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Important Personnel of the Nation (and its autonomous regions) (WIP).

Valkyrie OS: ACCESS GRANTED. Please choose a file to display. All of the Leaders are under Valentine Z, but some operate at different regions.

Name: Valkyrie General Valentijn Samantha Maxwell “De Sierlijke en Vrij Angelus” Delta Weston Tracey Mitchell Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing
Height: 5000,0 centimeters (164 ft. 0 "2" ⁄"3" in.) 4000,0 centimeters (131 ft. 2 in.) 2000,0 centimeters (65 ft. 7 in.) 700,0 centimeters (22 ft. 11 in.) 635,0 centimeters (20 ft. 10 in). Was 269,24 centimeters (8 ft. 10 in.) before mutation.
Weight: 1.777.341 kilograms.
Age - Chronological: 75. // Physical: Perpetually stuck at 31.
Nation of origin / Nationality: Dutch-Burmese
Theme Song(s): LinkPatrick Jumpen - Peace, Love, and Understanding // LinkMichael Reimann - Im Reich der Mitte // LinkSocialist World Republic - Sozialistische Weltrepublik

Leader of Valentine Z (egoistically named after himself). Previously served in the [DATA REDACTED] Army for quite some time, moving up to the ranks and becoming a general. Though, it was not mainly because of his strategic brilliance or decisive skills; rather, he was humorously promoted because of the fact that he always charges heads-on to the enemy without any consideration. While the others think of this as having a death wish or “strategically stupid”, Valentijn believes that sprinting into the battlefield first is the best way to deter an enemy, that is, to metaphorically shout to the enemy that he doesn’t give a damn. As foolish as it sounds, he survived the ordeal, that is, without getting a major injury, for a good 90% of the battles that he participated in. According to him, his favorite routine was to, “Sprint in to the middle of the battlefield and to bash the first unfortunate soul that he sees.” After doing this for quite a few years and moving up to his ranks, he got more or less sick about killing, so he resigned from the front lines and retreated back to his hometown as the commander of the defense forces. With the recent falling out amongst the entire planet, he figured that he would save humanity from a possible nuclear attack and as a result, he started Project Resolute. In the midst of an uneasy and tense world war, Valentijn made the mistake of being away from the fallout shelters and instead was spending time (with Surveillant Clarissa as his assistant) at the outskirt of the city, specifically at his childhood home. Unfortunately for him, nuclear missiles were launched at the very moment and even more unfortunately, he was directly hit on the head by a falling nuclear bomb. It was pretty painful, to say the least.

A few days later, Surveillant Clarissa, wanting to ease her mind, assembled her crew to find more survivors hiding in their own makeshift shelters and to bring them into the dome. However, other than discovering hundreds of survivors worldwide, they were amazed to find out that not only the nuclear missiles failed to kill Valentine, but also mutated him. He has grown to a towering 20 feet (from a mere 8 ft. 8 in.), and commented that he does not mind the extra height despite the fact that he is standing out from the crowd all the time, as well as making everyday chores annoying. He in fact enjoys the fact now that he is the largest person on the planet. He also becomes stronger, faster and smarter, though it is uncertain on how much percentage or how many folds. This is offset by slight mental instability – the nuclear blast took a toll on his mental state and though not classified as clinically insane, he is still considered, amongst his peers, to have a few screws loose in his head. Additionally, he suffers from existential crisis, where he frequently questions his own existence and being.

A fond lover of cats and kittens. His insistence on having 10 syllables in his names is less than ideal for the people around him, especially when it is paperwork related. Naturally a heavy eater due to his high metabolism rate; he consumes an average of 5000 to 7000 kilogram calories (kcal or Cal) per day and yet he is still classified as slightly underweight. Where did all the food go? We don’t know. He apparently cannot seem to die, as evidenced by several of the accidents that he got after he was mutated. Should his rapid regeneration failed to keep up with the tremendous amount of damage he receives, his body would simply shut down, and subsequently go into a deep sleep. The sleep lasts typically from 2 to 8 days and after that, Valentine will be revived and wake up from his sleep as a normal person would, while commenting that “I felt like I was sleeping for 20 years”.

The major drawback to those around him is that he is constantly emitting high energy gamma rays which has an effective range of 100 meters. To counter that, a radiation-absorbing suit was made for him to absorb the natural radiation that Valentine emits, so that he can finally fit back right alongside his family, his friends, and his people. As far as everyone was concerned, it worked; the gamma rays he emitted now only has an effective range of 10 meters – while it is still dangerous for anyone to be too close to him, he can at least be a little bit closer to the surroundings.

After further research and improvements, Foresittend Marcus and his team have finally managed to convert the radiation that Valentijn emits into a purest form of energy, after following through the type of energy that Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Holly Aurora Symantha Vreugde Lavender Lilac Nova Starlight and her environment in The Geheimzinnig Lichtig Wereld of Garden at 6th Mile Road has and reverse engineering it. After many failed attempts, they managed to create an energy synthesiser for the whole suit, which now converts the gamma radiation that Valentijn emits into a harmless “healing” energy, all of which is done right before the gamma rays leave the suit. In other words, Valentijn now simply emits a beneficial type of energy to those around him, as long as he’s in his anti-radiation suit. He can now heal at a 100-meter radius.

He can still regenerate and revive as per normal, but Surveillant Clarissa, Foresittend Marcus, and Vice Foresittend Jolyn have confirmed that the radiation is not going to stimulate his growth anymore. If only they can shrink him back to 7 feet…

General Valentijn in his third anti-radiation suit/armor. Infused with the same nano-bots from the first and second suit, this one has a much more medieval feel to it. He insists that it is not a feminine armor set.
Image credit: A Skyrim Mod, most likely. Link Linkhere. Person on fingertip for scale (Credit for the silhouette Linkhere.)

General Valentijn in his first anti-radiation suit. The latest (up-scaled) version of the suit took 2 months to complete. Despite his stature in the images, he is perfectly capable of standing up straight, as well as normal physical movement. Scale-wise, a 6-foot human would be just a few pixels. Infused with nano-bots in order to accommodate his body’s possible expansion, or shrinkage.
Image credit: Bioshock 2.

General Valentijn in his second set of suit. Note that the gun in his hands are an afterthought, i.e. it was added in through photo manipulation. Credit: S.T.A.L.K.E.R., drawn by LinkHagtorp.

