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Vai News 24

Vai News 24

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Current Headlines:


SATURDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2019 - The Vdaran Football Association, after months of indecisiveness, has finally decided to enter the NS World Cup. Although unranked, the Blue Vuvuzelas, as they’re known, are tipped to put up a fight against the more established nations. More to come during the qualifiers.

Sturgeon wins debate

SATURDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2019 - Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon put up a strong opposition to Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson during the leader’s special of the BBC programme ‘Question Time’.

During her speech on why Brexit will wreak havoc on the economy and why Scotland should be free, a poll was conducted on the BBC website, in which 87% of people believed that Sturgeon was a better leader than either Corbyn or Johnson, suggesting that more and more people support Scottish independence than before.

On the programme, Sturgeon said: “The time is now for Scotland and it’s people to be free from the Tory-ruled state of the United Kingdom. Scotland as a nation is more appealing to the international community than a nation run by Boris Johnson. I mean, just look at the state of our nation now! It’s dreadful! The rest of the United Kingdom still uses coal power plants, for gods sake! WE COULD POWER DOUBLE OUR NATION IF WE HAD TO! WE ARE SCOTLAND! ALBA GU BRÀTH! ALBA GU BRÀTH!”

Marches in support of Sturgeon happened all over Scotland that night, and even in towns down South, such as Newcastle, Berwick and Carlisle. One marcher in Berwick was quoted as saying: “I love Nicola. She’s way better than those twats down in Westminster. I only wish that we could vote for her here.”

Her rise in popularity has seen the Government-run polling company YouGov shocked, as she overtakes Corbyn in the popularity charts, and is only 5% behind Johnson, for all of the U.K.

Prime Minister Arnaoutakis - Corrupt?

SATURDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2019 - Allegations of corruption from the leader of the opposition have been fervently denied by Prime Minister Arnaoutakis.

When questioned Arnaoutakis stated that these allegations ‘were stupid lies’ and that the opposition leader ‘shouldn't make up such drivel’.

There is not enough evidence for an investigation by the government yet, but independent organisations have begun looking into it.

Vdara 2 - 1 England

MONDAY 23 SEPTEMBER 2019 - Vdarans across the country celebrated as Nikos Karelis put two in the net against England in the Euro 2020 qualifiers.

Markos Moustakakos made some amazing saves, but couldn’t keep a clean sheet as England striker Marcus Rashford scored a fantastic goal.

England captain Harry Kane was devastated as his equalising goal in the 90th minute was offside and did not count.

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