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Meet the Royal Imperial Family

Name: Helios Amirya Vang
Titles: Emperor of Vangaziland, Major General - Army (retired)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230 lbs
Hair: Black, curly but brushed
Eyes: Dark Brown
Age: 53

Emperor Helios A. Vang, the man is a mystery. He had his son at 18 years of age and lost his wife soon after to a tragic ski accident. She was a beautiful actress at the time. Inside, this hurt the Emperor deeply and in order to maintain his strong image, he began to hide from the public eye. The paparazzi are still not allowed to film him and every telecast he appears in is edited and reviewed by him.

His focus has been on the people of Vangaziland. They are all his children. In recent years, he has become less solitary, more personable. He has hosted holiday parties for his staff and made more public appearances.

Some worry that he may be too hot-tempered or perhaps a little unstable based on his recent first strike posturing. Although he believes in it and swears he is doing the right thing. As a result Vangaziland has avoided the major conflicts that occurred right across her borders.

The Emperor has been opening up more and more and may travel outside of Vangaziland for an event or two soon. His past career was of an Army officer who worked his way up to Major General. He was established as the Emperor because of his lineage to the first tribesman that made peace with the Vikings, as well as shared lineage to that first Viking Captain/Expedition Leader. He represents the diverse people and a long line of leaders, thinkers and explorers dating back centuries before Vangaziland was an independant nation. These ancestors were considered Royal even before The Vannish Revolution.

He helped lead a few Vannish territories into the Empire it is today.

Name: Fritjof 'Fritz' Vang
Titles: Prince of Vangaziland, Regent of East Vangaziland, Major - Vannish Army Reserve Guard
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Black, military style fade
Eyes: Deep brown, with a dark blue ring
Age: 32

Signature Medal - Crown Prince Star

Foreign Awards - New Hayesalia

(l) Lt. of the Royal Montmarian Order, (r) Officer of the Order of New Hayesalia

Successor to the Vannish Emperor

Thirty-two year old Prince Fritjof Vang is currently the successor to the Vannish Emperor, and of the House Vang. He studied at Overglade University, Vangaziland's most prestigious school in academics and athletics. He holds a graduate degree in International Relations & Business. The Prince made a name for himself as a student-athlete while playing lacrosse for Overglade. This was no small feat, as this meant his teammates were the nation's best. Some of them joined the pros or played internationally.

Fritjof is a fan of sports and is often seen among the crowds of his nation's many events. Of course, he has to wait until he can get time off from his unit. In fact, his world has become a balancing act of royal duties, military responsibilities and some semblance of a social life.

The Prince is a career officer in the Vannish Armed Forces. He has recently been promoted to Major. His service is within a Mobile Infantry Unit, utilizing the MOWAG Piranha V 8x8 vehicle. Being the successor, he was urged not to join the Army. It was the only thing he wanted to do in life and in the end, he could not be talked out of his goal. He reasoned that since all Vangazi had to serve 18 months, he should lead from the front as an officer.

He was a very hands-on kind of guy. If he wanted, he could have lived a totally sheltered and luxurious life. But he felt a desire to experience more.

Of course, the media is in his business. The military hides his professional life. The media can't get enough of his personal life. Any relationship garners a good deal of attention. Some television companies have offered millions of dollars for the idea of hosting a dating reality show with the Prince.

Prince Vang laughs it off but says he'd think about it if he could donate the money to charity.

The Prince is actually a bit modest. He's not often spotted in expensive cars, or flashing cash. There is a certain understatement to him, almost like he finds pleasure in the simple things.


Prince Vang Returns From Hushed Deployment 4/1/2016

Colonel Harold Cringe of the Vannish Army's public relations department spoke at a press conference this morning. He brought news of Prince 'Fritz' Vang's deployment to Al-Khalifiya. This was the first the media heard of the deployment. News of Vangaziland's heir to the throne being deployed into a dangerous hot zone had been obviously kept secret.