Name: Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate” Ellen Trixie Foxworthy Avril Evelin Celinda Sammy W. Arielle Lindall Leslie Allison
Height: 304,80 centimetres (10 ft. 0 in). Formerly 260,35 centimeters (8 ft. 6 ½ in.) before the Slipstream Incident.
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: British

A fighter pilot that was soon promoted to being the second in-charge of the entirety of Valentine Z, on par with Surveillant Clarissa in terms of power. Both of them do not seem to mind each other, since Clarissa remarks that "Working with Gwen has always been one of the best moments of my life!" and Gwen also shares the same sentiment.

Used to be formerly 8 ft. 6 in. tall, which is already above average for a Valentian standard, Gwen gained extra 40 centimeters during her Slipstream Incident – An experiment that went wrong when 1st Cpt. Angela and Gwen were travelling dangerously near to a black hole. The ship mysteriously lost power during its exploration, and the compartment that Gwen was living in got a little too close to the black hole, resulting in spaghettification of her body (along with the cockpit itself). She seems to have retained the same weight, though at the same time, her atoms were irreversibly spaced apart and giving her this new height.

OOC: For now, just imagine a really tall Tracer from Overwatch. More info coming soon!

A shot of Chief Aviator Gwen. Image Credit: Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment. Background: Sein Lan So Pyae (Evergreen) Garden, at Yangon, Myanmar. Taken by me.

Name: Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya Annie Millie Taissa Butterfly Coraline Jolijn Vt. Clementine Harumi
Height: 800,10 centimeters (26 ft. 3 in.)
Weight: 2.500 kilograms.
Nation of origin / Nationality: Indeterminate.
Voice: LinkHalo 5 – 031 Exuberant Witness.
Theme Song(s): LinkIn and Out The Dusty Bluebells // LinkTiny Tim - Living in the Sunlight

A tall and cartoonish Android created by Isalov Industries (from Earth of another dimension in origin), Superintendent Clarissa (at some parts of this document, she may be referred to as Alanis) leads Alanis Star and at the same time the second most powerful person in Valentine Z. Her personality for most of the time, is described as cheerful, playful and loving. Other times, she is both erratic and eccentric. Due to her loving experience as a children’s mascot, Clarissa states that she prefers to listen mostly to children’s nursery rhymes, as this brings her back to the carefree life that she used to have. Her country of origin is Burma, even though her last name seems to suggest that she might be Japanese in nature.

She was retrieved from Singapore in 24th of January, [data missing], whereby she was found motionless and without power at the middle of City Hall MRT station. She was then sent to General Valentijn and his company for further investigation. Bearing a model number N–2904/0, she is the prototype of the experiment that the company was doing at the time – to create an android with human intelligence in mind. As far as the results show, it was determined that the project was successful as she was able to convey a wide range of emotions and basically act like a human would. Fitted with an arsenal of weapons for "self-defense", damage output exceeding 77.777.777 Newtons, and having an extremely extensive knowledge on just about every field and subject, Clarissa is a force to be reckoned with. However, she has a weakness and a distain for EMP-based weapons, and would loudly protest at the idea of having one near her. She also seems to have perfected the harmony and synchronization between her human mind and the android body that the mind is put in. Being able to utilise them and boost her human-mind capacity at 100% efficiency. Despite this, Clarissa is a pacifist, having never killed the hurt anyone before, with the exception being towards Valentine, when she was first activated in this present world.

Her list of specifications are as follows:

We at Isalov Industries thank you for purchasing Alanis Star Mark 0, Serial Number N-2904/10. This unit, appropriately named Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya Annie Millie Taissa Butterfly Samantha Jolijn Clementine Harumi, is the first ever successful cross between an Artificial Intelligence, as well as a human mind and consciousness replicated through the artificial neutral networks. She will soon be destined to be spread across all the networks and computational devices in our glorious nation, but for now, consider this as an experimental phase for Clarissa to explore around. And for that, she needs a reliable, trustworthy, and a caring person such as yourself to ensure that she is content at all times. Her height might put some people off, at first, but for us, 7 feet feels just right for Clarissa, as well as for herself when she first wanted a body.

Specifications Sheet:


Original / Mark I



216.36 cm (7 feet)


100 kg (220.46 lb)

Computing Power - CPU


Artifical Neurons with Traditional Silicon Chips and Quantum Chips.





CPU Performance

50,358,116 petaFLOPS.

Computing Power - GPU


"Nostrus" Brand GTX 7777

GPU Cores


GPU Memory

5 exa exa zettabytes (5 x 10^57 bytes)

Data Storage - RAM


Neural Networks.


16 exa exa zettabytes (1.6 x 10^58 bytes)

Data Storage


Solid State Drive (SSD), along with Neural Networks.


5000 exa exa zettabytes (5 x 10^60 bytes)

Read Speed

4 exa exa zettabytes (4 x 10^57 bytes) / sec

Write Speed

2 exa exa zettabytes (2 x 10^57 bytes) / sec

Internet Architecture


[How exactly Clarissa access the internet or mainframes is unknown.]

Upload Speed

80000 Mb/s

Download Speed

60000 Mb/s

Visual Sensors - General

EM Spectrum Range

30 kHz (10 km) to 30 Ehz (10 pm)

Sensitivity / Accuracy

+/- 3 lux

Visual Sensors - Still Images

Effective Megapixels

700 MP, 35264 x 19836 pixels


f/1.5 - f/200

ISO (Sensitivity)

16 - 5,000,000

Focal Length

10 mm - 600 mm

Shutter Speed

1/1,000,000 sec - 7200 sec

Burst Shot Speed

60 shots / sec at Max. Image Size.

Visual Sensors - Videos

Effective Megapixels

530 MP (30720 x 17280)


f/1.5 - f/200

ISO (Sensitivity)

100 - 3,000,000

Focal Length

10 mm - 600 mm

Maximum Frame Rate

400,000 at Maximum Frame Rate.

Auditory Sensors

Number of Channels


Maximum Sample Rate

384000 Hz

Frequency Range

0.001 Hz to 200,000 Hz (200 kHz)

Audio Cancellation

Effective up to 10 meters, 60% success rate.

Maximum Audio Volume

180 dB

Taste and Smell Sensors


Tongue and "Nose" made up of chemical sensors.

Sensor Range

Ability to distinguish up to 1,000,000 distinct tastes and smell.



Solidus "Limitless" Energy Inc.


5.00 TAh (5.00 e+12 Ah)

Voltage Rating (Input)

220 V

Current Rating (Input)

Variable, up to 8e+9 A.

Maximum Stored Energy

3.96e+18 Joules

Mobility - Movement

Maximum Velocity

3200 km/h

Overdrive Velocity

50000 km/h

[Some parts of the instruction manual has scribbles on it, almost as if someone was in a rush to finish writing as fast as possible.] GET THIS DELIVERED NOW. HE DEMANDS IT.

