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The Far Right Warns of the Vannish Monster

One Vannish Newspaper and a Political Magazine printed this message from Minister Lucas Nacht in full. Many thought it was a poignant and well written summary of one of the views on Vangaziland. It was called, The Most Honest Review Of the Vannish Empire Ever Written. Even many progressive Vangazi praised the Minister's honesty.

When questioned on this statement, Prime Minister Goodsen said "I'm glad someone on the right could experience the outrage felt by many people on the opposite side of their policies, including the LGBT they imprison just for their identity."

Dear LGBTQ Jihadies/Hypocritical Genocidal Maniacs, and to a greater extent, the public forum

On behalf of my Emperor, His Imperial Royal Majesty, Emperor JC, The Empire of Common Territories wishes to strongly condemn the genocide currently happening in Vangaziland and other nations. The double standards countries like Vangaziland posses allows their governments to speak out against discrimination of homosexuals, meanwhile, said governments actively persecute people who hold different political beliefs then the mainstream do with extreme prejudice. Vangaziland, the golden goose example of hypocrisy, has made public its stance against conservative beliefs by using military force to slaughter its own citizens who hold conservative beliefs. Vangaziland's government goes even farther by threatening military force against conservative countries who in general politically disagree with it; it champions protecting LGBTQ people around the world and preaches from its towering golden throne how its society is so great - almost as if everyone else around the world should take a page from Vangaziland's greatness. At the same time, while Vangaziland's government spouts its moderate greatness, it uses overwhelming military force to exterminate its own citizens who hold conservative viewpoints. What kind of leadership uses military attack jets and conscripts (overkill if you ask anyone) to deal with differing political parties? Despots, that's who. How can a country who preaches to the world about its great society and political moderates be so vile as to use military forces to exterminate conservatives within its borders? How is advancing far-left ideals using military force and government crackdowns a moderate political belief? A country that uses tank killing attack jets to kill one half of the political spectrum isn't politically tolerant. (Fact Check: The Imperial Conservative Party makes up only 12%) A country that uses military conscripts to kill one side of the political aisle is also not moderate. (Editor: 12%) That, ladies and gentleman, is a holocaust happening as we speak.

Lets be real here. Vangaziland isn't a peaceful country that welcomes moderate political viewpoints, nor is it a country that celebrates tolerance. The government isn't dedicated to protecting its citizens and it surely doesn't protect their basic human rights. Vangaziland is the land of hypocrisy and double standards where the far-left rule with a bloody fist. Instead of moderates, the country is ran by far-left zealots and is ruled by a far-left despot who's as mad as he is a hypocrite. The government isn't concerned with protecting its people or the human rights they continuously cite for LGBT people; they are more concerned about their "society's" image being clean of differing views. Conservative views or politics aren't welcome in Vangaziland, period. If you're a conservative or belong to a conservative party in Vangaziland, you're likely to end up dead or under arrest; they're willing to use military attack jets and conscripted troopsto silence conservative viewpoints. How can a country claim to be politically moderate and tolerant if it discriminates against conservatives with such brutality? It's because Vangaziland isn't a tolerant country nor is the government - in fact, its far-left government is determined to snuff out conservatism around the world. Is it not strange how the conservatives side with liberals at every step in Vangaziland? It only makes sense that they keep their head down and act as sheep - it's better than execution by strafing runs conducted by attack jets. The government is so concerned about protecting LGBTQ people and its own far-left utopia that it's willing to conduct itself in complete hypocrisy - "I am tolerant! Die Conservative!". Remember everyone that this is a country that actively threatens nuclear holocaust against anyone if their perfect "society" is placed in danger - this government is so deranged that it is willing to conduct nuclear strikes preemptively against anyone that it thinks poses a threat to its utopia. If the people of Vangaziland despise conservatives so much and the government supports such brutality against one side of the political aisle (Editor: 12%), who stands up for the conservative minority in countries like Vangaziland? No one. Conservatives are the rotten scum of the Earth to nations like Vangaziland and the utopia they wish to create is one where all conservatives are dead. Is it a double standard when these countries speak out against other nations in the world for discriminating against liberals/homosexuals? Yes. Is it hypocritical that a county like Vangaziland can threaten war with conservative nations for "abusing" homosexual minorities when they're murdering conservatives with attack jets and conscripts? Hell yes it is. Will anyone care enough in those countries to point out such standards? No, because they're either dead or they risk being killed for such a dissenting opinion. That is the state of affairs in countries like Vangaziland, a country that celebrates the genocide of conservatives and who's only powerful enough to murder minorities within its own borders.