Six months ago, Major Fritjof Vang deployed with the 4-41 Infantry battalion to Al-Khalifiya. Just a few weeks prior, he was transferred out of command of that battalion's Bravo Company and promoted to Major. He spent this deployment attached to the S-2 section, the battalion's intelligence department.

Prince Vang spent his deployment mostly analyzing maps, studying troop movements and briefing the battalion commander.

Apparently, Prince Vang forced his way out of the wire several times and regularly responded to incoming attacks by rushing to the guard towers.

"The first time Prince Vang showed up in a guard tower, I was like... Okay?" Staff Sergeant Richard Hix spoke on his memories of the Prince. "But next time, I was like... Sir you're back?"

Prince Vang and his unit deployed to Al-Khalifiya about 2 months after the start of hostilities. Vangaziland had intervened in the city-state because they had harbored a terror organization which launched an attack on Vangaziland. Ten months later, a new regime is in place that sides with the Vannish government. A civil war is still being fought between that terror organization, and loyalists to the old government versus the new Khalifiyan government.

Vangaziland has suffered many casualties in this conflict. News of the Prince's deployment was kept secret for tactical safety and to prevent panic and worry among the public.

The Prince has always said he would deploy before he retired from the military. Speculation has already begun about how much longer he will stay in the military.

The Prince Competes In Olympiad XII 7/6/2017

Prince Fritjof Vang sat down for an interview with a major cable news network before flying out to join the team in time for the start of the event. It aired on the buildup to the first broadcast. He had been training for a sailing event, the one-person dinghy, for some time.

He's sailed throughout his life. His 'knarr' is well known on the rivers of Emeros. The 'Bearded Axe' is the Imperial Royal Family's replica of an old Scandinavian vessel.

"it's not the same at all", Prince Vang said. "It's a completely different type of boat.. Different type of rigging. But there are certain fundamentals. The knarr is just one ship though. I also don't run it alone. That wasn't my first boat either."

He later added, "I had to train hard though. I've been working with the top coaches."

'Prince Fritz' was in the Army, only leaving the service several months ago. He was asked how hard it was to train while still serving as an Officer.

"It wasn't impossibly hard to work into the routine. There is a lot of gym stuff and other things to do off the water. There were also certain accommodations made to get me out there. It was a forty-five minute drive to the water. But I went daily."

Prince Vang competed in the World Sailing Championships recently. He failed to win a medal, but he won a few races. More importantly, he showed he was more than a gimmick. He had some skill, but was still refining it. He was also in good shape because of his recently ending career as a soldier.

His workouts shifted to become a total program geared towards building the right athletic skills for the event. He spent a decent sum of money to hire not only the best Vannish coaches, but one or two international coaches as well. They helped him work with different techniques and shared experience.

As somebody who sailed boats as advanced as Old World Replicas, the Prince had experience of his own that helped him in his new sport.

"I started sailing competitively because I felt it would be the easiest sport for me to transition into. I've always been on the water. We're Vangazi. That's our past. I'm here to represent The Empire."


Name: Sven Harssen
Titles: Duke of West Vangaziland, Major - Vannish Air Force
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 192 lbs
Hair: Black, short flattop fade
Eyes: Light Brown
Age: 27

Now that he has been honorably discharged, information on The Duke of West Vangaziland's military career is finally being released. It appears he spent a majority of the past decade in the cockpit of Vannish F-16s. Major Harrsen seems cocky and outspoken compared to his cousin, Prince F. Vang. Fritz also turned down rank for years while staying active. Harrsen accepted it only upon completion of service. The cousins are similar in many ways, but their thought process differs.

Fritz and Sven grew up as good friends. They went to rival academies in secondary school and university and played each other in lacrosse, both playing midfield. Their rivalry continues to this day.