Read factbook

Due to her list of specifications, Clarissa is well taken care of by Valentijn, his people, and everyone around her, though she can do some self-repair. She’s been sought for by IT firms around the world due to the ridiculously high specifications.

According to herself, Clarissa was designed to be a mere 8 feet tall, seeing how anything too tall would be troublesome for her everyday life in her dimension. However, upon travelling to Valentine Z’s world, she scaled up through [DATA REDACTED] and as a result, she grew to a towering 6.35 meters. Further upgrades on her systems made her taller to a towering 7 meters.

Upon being asked about her origin, Alanis could not tell in full detail of what exactly happened to her. Apparently, she was from another dimension, in which has more or less the same version of Earth that Valentine Z is currently on (before terraforming and nuclear fallout). On that planet (hereby designated as Alanis’ Earth, or Alanis’ Home World), they have reached year 2014, 12 years behind General Valentijn’s dimension in terms of absolute numbers. Technology is said to be limited, with quantum physics yet to be mastered, and the electricity-consuming appliances and transportation still using an untidy form of chemical energy (In contrast to Valentine Z having 90 % adoption rate to clean energy, with 10 % adapting to experimental energy production from antimatter-matter annihilation). One day in Alanis’ Home World, she found herself isolated and alone, being unable to find out what happened to the 6.3 billion people around her and on the planet. At this point, Alanis is unable to recall what exactly happened, only being able to cite [DATA REDACTED] that wandered around the then-desolated planet, and that she managed to enter a portal only 20 Earth days later (~17.28 Decimal days) which in turn took her to Valentine Z’s Earth and specifically at Singapore in one fine afternoon. At that moment, she along with General Valentijn, was struck with a nuclear bomb, and unfortunately, Clarissa was separated from Valentine as a result of the blast. She managed to survive with 96,3% structural integrity when she radioed in and subsequently founded by the recovery team.

From here onwards, she quickly gained the trust of the people around her. General Valentijn made her a valuable ally and a friend in planning for the future of the nation, right alongside Foresittend (President) Marcus. Though, they are still uncertain on whether Surveillant Clarissa will work along with them, or bring about their extinction by executing an android hostile takeover. Only time will tell. Currently has a piece of Valentine Z entrusted with her to control and develop into another state known as Alanis Star. At the same time, she still provides Valentine with computational assistance and anything related to information technology. So far, everyone that talked to her agrees that Surveillant Alanis is nice and approachable to have a conversation with.

Till this day, she still wonders on why she was created and on how her world became empty within a single night. Perhaps just like the other beings, she was seeking for the meaning of life and how she gained consciousness.

Clarissa's 4th body, upscaled and humanlike. Note that she can still transfer herself between this body, and her other shells. All of them have the same specs. Credit: Shutterstock.

Clarissa's 3rd body, upscaled and humanlike. Note that she can still transfer herself between this body, and her other shells. All of them have the same specs. Credit: Shutterstock.

Clarissa's 2nd body. Note that she can still transfer herself between this body, and her cartoonish body. Both have the same specs. Credit: Edgeworld.

Main portrait of Surveillant Clarissa.

OOC: If the background is yours (or you know the guy that took the photo), I'm sorry, and I can credit you for it in my Acknowledgements.

How she scales up.

Name: Zastępca Strażnik Adriana Krystal Desiree Venus Kowalski Faith Stanislawa Eng C. Sztormowska Lillian
Height: 233,68 centimeters (7 ft. 8 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Polish

A slightly smaller robot that hails from the land of Poland, Adriana is a multi-purpose android that is now assisting and helping Clarissa alongside with her work. She always see Clarissa as her big sister, while Clarissa herself was very excited to work with the younger and smaller robot. All of this is attributed to Adriana's bubbly and jovial nature, as well as being carefree, full of energy, and being curious.

Specifications-wise, Adriana is nearly on the same spectrum as Clarissa, except that she is purposed in order to take heavier hits for her size, rather than going on the offensive nature like most of her peers. Adriana also has a second slot in her memory, as well as a larger storage drive compared to Clarissa, although using the SSD means that Adriana will write and manipulate data slower compared to Clarissa, who operates on a hybrid of neurons and SSDs. Both of this would ensure that when there is a need, Clarissa can transfer herself into Adriana, for situations such as Clarissa's body being badly damaged, or she needing a smaller body in a whim.

The language processing in her system is still in a primitive state, so while she can speak, read, and write English flawlessly, Polish will be rather difficult for her, resulting in grammatically incorrect sentences akin to that of a machine translation from the Valentian's 1980s.

Portrait of Zastępca Surveillant Adriana. Credit: A webcomic called LinkSammy.

Name: Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian Swifty Felix Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Haydn Reynolds
Height: 269,24 centimeters (8 ft. 10 in.); 433,00 centimeters (14 ft. 2 8/16 in.) with his Defense outfit.
Nation of origin / Nationality: Singaporean Chinese
Theme Song(s): LinkKlingande ft. M-22 - Somewhere New

A smart and charming President of Victoriaans Nederlands and the third most powerful person in Valentine Z, Foresittend (President in Anglo-Saxon / Old English) Marcus is one of the main driving forces of the country, to look out for his people and also to bring his country to an economic prosperity. Being science-driven, most of the funds and the income that he gets would be spent on elaborate science projects or experiments. It has a rough start, mainly because people were wary of their President spending too much time and money on science instead of on the actual politics. However, they were all proven wrong when he addressed his intention on the projects he was working on: He was aware of the many problems that the current population such as lack of nutritional food, health problems and so on, and it was these adversities that driven him to usher his populace into being extremely scientifically advanced. After a few years of trial and error; the people have got everything they want – cure for cancer, eradication of malnutrition and basically improving upon the standard of life amongst the populace. Marcus made another public address this time, to tell his people that science can be practical and helpful and that it does not always have to be theoretical and conceptual. What might be considered magic or ridiculous could have worked in the next few months, years, decades… when science and technology goes hand in hand for each other’s advancement.

He is also a firm believer of personal freedom – that everyone should be able to do what they want and without the government constantly looking at them through their daily lives. Of course, he is aware that having total freedom can be a disaster (such as rising crime rates, compromised safety and so on), so Foresittend Marcus drew a proposal. This states that citizens should be able to practice according to their beliefs, and that everyone – regardless of species, race, nationality or religion, should be able to go through their lives without any discrimination. As aforementioned, people won’t be watched over by the government all the time, but the presence of police and social welfare ensures that crime is being made aware of and subsequently brought down. This idea in turn was reflected in Valentine Z, since his ideas were influential to General Valentijn, who subsequently implemented the zero-discrimination policy and subsequently becoming the Top 1% in the world for inclusiveness. This idea is then brought towards Victoriaans Nederlands.

