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The Railways of Vangaziland

Rail Empire Lines & Subsidiaries

Osprey - Pelican

Service Area

*5 Hours North of NE Esportiva (aircraft @ 640.5 MPH)

Mainland Vangaziland & Wrexwic - Provinces
A - North Vangaziland
B - Central Vangaziland
C - East Vangaziland
D - South Vangaziland
E - West Vangaziland

Iskolde Railworks - HSU-224-C 'Osprey'

Livery: RailEmpire, 'Cross-Country Express' scheme
Routes (no additional, local stops):
Coastal Tour: Blue Coast-Emeros-Northton
Northwest Express: Emeros-Auster-Old Prairie
Southwest Journey: Emeros-Davenson-South Stead
Max Speed: 197 mph

The Northwest Express moves through 'The Commerce District' of North Emeros.


Imperial Class

Business Class

Standard Class

Café Car

Iskolde Railworks - HSU-210-B 'Pelican'

Livery: RailEmpire, 'Cross-Country Full Service' scheme
Routes (includes local stops in transit):
Coastal North Local: Emeros-Northton
Coastal South Local: Emeros-Blue Coast
Central South: Auster-Davenson
The Windy Corridor: Auster-Imperial Hills-New Brook-Northton
The Imperial Streak: Imperial Hills-Old Prairie
The Old West: South Stead-Old Prairie
Max. Speed: 188 mph

The Imperial Streak leaves Old Prairie Central

Imperial Car

Business Class

Standard Class

Café Car

VannRail Industries LPT6450 'Princess Victoria Class'

Livery: EasternEmpire, 'Post-2014'
Routes (All Routes):
Local: Capital City - Tremooty
Express: Capital City - Tremooty
Local: Capital City - Southline
Express: Capital City - Southline
Alainha Coastal Local: Alainha Central (SW-most village) - Capital City - Vandersen's Beach (NW point)
Vandersen's Beach Express: Alainha Central - Capital City - Vandersen's Beach (skips 7 local stops)
Max. Speed: 134.5 mph

Vandersen's Beach Express is boarding at it's southern hub in Alainha Province.

Executive Club Seating

General Seating

Snack Car

Wattsboro is a small town 30 miles NE of Southline, Wrexwic

The Empire of Vangaziland