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The Detailed History and Historical Accounts (so far) of De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z – Written and Presented by Gwen Tracer Allison.

This detailed account and history of Valentine Z is written by Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison and vetted by the Valentian History Department, a subdivision of the Valentian Government that deals with the historical accounts of the world before the Valentian Era, as well as after.

You might know of the reasons why we should keep the history of our world – perhaps it makes for an interesting read for those that studies this subject. Maybe it’s to remind us of where we came from. Perhaps even to acknowledge of our past and the roadblocks that we have come across along the way. Whichever way you look at it, history of the multiverse, and of Valentine Z, is important to us in more than one way, and this is why I, Gwen Tracer Allison, has decided to venture out through time to discover what we have been missing, and more importantly, to provide an almost-perfect historical account of what has happened.

As always, even for someone like me, there are certainly a lot of rules and regulations that I will have to follow, especially when it comes to engaging with people in the distant past. Most of the time, I will be equipped with my own cameras to take discrete pictures of many, many historical events, and sound recordings if possible. I cannot, however, do any of the following, and note that this is non-exhaustive: I cannot kill someone, I cannot steal or take an item from the past, I cannot participate in any of the wars or historical events. The only exception to the latter, perhaps, is if I am disguised as one of them and they never suspect a thing. Otherwise, I am to be as discrete as possible with this outing, lest I have to mend the timelines that I might have messed up. Even if, say, a certain someone has committed genocide, I have no choice but to let it happen because of the possible implications that might follow afterwards. I think the less said, the better. I will try my best to go in a chronological order, though please do note that all of this did not happen sequentially. That is, I did not travel year after year in a sequential manner; it was more of a jump between the time periods. For instance, I first started with 1945, but I am eventually planning to go back to as early as 50,000,000 BC, perhaps, to know more about what lies beyond that no historian can study without a person travelling back in time to report on things.

I will try my best to be as informative and detailed as possible, even down to technical details, but I will be adding my own remarks and emotions now and then throughout. I can only hope that this will not skew whatever I have reported on, and that history will not be swayed and biased by my emotions. I will provide the information, followed by my remarks. Some of the parts will become gory and violent due to the nature of history, to which I will go no further. Unfortunately, this is not a place for me to go into detail, let’s put it that way.

1942 was one of the very first moments I have stepped into. World War 2, on this Earth, ended precisely on 5th September, 1942, 13:00 when I stepped foot in Berlin, Germany. To say that it was horrible would be an understatement. Bodies and rubble strewn the streets, buildings damaged beyond repair, survivors – both soldiers and civilians, wandering out and about with their dust and dirt-covered clothes. I managed to get a few vantage points to get pictures and videos of whatever is happening down there. For a small percentage of them, end-of-war means that they no longer have to bear the weights and burdens of a country that is slowly losing and being caved in by the countries all around. For most of them, came the suicides.

As I was walking through the rubbles whilst keeping my disguise (I managed to find a rag that belongs to no one; no blood on it either), I saw two teens in one of the alley. They can’t be more than 18 years old. Dressed in their black uniforms and the ever-so-familiar red armband, they took out a small metal tin from their pockets and ate a “mint”. By “mint”, I mean cyanide pill. Dropped dead within seconds. In the distance, I could still hear explosions and gunshots, but not from MG nests or from the mortars. They were, in fact, from personal pistols and grenades that these folks have gathered for times like this. My job in filming through all of this is physically easy: There were little to no one looking at me and they minded their own business, or chose to ignore me. They never seem to care about a woman holding a strange device in their hands, and that is good, I thought. Emotionally, it wasn’t easy. The suicides, the wails and cries of adults and kids alike, have been all a familiar sight here in Berlin. It got worse than that, which I suppose that I should not mention for the sake of the people reading this.

I jumped to other countries and they did not have much of a fun time, either. The American soldiers and troops have went home in December of 1942, but most of them increasingly found it difficult to get back to their old jobs. They were either fired or replaced, a good 7 out of 10 of them being forced to live in the city’s national parks. It was certainly a very tempting offer to give these men food, but unfortunately, I cannot interfere with them, even if I have good intentions. I could only apologise and wave these people away when they ask me for help.