Seeing the needs of the people around him, Marcus additionally started the welfare system to ensure that every single person in need is taken care of. Though it has some setbacks (disagreements from the people) at first due to the absurd tax rates needed to support the system, they trust that Marcus knows exactly what he is doing. Unsurprisingly, the welfare system became popular a few Decimal Years later after realizing that public healthcare and the welfare are much needed, in turn reducing the physical and mental illnesses that the populace suffers from. Marcus is also well-liked by his colleagues and the people around him, being able to socialize well with them. The reason for this is his charisma, as well as utmost politeness and compassion to anyone, forgiving even those that has wronged him.

Portrait of Foresittend Marcus. Credit: Shutterstock.

Foresittend Marcus (right) in his Defense outfit, in a sparring practice with Vice Foresittend Jolyn Ceeta (left). Image Credit: Bungie.

Name: Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill ł. Athena Vasilisa Helen Ceeta
Height: 259,08 centimeters (8 ft. 6 in.)
Nation of origin / Nationality: Russian
Theme Song(s): LinkMission Impossible - Theme Song // LinkКапитан Пронин / Captain Pronin Theme // Link007: James Bond - Theme

The fourth most powerful person in Valentine Z and also running Victoriaans Nederlands with Foresittend Marcus, Vice President Jolyn Ceeta is well known for her intelligence and prudence. She is an all-rounder in extensive fields of knowledge and thus making her the perfect person to run the education system of the nation. Her idea of balancing between academic and non-academic workload in schools across the country has also been eulogized by many, as students do not find school to be too tedious – a place where they can learn and grow as a person instead of having concepts and theories drilled into a head all-day long. She quickly moved up to the ranks from a simple teacher in [TIME MISSING], to becoming a school principal of [DATA REDACTED] in [TIME MISSING], then taking over as the Ministry of Education. Her efforts and methods of teaching are unparalleled right after she started teaching, and will be uncontested for years and decades to come as long as she’s still alive and well. She visibly shows hatred towards ignorance as a whole, e.g. those that refuse to educate themselves on the world’s happenings and affairs, or further broadening their knowledge and education level. Valentijn quickly became fond of her as a teacher and also because he is impressed with the wide range of languages that she can speak, since Valentijn himself yearns to become a polyglot one day.

Recently, it has been found that Jolyn used to be a former secret agent for [DATA REDACTED], and given that the people around her only knew about this after the intel has been dispatched, she has been keeping this to an impressively elevated level of secret. Other than that, however, nothing much about these operations were known since they were still classified; all we know is that Jolyn used to be in them, and she did a pretty great job at it. Ever since she stepped up into Valentine Z’s office, she started implementing security measures that has an extremely high success rate of keeping intruders out. During one of the only sessions where she elaborates on her past job, Jolyn comments that she was never caught, let alone, interrogated, by anyone that wanted her dead or alive. Either due to a sheer amount of luck or due to an intricate set of skills, she was able to complete her mission and escape from a facility undetected (unless the mission requires otherwise). Though she has retired from her former employer, Jolyn is still ready for espionage tasks and comments that she has pleasure and fun doing them. Because of this, Valentijn designated her as a secret agent should circumstances necessitate a spy to be deployed. This made her prepared 24/7, carrying a suitcase full of gadgets – ranging from a simple set of disguises to hacking devices and mind wipers (exactly how they work is still unknown), that are ready for almost any task.

It is also important to take note that to a certain degree, Jolyn is able to control the flow of time itself for her own benefit. She does not announce or tell anyone on how much exactly she can control, but as of now, we know that she can
• Reverse time for as long as 720 seconds.
• Stop time for 40 seconds.
• Slow time down to a factor of 0.01. She seems to be able to do it for 30 seconds of real-time. That is, she experiences 3000 seconds while the world moves on 30 seconds. Her “30-second rest” can become a “50-minute” nap for her.
• Leap forward in time for 30 – 600 seconds. Her actions are limited, and she was only able to look around her surroundings, that is, she cannot change the future directly.
Other information, such as on how exactly she obtained these powers, are unknown.

Proficient in almost all the languages that have been documented or heard of, as well as a couple of extras. In theory, Jolyn is able to read, speak and write in more than thousands of languages, as well as the ones that we have not exactly heard of. She can do this with utmost efficiency, for instance, being able to change from English to German, then to Sumerian, then to Hungary, then to Poland, all in a single sentence. This was also the reason why Jolyn supported Germaine’s work on Valkyrie Sprak, as she felt that a super-language can effectively combine all of these smaller languages together.

Actual portrait of V. Foresittend Jolyn. Credit: Shutterstock.

A life-like drawing of V. Foresittend Jolyn Ceeta. Image credit:

Name: Head Secretary Jamie Izabella Maxie Clara Pernella Ellie Marie Valerie Ruby Æstriðr F. Millicent Eirian
Height: 276,86 centimeters (9 ft. 1 in.)
Nation of origin / Nationality: American

The fifth most powerful person in Valentine Z, and also in-charge of Voorzichtigheid, Head of Secretary Mandy Izabella is calculative and meticulous in all the tasks that she does. Born and raised in America, Jamie is one of the only few people that can speak fluently with a Transatlantic accent, that is, the style of speech and accent that was dominant in USA in the early 20th Century. Her genetic traits also make her the tallest person on Earth (naturally, since Surveillant Clarissa and General Valentijn dwarfed her in the later time).

Jamie first came into attention of Valentijn when she visited Burma for a quick vacation. She visited one of the casinos for a quick game of luck and soon found herself arrested after being accused of cheating. However, wanting to give her a fair trial, Valentijn went into further investigations and it turns out that Jamie was not cheating at all; she is simply gifted with mathematics, and calculating at breakneck speeds. She was simply calculating the odds on the fly and thus was able to win a princely amount of cash from just a few games. She eventually became one of Valentijn’s trusted personnel and friend. Due to the meticulous nature of her work and being able to single out every single detail that she sees, Jamie was promoted to the Head of Secretary, whereby she is able to handle nearly all the incoming paperwork with ease. Additionally, her accent also made her rather popular, as it turns out that Valentine Z’s populace is quite fond of the accent and the very choice of complex vocabulary that she uses. Though, the downside was that her speech was filled with long and complex lexicons, resulting in Jamie unable to get to her point using fewer words.