Since the Vangaziland government and other members of the "Liberal Nations for LGBTQ" are too busy to respond to concerns addressed to them by TECT and other governments around the world, this is a public message to the world itself. Your concerns of Vangaziland and members of this organization will go unheard or will be totally ignored - TECT's communique to representatives of this organization were completely blown off, for example. This organization doesn't care about protecting a minority group or advocating LGBT rights. As proven by members already, they as an organization are more focused with conducting a genocide of conservatism and the destruction of conservative nations around the world. Moderates do not exist here. This organization is a far-left outlet determined to rule the world and exterminate an entire political belief so that only far-leftism remains. They want the entire world to resemble their utopias, whether it's achieved by military force or not. That is why I (Minister Nacht), on behalf of my Emperor, implore nations around the world to join TECT in its condemnation of the obvious hypocrisy and double standards at play here with the "Liberal Nations for LGBTQ" and its members. To also condemn the genocide of conservatives happening right now in Vangaziland is also a must. We would like to urge nations who do hold diplomatic relations with these countries to use their diplomatic powers to fight the disgusting actions these murderers celebrate; condemn them, sanction them, even embargo them if you must. Such dangerous organizations cannot go unchallenged by those involved with them, otherwise another genocide of great proportions will happen before our very eyes. Maybe if those nations with relations to countries part of this organization can utilize their influence, this organization and its members will think twice about their current and future plans. Thank you.

Minister Lucas Nacht
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of TECT


The uninhabitated islands that became the Svennson Island Chain was discovered in 1346 by Scandinavian explorers on a voyage to a new land. The island was halfway from what is now Vangaziland to what became known as the 'New Continent'.

A contingent of soldiers and scientists stayed here. The ship's Commander was Keif Svennson, the island's namesake. Captain Svennson was the first explorer to step foot on the island, although only briefly.

The island's first President was Karl Yunberg. He ruled over the island for 10 years before becoming ill. In his honor, every president since has ruled for ten years.

Ever since its establishment, funding was limited and the islanders learned to make due. Several expeditions throughout the 1600s and 1700s brought lots of settlers to what was known at the time as a 'tropical utopia'.

The island culture revolved around fishing, sailing and lumber. These were all strongpoints of their previous culture, Vikings from what was known at the time as the Vannishlands.

Throughout the thousands of voyages that ferried Vikings and Black settlers to and from the continents passed relatively close to the Svennson Islands. It was an important place to resupply, reorganize and recuperate from the long voyages.

As time went into the 1900s, ships became faster and had an increased range. This started the isolation of the island. This also coincided with the rise of piracy in the islands and brought the first naval battles from newly formed Vangaziland.

As time progressed into the modern era, constant warfare became a reality and not just from the Vannish. As shipping lanes sprung up across the continents, the Svennish found many different nations to harass.

With as large and rugged as these islands were, most ships started rerouting or using escorts to fight away the islands' corsairs. A few nations had conducted air strikes starting in the 1940s. Most nations simply move on after retaliatory attacks.

The Pirates blend into the population in a way that is hard to root out. The islanders are all descendants of the old Viking explorers, with a few claiming heritage to black sailors who had stopped off on their way to Vanlandia. Most islanders look similar; tall with large frames and skin tinged dark reddish-brown from the sun. They have dark hair, between dirty blonde and red with long scraggly beards.

Their clothing is mostly made locally, but includes knock offs of major brands and their styles. The economy is driven by fishing, sailing and even businesses like brothels or bars.

Tourism is not advisable due to the dangerous atmosphere. Crime rates are high before piracy is even brought into the equation. Government and Police forces rarely move outside the scope of Capitol City, mainly keeping watch over the President, his family and his political allies.

The Shantytowns elect mayors. These individuals come from a variety of backgrounds with differing views of right and wrong. Therefore, laws can vary from one island to another.

After several high profile events, a hijacking, a kidnapping and a sunken ship on three different occasions, the remote island chain has become a fixture of the news. Vangaziland has vowed to get involved. Other nations whose shipping is being threatened have also vowed support.

With the isolated and mobile nature of the Svennish pirates, it will surely be a messy confrontation.

The Empire of Vangaziland