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The Vannish Military: An Organization Modernized

Fiscal Years 2015-2017 will show the implementation of several programs once seen as futuristic. Vangaziland has finally moved from the technology of the 1990s. It may be because of these improvements to the service that we have seen such a resurgence in Vannish military activity. The current military is a goal realized, the result of the planning and the strategy of several leaders.

The Vannish Army has always focused on old-school map & compass methods. They have also been brought into the GPS era. A digital tactical system connects all vehicles to an interactive map where friendly and enemy locations are plotted. Grids are used mainly for maneuvering but also for targeting information. Dismounted infantry can access the system using a TACPAD, a small, ruggedized tablet with a simple interface and DAGR GPS units.

The vehicles themselves are top of the line, the MOWAG line that is. The Piranha V is a top of the line 8x8 APC. The Eagle V is a MRAP capable 4x4 fully modernized and integrated into the fight. The DURO IIIP family of 6x6 gun trucks do an excellent job of light infantry and supply transport.

Of course, the Vannish Army is getting a service rifle upgrade. They are moving on from the trusty M4s and moving to the HK416. Of course, the M4s will work their way through National Guard, Conscript and Foreign Legion units. But the government is making significant plans to bring the HK416 to deploying units. It has proven to be a more reliable weapon, jamming less in tests.

Air Force
The big dog of the Vannish Air Force is the F-23 (formerly YF-23). It is the air superiority platform chosen for its stealth and maneuverability.

Filling the attack aircraft role is the A-10C. This includes several new A-210 'Robohog' UCAV platforms courtesy of Schewrpunkt Arms. Several F-16 platforms still function in the fighter-attack role, especially in Air Guard units. The Vannish Air Force has decided not to invest in the F-35 as the Navy has.

One of Vangaziland's main defensive principles is that of nuclear first strike. The Air Force's role in this is the Luepolean designed J11M 'Erelo' stealth bomber. The speedy bomber projects Vannish Air Power in the strategic role. In several conflicts, the threat of Erelo alone has stopped an aggressive, larger enemy. The Mirevian crisis was the inaugural introduction of the new Goodson administration to the world. It defined Vangaziland as a strategic power.

Another major asset, that little is known about is the nation's EW/SOCOM aircraft. There is an EW-17 listed in the books. Although technically classified, it is known that there are systems like cell phone call intercept and radar jamming.

Recently, reports have leaked that show the Force has a limited number of RAH-66 Comanche helicopters as well as a stealthy medium-transport helicopter, similar to a Blackhawk. The two variants work together assigned to special squadrons which interact with Vangaziland's tier 1 special forces teams.

Vangaziland's Navy is mostly a submarine force. There are ballistic missile submarines as well as attack submarines. The surface fleet is based around four Vangaziland-class carriers. Each one carries twenty F-35 fighter aircraft.

The Vannish Navy has been heavily involved in anti-piracy operations, projecting and protecting its shipping across the globe. The destroyer squadrons and other surface fleets have been instrumental at acting as the face of Imperial Shipping Policy.

Humanitarian operations are another major part of the Vannish Navy. Her hospital ships and humanitarian affairs squadrons bring aid and support to various operations.

Marine Corps
Benefitting from the Army's modernization program, the Marine Corps also has a digitally advanced system of communications between its vehicles. In addition to the MOWAG line of vehicles, the first Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles (EFV) have begun making it to the frontline units. They bring the capability of over-the-horizon landings, their relatively high water speed being essential.

The Marines were also upgrading to the HK416 and to lightened versions of the M249. Different grenade launchers are currently being evaluated as well as the Marines look to differentiate themselves as an elite, modern light-infantry force.

The Vannish Marines have rotary assets organic to the Corps, not fixed wing. They operate the AH-1Z SuperCobra attack helicopter. The Vannish Army still uses the AH-1Y for its helicopter gunship.

Coast Guard
Counter-terrorism patrols have been stepped up as a result of recent terror attacks. The force is light, quick and modular with a tough schooling process set up to draw top level recruits. The Coast Guard is seen as a good option for conscripts looking for a different kind of military service that is still essential to the Empire.

In places like Wrexwic, the Vannish Coast Guard comes under fire often. They coordinate organic and Vannish Navy assets to bring fire to bear on the enemy in defense of the coasts.

Vannish Marine EFV

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