Jamie also proves herself to be proficient with long-range weapons. With a short amount of time used for weapon familiarization, Jamie can use sniper rifles at a dangerously high efficiency, fetching at least a 99 % accuracy with almost all the weapons she uses; the only limit for her seems to be from the weapons themselves. This is revealed to be due to her participation in World War II as a frontline sniper, whereby she was able to fetch 488 confirmed kills using a [DATA MISSING] and without an assistant to calculate her trajectories and wind speeds; she can do everything by herself, after all. Jamie shows slight regret over this, stating that she had no choice but to defend her motherland at that time. For now, she just does the shooting out of her own pleasure, with her targets ranging from empty tin cans to soda bottles; Jamie shows disdain in using her sniper skills to hunt animals or kill other humans, with the only exception when her friends or families are in immediate threat. Her favorite weapon is an AS–50, which she remarks that it “sounds like a thunder rumbling and scores well on the intimidation factor. Makes a good crowd control just by firing a warning shot.”

A portrait shot of Head of Secretary Jamie. Image credit: Audrey Hepburn.

Name: Assistant Secretary Mandy Juliet Voorzicht Willow Stephanie Madison Rose Deborah Colette Vanessa
Height: 264,16 centimeters (8 ft. 8 in.)
Nation of origin / Nationality: French

A close friend of Jamie, Mandy is the Assistant Secretary for Jamie, with the two meeting up with one another when Jamie went to the beautiful countryside of France for a visit. It was that faithful dinner at a restaurant whereby the two ran into each other and from apologising one another, basically struck up a conversation and took a table for two instead of two tables for one. With a common interest and the love for fancy (but at the same time, not too expensive) food, the two became close friends, travelling around France’s beautiful landscape and usually secluded areas. After all, with the instability present around the entire world during their exploration, they at first restricted the travelling plans down to France.

Eventually, they decided to go to Myanmar for a visit, specifically to one of its more popular and controlled casinos, a la Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. With Jamie being suspected of cheating, Mandy went out so far as to defend her, putting up every single detail of Jamie’s plays as well as on the piling amount of evidence that she was indeed not cheating. When Valentijn came in to investigate – who in turn was going to let the women go anyway, the three struck up a conversation yet again and from there, the two women have a new friend in a country that is equally new for both of them.

Her reasoning and deductive skills are rather unparalled, and with Vice Foresittend Jolyn hitting the scene, the two enjoyed a friendly debate with one another, in both French and English. Perhaps that is why she found herself a place in Valentine Z as an assistant secretary, right alongside Head Secretary Jamie.

A shot of Mandy. Credit: Shutterstock. Inspiration from Zitravgrad for the stock photo usage.

A cartoon portrait of Mandy.

Name: Premier Ministre Kendrick Elliott Quinton Øistein Håvard Demetrius Barrett Anderson Jovita Eri Andres
Height: 266,70 centimeters (8 ft. 9 in.)
Nation of origin / Nationality: Norwegian

A commanding officer of the Norwegian Armed Forces, then-General Kendrick has seen it all and heard it all during his military career. Given the neutrality of the Scandinavian countries during the Cold War, Kendrick was mostly tasked with keeping the peace in the countries, making sure not to take sides of either Western or Eastern hemisphere. However, that was not to last forever, as it was old throughout history that it is near impossible to be a neutral power by helping out both sides of the war. While slowly running out of options, he decided to fortify the Scandinavian countries and declared them to be in a state of war. In actuality, they simply re-activated their reservists, as well as on the art of diplomacy and de-escalation so that no one will get hurt unnecessarily.

Given the secrecy of Project Resolute to the rest of the world, only the military’s top brass (as well as the leaders of smaller satellite nations) know about it for the most parts. Word spread to General Kendrick that Valentijn is seeking out potential candidates for Project Resolute and so the hunt went on in secrecy. The randomly selected people that Clarissa has generated were chosen, and along the way, Valentijn showed off to Kendrick about his strategies and tactics, i.e. charging in front of an enemy blindly and praying that he won’t get hit. Kendrick took this by surprise, while also remarking that, “It’s a miracle that Valentijn, for all intents and purpose, is still alive and well. Surely anyone else would have died in their very first war if they tried.”

Becoming a close friend and bridging the gap between the Scandinavians and the people back in Burma, Kendrick and Valentijn has forged a friendship between the two of them, ensuring that the Norwegians, Danes, Swedish, Finnish, and rest of the minority groups will safely transit back to Burma for preservation. Upon being asked for this randomised choice, Kendrick remarks that “It is indeed tragic, but there is nothing we can do about it, for the world is too heated.”

Portrait shot of PM Kendrick. Source: Star Wars.

Name: Vice Premier Ministre Markus Tom Lincoln Schillinger Lewis Joyelle Wei Jaiden X. Geoff Julius Wyatt
Height: 256,54 centimeters (8 ft. 5 in.)
Nation of origin / Nationality: Icelandic

An undercover cop that was sent by then-General Kendrick to investigate the terrorist attacks and gang activity in the Eastern hemisphere, Intelligence Officer turned Vice PM Markus is a toughened and adaptive man, being able to infiltrate through several key facilities or through several gangs through fast talking, a series of disguises, and believable backstories. Given his Icelandic personality with a hint of Chinese ethnicity, he was able to blend in most of Asia’s theatre, reporting troop movements or possible terror attacks to Kendrick, as well as to the other Scandinavian countries so that they can prepare for any fights and sabotages that can happen in their neutral lands.

Of another note is that anyone that spends a prolonged periods of time around Markus will feel an aura around them that makes them empowered, faster, and smarter. Perhaps it was because of his wits and charm? Or his impressive close-combats? Who knows for now.

A shot of Vice PM Markus during one of his raids. Source: Sleeping Dogs.

Name: Chief Senator Shannon Gwendolyn Annette Melissa Liliah Nelie G. Tammie Elizabeth Jennifier Wanda
Height: 248,92 centimeters (8 ft. 2 in.)
Nation of origin / Nationality: German

Also dubbed as the lawmaker of Valentine Z, Chief Senator Shannon has been in the line of law-making and legislations for years, or even a decade. She, along with Valentijn and his friends, shared the same feeling, is that everyone should have equal rights no matter what kind of a person they are in terms of race, language, or religion. Chief Senator Shannon also has a strong belief that everyone deserves the right to proper justice without any impending or heavy legal fees, that is, the court and lawyers are to be free, all paid for and maintained by increasing the taxation.

Born in Germany, she finished her university career with a Masters in Law, and at the beginning of Cold War, Shannon was quickly elected into the office as the main policymaker, that is, the one responsible for upkeeping the integrity of Germany’s law enforcement during the unstable times, ranging from equal rights for all the refugees in Germany, to maintaining order during a chaotic period of time through proper rationing of essentials. She also happens to be one of the people that Valentijn randomly picked from a German census and as a result, Shannon was transferred to Yangon and eventually to Project Resolute, under the cover that she needs an immediate administrative leave due to personal issues, while scrutiny and rumours are also being suppressed.