The British, specifically in Doncaster, South Yorkshire; and Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, both in England, had multiple strikes and riots from the Bevin Boys, who were commonly mistaken as draft dodgers. They were, in actual fact, conscripted soldiers that were chosen to work in the coal mines because Britain herself needed a lot of coal. I tried to approach the strike and demonstration further, but I was forced out on the account that a woman should not have any business there. This, perhaps, might have been a positive action to happen to me, because soon afterwards, it escalated into violence, and it certainly was not pretty.

Soviet Union was far from being all right. The war has already exhausted the living and killed 28 million, but it was made worse when the secret police started searching. As I was hiding in one of the homes, I was an eye-witness to an entire group – one ex-POW and his family, being taken away by NKVD – People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. This was not an isolated case; there were more people being either taken away, or simply shot on sight, because of potential allegiance to the evil that happened in Germany. I simply could not help them once again. I was tempted to shoot one of the intelligence officers in the foot, but I restrained.

Imperial Japan was perhaps even worse, depending on how you look at it. The atomic bomb survivors, termed the hibakusha, were ostracized by the very friends and families they have around them. There was some assistance, but that was far from enough. I sincerely thought that the relocations were bad enough, but that was, I am afraid, only the surface of what was happening. As I jumped and wandered around Japan, including going to the ground zero areas, it was an unholy sight, for the lack of a better word. There was a shadow outline of multiple people (including cats and dogs) on a surviving wall (and on the immediate ground), and it dawned to me on what happened. They were vaporized to the point of only leaving their shadows. They were literally erased from the world when the bombs struck. The innocent lives that have nothing to do with the terror and horror of war, usually suffered the greatest. I came across a particular Unit 731 and as I was hiding and teleporting around, I found a grenade pile that was waiting to be decommissioned. I stole one of them and stopped time, thinking about whether or not to kill the chemical and biological menace for good with a well-timed grenade. Unfortunately, I cannot. I should have killed the stains of humanity that have conducted cruel and excruciating experiments on their own people and on others, but I simply could not. They unfortunately have a fate that awaits them, but it’s not something that will bring them to justice. The Americans wanted them, citing that their research data was useful and could not also fall into other countries’ hands.

I have jumps to various other countries in 1942, and all of them have more or less offered the same experience of misery and brokenness of human minds. After the war was over, it was time for people to move on and there would be no more killings. That was simple enough. However, moving on has always been difficult, and in this world, it was perhaps not meant to be.

March of 1961. It was nearly 20 years since WW2, but the aftermath of history has always been around. When one book is closed, so must another one open, or as was the saying. After the discovery of nuclear bombs, the Americans and the Soviets (along with quite a handful of other countries) started stockpiling them. A lot of them. To be precise, by this year, the Americans have 16,000 nuclear bombs, while the Soviets have 12,000 of them. And the stockpile is certainly not getting smaller or are showing any signs of slowing growth. It was mostly due to most of the nations around the world wanting to restrict the growth of Communism, which is paramount to Soviet Union and its satellite states. However, of course, as with most of history, this is not as simple. It was simply not the Soviets that were communists; over the years, there have been other nations and countries that also subscribed to their ideology. The politics simply could not be narrowed down into two entities. It was no longer about the Americans vs the Soviets.

This time, it has yet again involved the entire world. United States of America (USA) and its allies in the West (including Cuba itself) was up against the USSR and the East. The world was literally divided into two hemispheres (as aforementioned – West and East), and each side was influenced by their respective media that they are fighting for a greater cause. Every day, televisions, radios and newspapers would mention Cold War first thing in the morning without fail, and yet, people would wonder if this whole nuclear weapon crisis is going to end on a peaceful note. As of now, the nuclear missiles and arms are constantly manufactured, although there was countless number of talks ensuring that they are never going to be put into use.

