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The Empire of
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Wildlife - Taiga Ecosystem & "Conservation Guard" Anti-Poaching Force

Vannish Lion

Soldier Locust

Royal Hawk

Tommsen's Elk

Carper's Muskrat

Imperial Cobra

Northern Sharp-tailed Grouse

Blue Fox

Taiga Dogs

Vanson's Bear

White Turkey

Imperial Coast Rockling

Harp Seal

Spotted Jay

Vanders' Bee

Northern Black Chipmunk

Snowy Owl

Vangazi Perch (as featured on River Monsters)

Sapphire Bullfrog

Vannish Ermine

Emperor's Gull

Golden Orca

Wild Hog

Vann Eagle

Ansen's Trout

Sublime Swallowtail Butterfly

White Deer

Spirit Raven

Woodland Red Squirrel

White Sturgeon

Mountain Goat

Vannish Slider

Arctic Hare

Northern Sapeornis

Formica Obscuripes - Vannish Thatching Ant

Royal Elk

Leopard Pike

Northern Tanager

Conservation Guard - Anti-Poaching Force

ATV Patrol Unit

Patrol Rover 5x

Vets Arms 6.8 DMR

ScanEagle Drone

BK 117 Search Helicopter

The Empire of Vangaziland