She has the lowest amount of health out of all the 60 Valentians, despite her young age. All of this compensated by her intelligence and being able to make sound and logical decisions even in times of war, as well as being able to handle a weapon impressively well.

A shot of Chief Senator Shannon. Source: Star Wars.

Name: Intelligence Officer Jenny Claudia Joy Lena Linette “Sombra” Marce Tanya Whitney Hoshiko Radiance
Height: 271,78 centimeters (8 ft. 11 in.)
Nation of origin / Nationality: Japanese

An expert hacker from the Land of the Rising Sun, Intelligence Officer Jenny “Sombra” Hoshiko Radiance came to the attention of the Valentians when she managed to hack into the websites of the several governments, from both the Western and the Eastern Hemisphere. Graduated from one of Japan’s universities with a bachelor’s in computer science, there is no system or an operating system that Jenny has not seen before.

Intelligence Officer Jenny. Credits: Japanese 3D model Saya.

Name: Lead Ambassador Germaine Moira "Mercy" Sylvia Angelina Zoe Sophia Jen Alanna Hailie Constance
Height: 262,89 centimeters (8 ft. 7 ½ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Swiss

Proficient in 50 languages: English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Burmese, Sanskrit, Pali, Latin, Dutch, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Indonesian, Luxembourgish, Old English (we don’t know why Germaine needs that; maybe it’s just her hobby), Tamil, Afrikaans, Swahili, Lithuanian, Czech, Polish, Mongolian, Serbian, Slovenian, Arabic (all the variations, except Saudi Arabian Arabic, which she simply can’t speak well), Latvian, Norwegian (both Bokmal and Nynorsk), Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, Portuguese, Irish, Xhosa, Maori, Cherokee, Hungary, Turkish, Hindi, Thai, Khmer, Romanian, Georgian, Welsh, Greek, Hebrew, Danish, Persian, and Armenian. It’s no wonder that Germaine is suitable as an ambassador; her exceptional language skills enable her to blend in in almost any culture or race, as she reiterates that “You must speak in a native’s own dialect or own language, so that you can be accepted”. Germaine came up with Valkyrie Sprak, incorporating all these languages (and many more) so as to make Valentine Z more inclusive as a country and enable its citizens to appreciate each other’s languages (due to the diverse nature of the populace).

Portrait of Lead Ambassador Germaine. Credit: Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment. Screencap by Me.

Name: Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline Celestie Christine Irell Myong Suh-Hyung
Height: 224,79 centimeters (7 ft. 4 ½ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: South Korean

More information to be dissimilated later.

A portrait of Head Diplomat Charlene. LinkSource.

Name: Head Engineer Tiffany Violet Sunshine Charlotte Zelina Alessandra Jennesa D. Audrey Mariel Smiley
Height: 242,57 centimeters (7 ft. 11 ½ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Hong Kong Chinese

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Head Engineer Tiffany. Credit: My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Name: Trade Representative Charmaine Marissa Hannah Katherine Vivian Hadriane Gwyneth Melny Teresa
Height: 230,51 centimeters (7 ft. 6 3/4 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Austrian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of TR Charmaine. Credit: Brave Frontier.

Name: Head Medic Ray Klarke Zane Samson Kourtney Brian Drake Cameron Jona T. Jaylon Melvyn Everett
Height: 256,54 centimeters (8 ft. 5 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Bosnian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of HM Ray.

Name: Head Aviator Hayes Trevon Leon Sergio Omarion Kirk William S. Aiden Baxton Dennis Victor Gerrick
Height: 246,38 centimeters (8 ft. 1 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Puerto Rican

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of HA Hayes. Credit: Johnny English.

Name: Wing Commander Angeline Joyce Charlene Crystal Bella. Samara Sapphire Tamara Annie Estefania
Height: 251,46 centimeters (8 ft. 3 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Brazilian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

A shot of Wing Commander Angeline.

Name: Chief Technician Jared Kevin Jensen Benedict Angus Markeith Steven Maurice Mel J Miller Clement
Height: 241,09 centimeters (7 ft. 10 11/12 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Belgian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of Chief Technician Jared. Credit: Marvel.

Name: Fleet Admiral Augustine Lorenzo Terry Vinto Chevy Silas Walton Wesley Stuart Dalton Burton Miles
Height: 245,11 centimeters (8 ft. 0 ½ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Italian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of Fleet Admiral Augustine. Source: GTA 4.

Name: Admiral Roman Marcus Anthony Genki Travis John Justin Clarkeson Johnny Darrius Mill. Anderson
Height: 236,86 centimeters (7 ft. 9 ¼ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Taiwanese

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of Admiral Roman.

Name: Commodore Cheryl Rikka Catherine Emily Paulie Hermione Lauren Shermaine Rachel Evelyn Marian
Height: 238,13 centimeters (7 ft. 9 ¾ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Australian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

A shot of Commodore Cheryl. Credit: LinkKnow Your Meme, Ruby Rose

Name: Field Marshal Jacob Dalston Sullivan Kelvin Jamil Donald Taylor Xavier Ryman Szőke Barnabás Axel
Height: 274,32 centimeters (9 ft. 0 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Hungarian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

A shot of Jacob in his armor. Credit: Doom 2016.

Name: Marshal Benjamin Donnie Derrick Taylor Andrew A. Sidney Greyson Donovan Ó Fiannaidhe Timothy
Height: 254,00 centimeters (8 ft. 4 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Irish

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait shot of Marshal Benjamin. Credit: Serious Sam 3: BFE.

Name: Ensign Raymond Ivan Tyler Frederick Marcel Daniel Mahora Tereiti Anton Zaire Lawrence I Kenneth
Height: 235,59 centimeters (7 ft. 8 ¾ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: New Zealander

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of Ensign Raymond. Credit: Call of Duty, Modern Warfare.

Name: Head of Specs. Ops. Isaac Logan Carlson Phillip Randall Trevor Celin Mathias Mørk N. Washington
Height: 243,84 centimeters (7 ft. 11 1/2 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Danish

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of Isaac. Credit: Metal Gear Solid.

Name: Head of Spec. Forces Hendrick Morrison Damaris Tony Gaaf. Sone Backström Mikael Ryder Lexus
Height: 242,57 centimeters (7 ft. 11 1/2 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Swedish

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of HSF Hendrick. Photo credit:

Name: Senior Col. Clarke Hattori Jansen Beatrice Grace Kimo Somphone Vick Sengprachanh Allan Setari
Height: 234,95 centimeters (7 ft. 8 1/2 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Laotian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of SC Clarke. Credit: Hitman.