Fortunately, everyday needs such as food, water and electricity were still fairly accessible, with some countries benefiting from the first world countries. In this nearly dystopian world of constant paranoia and xenophobia, the amount of technology available, on the other hand, was astounding. Quantum Physics has been mastered in 1950, along with the invention of semiconductors and capacitors. Analog devices quickly fell into use and eventually into obscurity, while the Information Age came in the year 1958 – Flat-screen Televisions, Smart phones, Virtual Headsets, Digital Cameras, all made available for consumer use. Infrastructural and Medical advances were also seen – fast-speed monorails, short-distance teleportation devices, DNA repairers making cancer and genetic diseases obsolete. These advancements has been on a standstill for these past few months, with the funding being diverted for production of nuclear weapons as a form of deterrence.

It seemed like all the people on Earth had it all. That is, what they have in tangible resources, they are now lacking happiness, which in turn was long replaced by fear of sudden death. The international relationships between each other have been unstable throughout these past 2 years. Every day, key politicians and figures from both sides of the country would try to negotiate with each other in hopes that this conflict and segregation would be solved peacefully. However optimistic they were, they can never reach a common ground.

It would be only a year later that the Earth would find a group of people with the intent to preserve the world.

Americans vs Soviets would have been a very, very awful way to describe the Cold War that the pre-Valentians have suffered. The truth, is a lot more complicated, as I found out in 1970.

The war itself was generally between the two sides, yes, but there were many more small things that were happening in-between. The South Americans did not trust the North Americans that much and hence would see a fair share of spies in USA selling information back to the Latin Americans. At the same time, Brazil actually didn't really like Mexico that much and in turn would launch offensives... and the Mexicans would get aid from a combination of Canadians and the US, and as a result, the Mexicans tried to stay neutral as much as possible when it comes to spying on US, as well as siding with the rest of South America.

In the meantime, those nations on the border of the two hemispheres were hit like Finland and Poland back in WW2; UK and its immediate countries would see conflicts happening in their backyard, so much so that they have to issue a statement that, "We don't even know if we are fighting for our own land, or other nationalities are fighting on our land!" This is in combination with US and UK being buddies with one another, but at the same time, the British kind of had a growing distrust for the Americans. They alleviate this, by hiring KGB from USSR to do the dirty work, while the UK would blame it on the Russians if the US state secrets were leaked out.

Germany would be recovering from the Second World War and while they didn't have much in the way of offensives, they were doing rather well in terms of defensives. Czech Republic, Poland, and Austria formed the separate Slavic Allies away from USSR (despite the fact that there were only two Slavic nations, and, well, Austria wasn't exactly Slavic), and the Slavic Allies would help Germany economically. All of this while the Slavic Allies aided Spain and France in war efforts for offensives towards Germany.

Middle East was in an even worse shape. The Turks formed back the Ottoman Empire and in a matter of months, managed to seize the entirety of Africa thanks to the aids from Germany and Russia... as well as from US. This bigger and much more powerful Ottoman Empire, however, would suffer from its own conflicts, as many of the nations under it didn't exactly like being ruled by Turkey. They decided to ask help from US, who in turn would install an actual democracy and away from the Sultan of the Empire. USSR, in the meantime, decided to help the Sultan... under a condition that the Empire would become slightly more communist in terms of ideologies. This was quickly rejected, but the Russians still went through with their proposal – installing KGB agents and puppet states across the Ottoman Empire to bring it down from inside-out.

Japan, much like Germany after WW2, would be recovering economically and from the nukes, but it soon was under attack by the Koreans and the Chinese, as a vengeance offensive for the Second World War. Japan, this time, was aided by the Southeast Asians, despite their bitter past, and by a rather unexpected ally – the North Koreans; NK wanted nothing but destruction for S. Korea, so it was no surprise when they state that "They might as well help the Japanese in order to attack our hated neighbors." ... And all of this was done while the Chinese government was working together with USSR, in order to overthrow and reinstate communism for Japan, the Southeast Asians... and South Korea (the very allies they were fighting with, against the Japanese).

