also being open to suggestions from anyone that might have better ideas than him. Civil Rights and Political Freedom are plenty, while Economic Freedom is above average – small scale businesses were allowed in, while large corporations are completely barred. So it was more of a semi-anarchy and not a full one.

Anarchist Jamison along with a few of his friends. Credit: Far Cry 3.