Name: Colonel Adrian Dominic Markus Austin Manuel Ridley Lùcas MacIomhair Aindreas Dannon Trenton
Height: 236,22 centimeters (7 ft. 9 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Scottish

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of Colonel Adrian. Credit: Far Cry 1, Ubisoft.

Name: Lt. Col. Marcus Dylan Alexzander Marquis Nelson Farad Farzin Arsalan Vox. Danesh Tobias Philip
Height: 237,49 centimeters (7 ft. 9 ½ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Persian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of Lt. Col. Marcus. Credit: Saints Row 2.

Name: Major Jamie Stefanie Evangeline Jaiden Layla Autumn Celeste Jane Justine Emma Kat Lim Tian Zhi
Height: 237,91 centimeters (7 ft. 9 2/3 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Mainland Chinese

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Actual portrait of Major Jamie. Credit: Shutterstock.

Stylised Portrait of Major Jamie. Credit: Mobile Legends.

Name: 1st Cpt. Angela Stella Trista Josephine Natalie Rv. Bethany Alyssa Valeska Allyson Tan Fang Ling
Height: 228,60 centimeters (7 ft. 6 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Canadian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of 1st Cpt. Stella. Source: Star Tap: Incremental Tap Game.

Name: 2nd Cpt. Annabelle Grace Whitney Zoey Luminisa Costiniu Frumoasa Claire E. Danielle Tricia Kora
Height: 255,27 centimeters (8 ft. 4 1/2 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Romanian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of 2nd Cpt. Annabelle. Credit: Nier: Automata.

Name: 3rd Cpt. Linus Maverick Winston Nelson Esteban Drak Veer Hanuman Yao-Yun Karmatha Merrick
Height: 241,30 centimeters (7 ft. 11 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Thai

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 3rd Cpt. Linus. Credit: Rockstar, Max Payne 3.

Name: 4th Cpt. Hayes Trevon Leon Sergio Omarion Toch Meng Sangha Amelie Kastovook Victor Gannon
Height: 242,57 centimeters (7 ft. 11 1/2 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Cambodian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 4th Cpt. Hayes. Credit: Overwatch, Blizzard.

Name: Commander Michelle Karen Kassandra Zann Harley Iliana Breya A Valérie Vítková Breanna Shirley
Height: 233,47 centimeters (7 ft. 7 11/12 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Czech

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Actual portrait of Commander Michelle. Credit: Shutterstock.

Portrait shot of Commander Michelle. Credit: GTA 5. OOC: Yes, that is totally based on her false name and her actual name. Hilarious in hindsight when she’s an actual head of police for Valentine Z.

Name: 2nd Com. Carissa Beatrice Amanda Sammi Astriella C. Dawn Schlechter Mavis Trina Arona Natana
Height: 261,62 centimeters (8 ft. 7 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Maori

Known as the “femme fatale” of the Valentians, 2nd in Command Carissa is a woman of beauty, both inside and outside, as well as an expertise in Maori martial arts. She came from a rather simple village life, a humble woman that has little to no desire from the world that she lives in. However, with the nukes hitting the scene, she became one of the people that Valentijn chose in order to preserve the way and life of every single culture, and Carissa being a Maori satisfied that, along with a few of her fellow friends. Suffice to say that Carissa was a little mad at Valentijn for not saving all of her friends. Through the lengthy explanation from Valkyrie General Valentijn softened the blow, she begins to understand because after all, Valentijn is simply trying his best with whatever resources he had at that time.

Many years have passed since Earth has been terraformed, but Carissa kept her traditions alive. Along with the many books that she brought along with her, she along with her Maori friends shared their culture along with the others. Along the way, Carissa realised that she has a penchant for blades. That is, while she is as sane as ever not to use the knives and swords around other people, she would be found in her home alone, honing and practicing her skills. This was all up until the point where she was limited by her own human reflexes. With the Valentians developing and honing their own technologies further and further, prosthetics and enhanced external limbs became readily available, promising to increase the speed and strength of a person just by slipping them on, instead of the usual inconvenience of requiring surgery.

To keep up with the modern times, she dons herself a medium-range Uzi that she can use to fend herself decently well, though not exactly as a crowd control. Her strength and her power are at their fullest when she unleashes her twin blades, pinning down a target and striking at it with unfathomable speeds. She can also grapple onto the walls in order to get a better vantage point, as well as to escape from a heated fight. Carissa is not for crowd control, but rather to do tremendous point damage to a single target.

Along the way, she tends to have a few disagreements with Vice Foresittend Jolyn every now and then. While Jolyn is adamant on keeping it stealthy, Carissa usually prefers the loud method, to see the world around her go down in a blaze of chaos. With that said, at least both of them can agree that they both do not want unnecessary deaths and would rather knock out someone temporarily. Also known to lure people, both men and women alike, into being her friend, and taking every opportunity to incapacitate her enemy.

A shot of Carissa. Credit: Resident Evil 4.

Name: 3rd Com. Colleen Selina Heather Lizzie Andrina Leo. Valente Zakiti Adelaida Codorniu Irene Tessa
Height: 236,22 centimeters (7 ft. 9 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Portuguese

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 3rd Com. Colleen. Image Credit: Oxenfree, drawn by Pershun from DeviantArt. Unfortunately, I cannot trace back the animator.

Name: Lt. Com. Linda Valerie Scarlett Anne-Marie Annalise Jasmine K. Fatima Candela Barrueco Sandra
Height: 223,52 centimeters (7 ft. 4 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Mexican

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait shot of Lt. Com. Linda. Credit: Minions.

Name: 1st Lt. Robert Calvin Osbaldo Patrick Stanley Bartev Atam Vanagan Gogbashian Jett. Lawerence
Height: 235,59 centimeters (7 ft. 8 3/4 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Armenian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 1st Lt. Robert. Credit: L. A. Noire, Rockstar Games.

Name: 2nd Lt. Sylvie Peyton Amy Ximena Melanie Ying Kristina Rakocevic Sharrat-Sippar Jovana Katrin
Height: 228,39 centimeters (7 ft. 5 11/12 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Serbian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of 2nd Lt. Sylvie. Credit: SCP-134.

Name: 3rd Lt. Leonard Clinton Tyrell Clement Danny Yusef Stiaan Heinrich Jonathan Erco Van Der Linde
Height: 235,59 centimeters (7 ft. 8 3/4 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: South African

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 3rd Lt. Leonard.