February of 1976. I had the pleasure of meeting a certain someone called Valentijn. The Valentians who read this has certainly know all about him by now. He went by Valentine Maxwell Valkyrie Angelus Constantine in that era, being born to a Dutch father and a Burmese woman. Born in 1960, he was to be conscripted in this very year, fresh out of boot camp and serving his country for a few weeks as of my meeting. A 16-year-old in the army, I thought to myself. I didn’t really meet him in the traditional sense of seeing him eye-to-eye, but I observed from a distance. He was an average young man, with average ambitions, for the time being. He seemed to have heard about the war going on around him and he would confine himself to his family or to his diary. This was written with approval from present day-Valentijn.

“I would not say I was born in the worst of eras. It might sound that way, but this war and crimes against humanity have been happening even as before I was born, as I was told. I am not an extraordinary person, and it’s about time that I stopped pretending to be one. One could only wonder what kind of live-saving schemes I have been coming up in my mind, but in all honesty, they probably won’t work. I am a 16 year old with grandiose plans. I have no means to convince the people around me. If we die one day, then I guess humanity ends here.”

Of course, as we have learned and as we have observed, Valentijn, along with his friends, would be the one to save the day. However, even this would be a very rough journey.

At this moment in 1987, Valentijn would have been serving in his country’s army for 9 years, quickly becoming the Field Marshal and soon Chief-of-Commander of his army. This would possibly made Valentijn one of the youngest (or even the youngest) to become a Field Marshal at the age of 27. This would be a combination of his hardwork, and moreso due to his higher-ups dying constantly in the battlefield and in their offices. The Cold War has escalated to the point where a diplomatic mission, no matter how secure they tried, will always end up with bloodshed or multiple deaths. In the case of the most recent times, Valentijn’s country, Burma, would have seen their army’s entire brass dying to a car bomb. With Valentijn now the commander of his entire army, he decided to withdraw most of them back from other countries and hemispheres, citing that he could not afford more risks and losses from invasions and offensives him and his allies cannot win. This was still seen as a move that is beneficial, as for the first time in history, the entire world was in a ceasefire, and further withdrawal of troops seemed to further perpetuate the intent of truce. There were no killings, for the time being. Valentijn, however, had other plans.

Among this conflict and uneasiness were two individuals – Valentijn and his best friend – Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Infinity Hunter” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Viot. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying, then Colonel Marcus of Singapore Armed Forces, have devised plans to save the world. At least, a part of it. The former, with his selection of 500 troops (the rest of the armed forces have to be stationed at other places around the Eastern hemisphere) have plans to reinforce the then-evacuated 4 km2 of Downtown Yangon, Myanmar, with supplies and rations to last at least 3 years, as well as agricultural components for self-sustainability. This was so that in an event that a nuclear apocalypse wiped out the entire humanity, there at least need to be a lineage or a group of individuals from around the world (at least 5,000 people from each country, after accounting for every race in each country) to repopulate Earth. Contractors also could not be hired due to them being deployed at the Eastern borders to provide logistics for the defensive forces, so it’s up to Valentijn, his men and a surplus of semi-automated machines and drones to get things done.

At the same time, Col. Marcus was tasked with a slightly more long-termed Project Resolute, the first phase being to build a self-contained dome to cover and blanket the area that Valentijn has reinforced. The primary objective was to withstand the effects of the nuclear blast, as well as to be immune to the effects of terra-forming that happened outside of the dome. The dome was approximately 1000 m in radius and run through 50 meters of earth below, to provide the soil and dirt needed for natural functions required for survival, e.g. agricultural. The first phase of completing the dome needed to be done quickly for obvious reasons; nuclear attacks can be destructive at best, and if the dome is neither complete nor sufficient to protect the city, all of Valentijn and Col. Marcus’ works would have been for nothing. Even if they know in advance that an attack is going to happen, there’s no point in delaying the inevitable if the dome is under construction; it won’t protect anyone.

