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Verpersoonlijking van Valentine Z / Personification and Mascots of Valentine Z - Anna "The Eternal Joy" and Cyan "The Eternally Happy" Cat.

Name: Anna “De Eeuwige Vreugde” Caitlin Madeline Brigitte Priscilla Mavis Star Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe, Verpersoonlijking van Valentine Z (Anna “The Eternal Joy” Star, Personification of Valentine Z)
Age: n.v.t.
Personality: Cheerful, Happy, A little too carefree. Not happy all the time, mind you.
Height: 555.55 cm (18 feet 2 23/32 inches)
Weight: 200 kg

Description: A personification of what The Meowvelously Purrfect Utopia of Valentine Z as a nation stands for, Anna “Joy” Star is a self-proclaimed entity of the nation itself. According to her, she was a result of a nuclear attack in [DATA REDACTED], USA, having an energetic focus, similar to the one that produced The Heldere n Betoverde Dimensie of Garden at 6th Mile Road, but on a smaller scale. Preliminary tests suggest that she is entirely made out of light, but unlike Holly, she is neither cold nor warm to the human touch and maintains a 25 ± 3 deg. Celsius feel to her body. She initially roamed the destroyed Earth for a couple of days, while somehow evading the detection from the Valentians’ radars and watchful eyes. At those days, she was rather mournful and lamenting about the state that humanity is in, even going as far as to state that, “Perhaps… perhaps we need a new beginning.”

While she spent her time wandering around, the terraforming has begun. She was more or less unaffected by it, and by this time, she realised that it is time for humanity to be cheerful and happy of the life ahead of them instead of sorrowful over the deaths of the past. After all, while tragic as it is, it simply could not be avoided.

She made her way to Aoutpine Yangon and after many convincing, announced that she be made the mascot and representative for Valentine Z and its the bright and solarpunk-themed future. It was also revealed to be her that she sent a “saboteur” to adjust the emotions on Clarissa while she was on her sleep mode, making her into the cheery robot that she is today.

Personality-wise, she suffers from fear of heights, as well as on deep pools of water (oceans, for example). Currently not in relationship with anyone, and not intend to be; Joy prefers to stay single for the rest of her life, if anything. Also has an instinctive fear of internal conflicts – whereby she hates to see her friends and family (back on Earth) physically fighting each other; verbal bickering doesn’t seem to affect her that much. With all that said, she has quite a dislike for downers or people that tends to think negatively, though she is indeed aware that other kinds of emotions can take over a person or a being at any one time.

Anna “De Eeuwige Vreugde” Caitlin Madeline Brigitte Priscilla Star Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe, Verpersoonlijking van Valentine Z



Mag. Size


ROF / s




5 555 555





Primary Attack: A beam of sunlight that blinds enemies for 1 sec. Takes 2 seconds to charge and 100% accurate.
Prism (Passive): Attacks bounce to a nearby enemy, up to 5 jumps. Each jump deals 75% of the original damage.
Beacon of Hope (Passive): Reduces darkness-based attacks by 66% for self. Also gives to allies in 2 meter radius.
Happiness: Enhances healing abilities to 130% HP healed, at expense of +1 sec cooldown. 3 meter AoE, 6.5 sec.
Fade: Teleports 3 m in a direction. Location and Trail are not given away to the enemies, but allies can still see it.
Light Frenzy: +150% attack speed for 5 seconds, at the expense of taking 10% extra damage from all the attacks.
Sunburst (Ultimate): 500 damage / sec for 8 seconds in a line, while healing her at 0.5% HP per sec. Interruptible.
Revitalization (Ultimate): Restores 100% HP to all allies. Infinite range. 3 second casting time. Can be interrupted.

Name: Cyan “Het Eeuwig Vreugdevolle Kat” Laura Arisu Violetta Oriana Kiyota Hijirikawa, Tweede Verpersoonlijking van Valentine Z
Age: n.v.t.
Personality: Cheerful, Happy, A little paranoid. Tends to have cat-like tendencies.
Height: 360 cm (11 feet 9 47/64 inches)
Weight: 100 kg

A shot of Cyan. Credit: Show By Rock Anime.

Commonly known as a Neko, or a cat-girl, Cyan got into the attention of the Valentians when Gwen and her search party explored deeper into some parts of Japan after the nukes have hit the scene. In a small, unspecified city, they would what was appeared to be an ordinary girl – her clothes were a bit tattered, but miraculously, she seemed to have survived the entire terrible ordeal. As Gwen and the Valentians took her into her plane and started examining her, it appears that she got cat-like qualities – cat ears, cat tail, and the weird behaviour of meowing and purring a few times. Otherwise, she is more or less confirmed to be a human.

It turns out that she was not exactly a product of the radiation; rather, she was an experiment by one of the scientific facilities in order to combine a cat and a human into a… catwoman. The side effect was that while she was knocked down by the shockwave of the nuclear bombs and was rendered unconscious, she was conveniently resistant to radiation. She was given anti-radiation medication by the Valentians, and since it was only 48 hours with heightened resistance to radiation, Cyan was able to just take the medication without needing further treatment.

Other than her cat-like behaviour like purring and meowing at times, she is able to communicate and socialise as a person well, though being half-a-cat, she is a little on the paranoid mindset at times.