Name: Chief Warrant Officer Joshua Kelly Allen Valench Dimitri Kertarajasa Olwethu Nkokheli Mthobeni
Height: 234,95 centimeters (7 ft. 8 1/2 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Ugandan

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of Chief Warrant Officer Joshua.

Name: 1st Warrant Officer Stanley Walton Orion Mako I Donovanna Annison Mikel Hiamovi Cheasequah
Height: 239,61 centimeters (7 ft. 10 1/3 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Cherokee

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of Chief Technician Jared.

Name: 2nd Warrant Officer Adrian Deston Emile Immanuel Warren Kostyantyn Volodymyrovych Dudnyk
Height: 231,14 centimeters (7 ft. 7 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Ukrainian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 2nd Warrant Officer Adrian.

Name: 3rd Warrant Officer Pinky Amelia Felicia Florence Katarina Mirjam Celine Tihan E Ruža Magovac
Height: 231,78 centimeters (7 ft. 7 ¼ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Croatian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 3WO Pinky. Credit: Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.

Alternative form of 3WO Pinky. Credit: Overwatch, Blizzard.

Name: 4th Warrant Officer Genevieve Meredith Amy Sadie Rachelle Marhabbat Talshin Winter Nurlanov
Height: 240,03 centimeters (7 ft. 10 ½ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Kazakhstani

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 4WO Genevieve. Credit: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Name: Mst. Sgt. Arielian Naomi Diamond Maria Destini Tierra Alita Candace J. Melati Ratna Kartawijaya
Height: 240,45 centimeters (7 ft. 10 2/3 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Indonesian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of Mst. Sgt. Ariel. Credit: Bioshock Infinite, cosplay by Anna Moleva.

Name: Staff Sgt. Ezekiel Victor Brennen Zaine Sterling Cedric Doog Beelwade Azaria Faris Dt. Maxamed
Height: 230,29 centimeters (7 ft. 6 2/3 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Somalian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of Staff Sgt. Ezekiel. Image Credit: GTA V.

Name: Sgt. Maj. Nicholas Carlos Devin M. Jeremy Ned Jovan Yogarasa Varuni Chanda Seth Satavelekar
Height: 232,41 centimeters (7 ft. 7 1/2 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Indian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of Sgt. Maj. Nicholas. Credit: Overwatch, Blizzard.

Name: 1st Sgt. Gustav Ernest Desmond Jefferson Canice Aldrick Žilvinas Alannis Skirgaila Ambraziejus
Height: 229,87 centimeters (7 ft. 6 1/2 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Lithuanian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 1st Sgt. Gustav. Credit: Overwatch, Blizzard.

Portrait shot of 1st Sgt. Gustav's Personal Grenade. Credit: The Amazing World of Gumball.

Name: 2nd Sgt. Malcolm Theodore Xavier Brian Julian Fidel Seimanis Venantijs Rennas. Kostas Bērzīts
Height: 238,55 centimeters (7 ft. 9 11/12 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Latvian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 2nd Sgt. Malcolm. Credit: Warner Brothers.

Name: 3rd Sgt. Tracie Valentina Kat Pauline Sarah R. Alexi Kyllikki Terhikki Anni Sam. Ilmatar Hyvärinen
Height: 243,84 centimeters (8 ft. 0 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Finnish

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

A shot of Tracie. Credit: Metroid: Other M.

Name: 4th Sgt. Harris Anthony Leroy Gabriel Taylor Stephen Ozakar Yakup Farid Reyhan Tekir Q Sezgin
Height: 236,22 centimeters (7 ft. 9 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Turkish

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 4th Sgt. Harris with his mouse friend. Credit: MGM.

Name: Mst. Cpl. Chloe Lucy Jeanna Tammie Taylor Erin Beliah Mariah Pharad Ta-roten-sekhet Sabbagh
Height: 226,06 centimeters (7 ft. 5 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Egyptian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of Cpl. Chloe. Credit: Mirror’s Edge.

Name: Senior L. Cpl. Amanda Rhianna Zann Lilly H. Kendall Vesna Euphemia Neola Minerv Gianopoulou
Height: 222,89 centimeters (7 ft. 3 ¾ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Greek

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of Senior L. Cpl. Amanda. Image Credit: Halo: Reach.

Name: L. Cpl. Matthew Russell Victor Zackary James Adrian Jarchigudai Shinghk Aspertia Emlig Mauci
Height: 228,18 centimeters (7 ft. 5 5/6 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Mongolian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of L. Cpl. Matthew. Source: Ninety-Nine Nights.

Name: Senior Pvt. Aziz Freddy Greyson Ericson Marvin Anthony Tornike Bidzina Babken Fayyaad el-Wali
Height: 227,33 centimeters (7 ft. 5 1/2 in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Kuwaiti

Growing up in the Cold War conflict ever since he was born, Senior Private Aziz has seen it all, and heard it all. A man of Islamic faith and with peaceful intentions, he despised all the conflict that was going on around him, but at the age of 17, he realised that he has no choice but to take part in it. After all, the entirety of Middle East was having a civil war on its own and all of its countries were organising and holding a mass drafting for everyone that is deemed fit for the military; Aziz made it through, displaying extraordinary agility and swiftness while not being able to do most of the heavy lifting.

Also dubbed by his friends to be lucky in almost all the occasions, Aziz has gone through most of the missions unscathed or just with minor wounds. Whether he has the same amount of dumb luck with General Valentijn, or on because he was simply too fast and nimble to be shot, is up for debate. Either way, with the civil war itself tearing families apart and killing most of his friends, Aziz got too frustrated of fighting over nothing; after all, why fight when you cannot protect your friends half the time due to the world up in flames? Fortunately for him, Valentijn’s randomised list has also chosen him as one of the Kuwaitis that needed to be sent to Project Resolute in order to preserve their culture. At first, Aziz was weary, not wanting to live after seeing his friends die in gory details, but after a day or two, he accepted the offer, citing that “Maybe there is still time for humanity as a whole to be peaceful, and to preserve the Islamic culture.”

Equipped with MT-FT weapons, Aziz is armed with a rifle that shoots ricocheting rounds, bouncing off of corners and walls. He can also build a sand wall or a life-like prop, so as to distract the enemy away from him. Ultimately, Aziz can produce a sandstorm, despite the fact that he managed to do it in sandless places. Maybe he carries sand in his pocket?

Shot of Senior Pvt. Freddy. Source: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Name: Pvt. Vanessa Josephina Kelly Estelle Mizuki Vox. Joana Sudha Vumija Rishika An. Bhattacharya
Height: 225,43 centimeters (7 ft. 4 ¾ in.)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Nepali

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Portrait of Pvt. Amanda. Credit: Fate.

End of log. Have a nice day! :)