June of 1991. It would seem that hope is on the menu for the pre-Valentians. Valentijn, with the help of connections and friends he has made along the way, has covertly flew across different countries and picked up the people. How did he know which one to pick? He simply looked at each of the country’s latest census available and picked the ones based on their race (diversity is needed), then by their character or other personality traits. However, by the time they were flew back to Downtown Yangon, it was a harder job than General Valentine thought it to be; propaganda from both sides of the conflict have poisoned the minds of the citizens from all around the globe, like some sort of globalized discrimination against each other. Luckily, his South Korean friend, an experienced diplomat, Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline “Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga” Celestie Christine Irelle Dva. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung, had the foresight to suggest unarming the citizens to carry any form of firearms and sharp objects, lest they started attacking each other and starting their own little genocides. It went well as far as everyone is concerned. There were a few fights between the people, but they were quelled easily and the most major injuries were bruises and cuts. General Valentijn and his temporary committee have to step in to prevent further conflicts between the populace.

It was at that one night after the missions that he had to give a speech to the people he has gathered:

“Leave your bigoted thoughts from the media behind! Now is the time for ALL of you to be united as one – as Humanity itself. The survival of each of the race, religion and nationality depend on each other, and only by leaving your twisted judgments behind will we prosper. Times are extremely tough, Col. Marcus and his workers have been up day and night to finish Project Resolute. We believe that a nuclear missile might be hitting our planet anytime soon, and both sides of the war are to be blamed. This dome will cover and protect 4 km2 of Downtown Yangon, and it should be enough to withstand direct hits from around 3 megaton nuclear missiles. After that, we will begin the process of terra-forming, whereby a device will be set off at the other end of the hemisphere – which will make it around… Canada or USA, I think, in order to remove the radiation from the fallout and use the energy in turn to power our city.”

A series of murmurs and discussions can be heard among the populace for that time being after that. It was quite powerful, I thought, though I have to admit that it was a bit clichéd.

“Now please, no racial discrimination of any kind. You are a human, he’s a human, she’s a human, we are all people. Media from both sides have fed you lies of each other. With that, do be mindful of the amount of rations you eat. There’s no need for all of you to starve, but at the same time, don’t be a glutton and hog all the food. A punishment will be obviously given to the people caught with excessive food.”

April of 1993. Both the Western and Eastern hemispheres are more or less locked into an armed conflict. Both sides have suffered heavy causalities, with approximately 10,000 people – both the civilians and army personnel, dying per day. The blood-lust was too strong for anyone to break; a person trying to start a negotiation to the other hemisphere will last an average of 40 seconds. The nuclear missiles are going to be launched, but nobody knows when or where. The governments of each countries were too nervous to announce their plans even to their allies. The entire planet is in lock-down, so it seems.

Marcus once again gave a speech to the people involved, “We cannot really say for certain on when it will strike the entire planet. Yes, you heard me correctly. Entire. Planet. I have heard from our friends and informants that they – both the Western and Eastern superpowers, are planning to strike with goodness knows how many nuclear missiles. I really doubt that Earth can survive a destruction of that scale, so which is why my team and I are rather busy trying to get the dome to work as soon as possible. The last thing we all want is for us to be nuked while knowing that our work is 99% complete. That’s not the kind of disappointment we would not settle for, no?”

“In the meantime… please still keep this a secret. As much as we want everyone to know about this, and to save the planet, we cannot have them overwhelming and overcrowding us.”

Back in February of 1995, A certain robot named Clarissa first came into this world when her world itself became desolate in a matter of seconds, and trying to find her way around and out, ended up jumping into a portal and accidentally teleporting into the world of Valentine Z. For the Valentians, they took her as a wonderment, with her specifications off the charts and unlike anything that the Valentians have ever seen before. After quelling off the misunderstanding and hostilities out of self-defence, Clarissa explained her situation to the Valentians and from there, she grew a fondness towards Valentijn and eventually, the two got married in 2035, in what was probably the first human-robot wedding.

Given Clarissa’s specifications and the hardware that she has, as well as her willingness for the Valentian computer scientists to study her, the world of Valentine Z advanced in terms of computing technology a lot faster, as well as giving rise to the creation of Artificial Intelligence due to her dual nature of having a human mind combined with the computer mind, and the two aspects of it working effortlessly.