Other Royal Families in Position

House of Vander
Olaf Vandersen, Jarl of Central Vangaziland
Jenna Vandersen, Baroness
Emma Vandersen, Baroness

House of Natten
Ty Nattenssen, Jarl of North Vangaziland
James-Paul Nattensen, Baron
Lynne Nattenssen, Baroness
Montague Nattensen, Baron

House of Adi
Kimbe Adi, Jarl of South Vangaziland
Essie Adi, Baroness
Jennifer Adi, Baroness
Harold Adi, Baron
Patrick Adi, Baron
Larry Adi, Baron
Steph Adi, Baroness

House of Bjorg
Thule Bjorgsen, Jarl
Gertie Bjorgsen, Baroness
Peter Bjorgsen, Baron
Debbie Bjorgsen, Baroness
Eddi Bjorgsen, Baron


Jenna Vandersen
Age: 23

Jenna Vandersen is the daughter of the Jarl of Central Vangaziland. The title given to her by bloodline is 'Baroness'. When she takes on her father's role, she would be the 'Baroness of Central Vangaziland'. Her family is one of the Lesser Houses of Vannish Royalty. It means her ancestors were related to one, but not both of the original Royal Imperial families. Royalty in Vangaziland deals with a blend of Scandinavian and African houses and the story of how they merged.

It's that spirit of cooperation that sums up her personality. She's a mediator, a natural at resolving disputes and putting on a calm face. She's aggressive though, sometimes fiesty. She earned that reputation on the sports field. Jenna played midfield for Overglade University's soccer team.

While going to school, Baroness Vandersen completed her military service. Every Vangazi must do 18 months of time in a conscript unit. College students often enter a program where they serve during the summers and serve as reserves during the school year, drilling one weekend a month. She worked as a weapon's technician in the Vannish Air Force, loading weapons onto fighter jets. In Vangaziland, it's common for Royals to serve. Some wondered if she would go active after graduation, since she did well at her conscript unit.

She graduated a year ago with a major in Political Science and a minor in Public Relations. Since then, she's been working with diplomats in the Empire's capital, Emeros. It's an internship of sorts, although she does have more prestige than a typical intern. It's more of a way to ease her into her role in the government.

She is 5'9, with curly dark-brown hair. Her skin is a mix of her Black and Scandinavian heritage. She doesn't smile often and could come off as reserved. She comes off as a low-energy person with a dark, sarcastic sense of humor.

James-Paul Nattensen, House of Natten
Titles: Baron, Lieutenant (fmr) (Vannish Coast Guard)
Height: 5'11
Age: 28
Education: Coast Guard University, B.A. in Vannish History
Hometown: North Davenson, Vangaziland

Baron Nattensen is a graduate of Vangaziland's Coast Guard University. It is the smallest of the Vannish military academies, and James-Paul is one of the most notable recent alumni. Military service is important to Vangazi royals. The successor to the Vannish Empire was currently serving in an infantry unit.

James-Paul didn't want to get that in depth with the military, but wanted to find an important niche and carve out a space there. He worked in a variety of departments, but enjoyed working with security forces the most. He was in charge of small boat teams and security checkpoints. He found it quite adventurous. Much of the Vannish Coast Guard was made up of conscripts, as it was one of the most popular ways to complete the nation's 18 months of enlisted service.

Nattensen took pride in molding raw recruits into military men and helping them get the most out of their mandatory service. He spent six years in the coast guard, leaving the service only six months ago after six years of service. Now he was focusing on his future political career. He would be the next Jarl of South Vangaziland. It was a position that worked with the provincial governor. Of course, his father still had many years in the mostly ceremonial role.

Baron James-Paul is a fan of Vannish history and international business. He has a few investments and has already influence with several local business leaders. He is a fan of sports and played on the Coast Guard's soccer team during his cadet years.

He comes off as fairly humble and relaxed. His friends know him as the calm person of the group. Some come to him for advice.

The Empire of Vangaziland