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[ARCHIVED] The History of Vamperiall

Hey there

Starting Out
Iím Vamperiall. Iím from New South Wales, Australia, and I started playing NationStates around the beginning of January, 2017. I started out in The North Pacific I think, but it couldíve been anywhere. After being founded, I immediately moved my nation to Marist Federated States with some IRL friends. After spending most of the year there, I moved to The North Pacific for NDay2. After NDay I moved back, reclaiming my place.

Marist Federated States
Life in Marist Federated States was hard, the other members were cruel to me, always making sure that I was always in last place. Somehow I figured out that I can rig the elections by having two nation in the World Assembly at once. This is, of course against site rules, and I did get in trouble.

Raiding and Defending
I eventually thought ďIíve had enough of this, Iím going to make my own regionĒ So I did, I made The Empire of Thryon. It was filled with my puppets, but MFS didnít know that. I declared war on them, but Vampmekelna wanted peace. I let him have it, but I left MFS forever, joining The Black Hawks. Here I was introduced into R/D, and taught how to raid. Once I learnt, I left, joining The West Pacificís Army, TWPAF. I didnít even raid once with them, sadly, before I left them, creating my own region The Empire of Exus.

The Empire of Exus
TEoE was my baby, I put so much time, effort, and money into it. I re-joined The Black Hawks, becoming a Private First Class. I also joined Osirisí raiders, the Sekhmet Legion. TEoE was good for awhile, I had around 20 nations, but it just grew very inactive. All my ministers CTEíd. After that I disbanded TEoE, and joined Magnus.

Force and Magnus
I became Governor of Magnus, but didnít put much effort into it, as I was working TBH, Pythons (A small raiding org), and I was running for Force Defence Minister. I became the minister, and established The Force, Forceís army. I was also appointed internal affairs minister in Amestris, an up and coming raiding org. I also began my own NationStates family, Hardrada Clan. I have left the post of Governor of Magnus, and decided to make a new region.

Voltarium and the NPO war

After leaving Magnus, I created Voltarium. Voltarium will be my new TEoE. I am steadily growing it. Now, after TBHís and NPOís pile off at St Abbaddon, NPO declared war on TBH, and TBH the same. An organisation called APC (Anti Pacific Coalition) or what I like to call it, Antipa, is being formed, to attack the NPO. Volt is helping with the efforts. I am trying to play a part in this war. I am trying my best to run Voltarium, I hope it dosent turn out like TEoE. I have also left Amestris, and Iíve obtained citizenship in Hartfelden and The Rejected Realms

I have been all around NationStates, it been fun, and I hope to make many more fun memories here.

As of 25th of October, 2018

The Imperium of Vamperiall