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The Vannish Navy

Commander - Admiral Dennis Rivverbjorn

The Nation of Vangaziland is made up of seafaring people. Many of their civilian vessels are still wooden ships built as their ancestors had. The Navy is currently starting a modernization process, yet it is still small by many standards. A major part of Vangaziland's naval strategy deals with it's submarine force. The fleet of nuclear-powered, ballistic missile submarines is a major deterrent, keeping Vangaziland out of major conflicts in turbulent times.

Here are a few of the ships of the Imperial Vannish Navy with registry number followed by class.

VNS 225 - Helios Class Ballistic Missile Submarine

This ship is the definition of Vannish Naval Power. Along with the Air Force's stealth bombers, these submarines provide Vangaziland with a deterrent that keeps the Empire out of many conflicts.
Crew: 15 officers, 140 enlisted
Propulsion: 1 S8G PWR nuclear reactor
2 geared turbines; 60,000 shp (auxiliary diesel)
1 325 hp (242 kW) (auxiliary motor)
1 shaft with seven-bladed screw
Speed: 12 knots (22 km/h; 14 mph) surfaced
25 knots (46 km/h; 29 mph) submerged
Range: Unlimited
Armament: 4 21 in (53 cm) Mark 48 torpedo tubes
24 Trident II D5 SLBM with up to 12 MIRVed W76 or W88 nuclear warheads each, range 6,100 nmi

VNS 250 - Vang Class Attack Submarine

Vang class attack submarines patrol the world's waters in support of Vannish shipping. They are known as the guardians of the sea. Wars have been avoided from the threat of these submarines, for example the 2014 Mirevian Crisis.
Crew: 120 enlisted and 14 officers
Propulsion: S9G nuclear reactor 40,000 shp (30,000 kW)
Speed: 13 knots surfaced
25 knots (46 km/h) submerged
Range: unlimited
Armament: 12 VLS (Tomahawk BGM-109) tubes
4 533 mm torpedo tubes (Mk-48 torpedo)
27 torpedoes & missiles (torpedo room)

VNS 25 - Ottenborg

Vangaziland's guided missile frigate class...
Crew: 220
8 MK 141 Harpoon SSM
16 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile SAM/SSM
1 Bofors 57 mm Mk 2 gun
1 Phalanx CIWS (Mk 15 Mod 21 (Block 1B))
6 M2 Browning machine guns
24 Mk 46 torpedoes Mod 5
1 x SH-60B

VNS 115 - Sea Gryphon

The Sea Gryphon class of destroyers represent one of the most advanced vessels in the Vannish surface fleet. There are several older destroyers and smaller patrol boats that serve alongside these new ships.
1 127 mm (5 in)/62 gun
8 Type 90 SSM
1 Mk 41 VLS (32cells)
2 20 mm Phalanx Block1B CIWS
2 HOS-303 triple 324 mm (12.8 in) torpedo tubes
Aircraft: 1 MH-60R Seahawk

VNS 985 - Trident

Here is an older model of Vannish destroyer, saved from the scrapyards. Her sister ship is the VNS 225 - Sea Sword.

Leviathan Class Landing Vessel

One of the important roles of the Vangazi Navy is to transport marines from ship to shore. The country has invested quite a bit of its resources to this concept.
8 x M2 Browning machine guns

The Brown Water Navy

There are many rivers and coastal waters off the shore of Vangaziland. The Riverine Force, also known as the Brown Water Navy, has found a place in modern operations at places like Wrexwic or the Svennish Isles. It is a highly sought after spot in the Vannish Navy.

F-35 'Joint Strike Fighter'

The F-35 is Vangaziland's current naval fighter. It performs air-to-air CAP, air-to-surface CAS as well as strike and interdiction missions. There is also an electronic warfare variant, unique to the Vannish Navy.The fighter brings stealth capabilities to the battlefield.

F-41 'StealthCat'

Little is known about this platform other than it's top speed being around Mach 2. It is meant to carry a larger payload than an F-35 and be more maneuverable as well. Analysts are calling this a 'Generation 6' fighter. It represents a true naval air superiority platform.

The Empire of Vangaziland