A year later, the tension has gotten higher than ever before in the history. With more advancement in technology, this could very well be relabeled as World War 3, with the entire planet’s causalities to 1,145,358,102 people… Wait! 1,145,358,425 causalities. Hold on… 1,145,358,800 now. It has been a very destructive time for the humanity, with the chance of survival getting lower and lower each day. Starvation and malnutrition has also began to take over, as the food supplies are beginning to run out. While a few countries have the means to grow their own food, the unfortunate majority were countries who relied on imports from across the world.

Among this conflict, General Valentine and Colonel Marcus were not satisfied. The civilians around the world has nothing to do with the conflict, and it’s all because of the struggle for power and control of the entire planet – through intimidation; if you have tons of nuclear weapons, no one will try to pick a fight with you. Now the actual war broke out and the whole internet was blacked out; the countries have gotten so secretive that they don’t even know what their allies are up to. All this could be just temporary truces until either the West or the East is wiped out, then the bigger countries will bully the smaller ones. He, Marcus and the rest of the team did everything in their power and resources to provide a fallout shelter, but saving a mere 400,000 out of ~5 billion is a little lacking.

Feeling the need to relax back in 1999, the two – Valentijn and Clarissa got into their vehicle and drove off to Inya Lake, Yangon, Myanmar. The place was rather quiet, to say the least. The streets have been silent with an occasional vehicle passing by every 10 to 15 seconds. However, there were still quite a lot of people walking along Inya Lake itself. While not oblivious of the impending nuclear attacks, they just have been making the most out of their days. Families spending their times together, couples sitting on the bench and watching the quiet and stationary lake, friends gathering around the street hawkers for a quick bite, children running around and playing energetically.

It was at that moment that caught everyone by surprise. I personally was immune to the fires from humanity’s most destructive powers, but I had to make sure that I see everything, and I did just that. The world leaders have fired all of their nuclear payload – every single one of them, all over the world, throughout the entirety of Earth that is not an ocean.

The whole Earth was on fire. People tried to scatter and scramble into their Nuclear Bunker, while Col. Marcus and the Valentians erected Project Resolute and was ready to protect all of its inhabitants. Valentijn and Clarissa, however, would not have much of a luck.

In the blink of an eye, in the press of multiple red buttons and authorization codes, the humanity managed to kill 4 billion of its own people.

December 1999, on New Year before 2000. This would be the time when Earth was terraformed. The side effects were that the gravitational constant became a little smaller, coupled with the change in the orbited of the planet around the Sun. In a string of perfect coincidences, the Earth now orbits Sun completely once every 100 000 000 seconds. I have never seen something as aligned as this, and perhaps this would make for a good Decimal Time system.

Of the big note, both literally and metaphorically, was that Clarissa was recovered with maybe only 10% damage dealt on her. Valentijn, on the other hand, has mutated to 20 feet, at the time of the writing. He kept growing constantly, and there were thus efforts to stop his growth, and to build him a suit that would protect the people around him from his radiation.

The detail that I would hate to leave out, is the fact that the Valentians then actually really checked properly before terraforming and stripping the entire planet before it was revived back. You can read safe knowing that the Valentians did not leave anyone to be stranded and to die as the Earth was vaporized for the brief moment (except Project Resolute).


2002. Australia decided to separate from Valentine Z, forming Vidunderlige Nye Verden under Anarchist Jamison Mad Max Arielian. The terraforming efforts was simply not enough to counteract the mutation effects that have concentrated there, as well as the biodiversity and dangerous wildlife that managed to survive and adapt. Societal breakdown happened to a small degree, though just like Valentine Z, Vidunderlige Nye Verden managed to stay together and keep as one. Their reason for separation was that they had enough of the government meddling with their everyday lives; the Cold War has simply scarred them, and they even see Valentine Z with much paranoia. Anarchist Jamison commented that, "We can take care of ourselves now, thank you! We had enough of the Man, man."

He was quite a charmer, though I have a feeling that he is a little off his mind, if I am to be honest. Jamison is a little unpredictable.

