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The Empire of
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Nations of the Vannish Empire & Map

The Empire of Vangaziland

Nation: Vangaziland (mainland)
Demonym: Vangazi, Vannish
Capital: Emeros, Vangaziland
Population: 91,000,000
Race: 45% Black/Mixed, 42% White, 5% First Nations, 3% Asian, 2% Hispanic, 1% Other
Head of State: Emperor Helios Amirya Vang
Head of Government: Prime Minister Hank Goodson
Form of Government: Democratic Empire
Economic System: Free-Market Capitalism
Military Size (active):520,000
Military Size (reserve):300,000+
Avergage Temperatures: 0 Fahrenheit winter, 82 Fahrenheit summer
Exports: Iron, Lumber, Seafood, Automobiles, Military Ground Vehicles

*5 Hours North of NE Esportiva (aircraft @ 640.5 MPH)

A - North Vangaziland
B - Central Vangaziland
C - East Vangaziland
D - South Vangaziland
E - West Vangaziland

Distance between Vangaziland & Wrexwic - 495 miles

Emeros, Vangaziland
Capital City, Wrexwic

*The land is bordered to the west by an area two-times as large as the Vannish peninsula. It is home to a group of several First Nations, native tribes. Vangaziland officially has a treaty with the Three Nations and provides an umbrella for their society, as far as military defense is concerned. Technically, the Three Nations also have a defense pact with Vangaziland, but it would be quite rare and extreme for Vangaziland to call up their reinforcements.

Nation: Wrexwic nation=wrexwic
Status Within Empire: Protectorate
Distance From Mainland: 495 miles SE of Vangaziland's SE coast
Year Admitted to Empire: 1868
Demonym: Wrex, Wrexish
Capital: Triton, Wrexwic
Population: 16,259,000
Race: 45% Black/Mixed, 40% White, 9% First Nations, 4% Hispanic, 1% Asian, 1% Other
Head of State: Thom Leylyn
Head of Government: Thom Leylyn
Form of Government: Oligarchy
Economic System: Planned Economy
Military Size (active): 53,000
Military Size (militia): 70,000+
Avergage Temperatures: 20 Fahrenheit winter, 85 Fahrenheit summer
Exports: Marijuana, Hemp, Agriculture, Livestock, Coal
Color Code: #5640b6

Photos Of Vangaziland

The Emperor's Palace

Urban High Speed Commuter

Emeros On A Summer Day

The Diversity of the Average Vangazi

Lacrosse, The National Sport

Cross Country Freight


Esportivan Vangaziland

Nation: Esportivan Vangaziland, The Barnicean State
Demonym: Vangazi, Vannish, South Vangazi
Capital: Imondria, Barnicea
National Languages: Spanish, Molnar (Slavic)
Population: 25,000,000
Race: 75% White, 14% Black, 8% Asian-Islander, 3% Other
Ethnicity: 41% White-Hispanic, 28% White-Slavic, 5% White-Vannish; 5% Black-Hispanic, 4% Black-Vannish, 7% Tatuki-Asian-Islander, 1% Asian-Vannish; 1% Middle Eastern-Khalifyan Arab, 1.5% Middle Eastern-Jewish, .5% Pashtun
Head of State: Presidente Csongor Székely
Head of Government: Canciller Annamária Gulyás
Form of Government: Democratic Empire, Colony
Economic System: Free-Market Capitalism
Average Temperatures: 62 degrees Fahrenheit winter, 87 degrees Fahrenheit summer
Exports: Precision Machinery, Copper, Steel, Clothing, Fresh Fruit, Wine

Largest Cities

Vannish Imperial Facilities
'Royal Imperial' Complejo de Magistrados - Imondria, Barnicea (provincial HQ)
Oversdotter Centro Espacial - Esmonhos, Barnicea (space center)
Laboratorio Marítimo y Sísmico de A. Zaloznik (oceanic & seismic research center)

4 Army Bases
2 Naval Bases
2 Airbases


Imondria: A Tour

'Royal Imperial' Complejo de Magistrados

La Gran Costa

Staro Mestno Jedro

Antiguo Centro Comercial

Vrstica Obiskovalcev - 'Visitors' Row', Hotel District

Ruta de la Romera - Downtown Imondria

Distrito Universitario


Nation: Svennson Tropical Islands nation=svennson_tropical_island_chain
Status Within Empire: Protectorate
Distance From Mainland: 3400 miles SW of Vangaziland
Year Admitted to Empire: 1880
Demonym: Svennish
Capital: Capitol City, STI
Population: 420,000
Race: 65% White, 30% Black, 5% Hispanic
Head of State: Oskar Olaf
Head of Government: Oskar Olaf
Form of Government: Oligarchy
Economic System: Free-Market Capitalism
Military Size (active):21,000
Military Size (militia):11,000
Average Temperatures: 68 Fahrenheit winter, 90 Fahrenheit summer
Exports: Tropical Fruit, Seafood

The Empire of Vangaziland