In that one faithful day of March 2008, another small region was discovered in Burma, where Valentijn and Clarissa were before the nuclear bomb fell – Garden at 6th Mile Road, which was a result of an energetic concentration that occurred at that area. Queen Wisp Holly requests that she and her dimensional rift be kept private and thus, a front was set up by General Valentijn. Despite this, Holly remarks that there has been trespassers to her region, and while they are harmless, she does not want people getting lost inside and starving to death.


2018 was one of the best eras I have ever been in, and trust me, I have jumped into quite a lot of places. Whatever Valentijn, Clarissa, Marcus, or the rest did, it was amazing, and they did it well. Discrimination and racism was at their lowest, even with people speaking a different language, living a different culture, or practicing a different religion. There were still unrest here and there, but they were quickly resolved with both parties usually leaving satisfied. The sexual orientation is also no longer a controversial factor, with an increasing number of homosexual relationships and marriages.

Although, even Valentine Z can have a bit of bumps.

Stepping back into 2025, being trusted with position of power, Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing got into a bit of a heat when it comes to corrupt practices, or by leading with an iron fist (literally and metaphorically). As he went on and on and surrounded by his friends, Valentijn became more power-hungry, sought and wanting to control the entire nation (that is, the entirety of Valentine Z) by himself. He eventually was forced to step down for a good few years after one of his decisions forced the nation into a state of disrepair – a scientific advancement across all endeavors were halted due to a contracted that he signed without consulting anyone else. He went on to reflect on what he could have done better, and to let go of the corrupt practices himself. With Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Infinity Hunter” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Viot. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying acting as the impromptu leader of Valentine Z, eventually stepping down to lead a smaller piece of land known as Victoriaans Nederlands, to which Valentine learned about the nature of leading by example, as well as being a Benevolent Dictatorship like a few IRL countries in the past. The practice of "You can be in indefinite power, as long as you lead by example and you give people power over legislation and how the country should be" became a staple of how Valentijn leads the world today. It is also of utmost and paramount note that Valentijn and Marcus might be friends, but there was no corruption involved when Marcus was assigned to be the impromptu leader; just a string of coincidences that they were close friends, but Marcus was elected fairly (and now indefinitely).

Perhaps I myself could have learned something about this myself, if I have to give my opinions on this.

A world built on peace, happiness, and love for one another, it certainly is a welcoming sight after the many universes that I have visited, and many, many timeframes that I have visited in the pre-Valentian Era. Children laughing, adults sharing their happiness with one another, people going to work with a smile, something that I never thought I won’t see even in Valentine Z. From the ashes, the Valentians have indeed created something wholesome. Is it awful that billions of lives died? That is a very definite yes. All the poor souls vaporized and snuffed in a matter of seconds. On the other hand? I certainly don’t mind a better world created out of this.

I do miss my home back in Overwatch, but I suppose that I can live her for a long while.

An increase in people opting into a virtual world, or getting a new body, such is the brave new world of 2035. After years of meticulous search, the synthetic bodies, dubbed Project Vital, has been a success, with Foresittend Marcus spearheading the project. Started off in 2020 in the universities and labs of Vostrov, the idea is to retain human consciousness moments before death, and to transfer that consciousness into another body after death of the organic body. Given the nature of the subject, the citizens of Valentine Z do not have this forced on them and rather, they are allowed to live and die as they please and not be part Project Vital to extend their lifespan indefinitely.

Initially, robot parts and bodies are used in order to create these synthetic bodies, as prototypes. However, thanks to the advancements and further researches in the fields of Biology, Psychology, and to some extent, Humanities and Philosophies, a replica of the human bodies are available for production by the government facilities, promising 99.9% resemblance to an actual human body in terms of functions and chemical composition, and with an added bonus of being able to choose one’s body like they would in a video game.

How exactly this works is as follows: If the Valentian (amongst many other person) are to sign up for the project, they would be given a device at their home that would copy and backup their state of consciousness at a daily rate (or whatever rate that the citizens are content with), as well as a dead man’s switch that would be non-invasively implanted to the back of their head and their heart. While this process happens over the lifespan, the user can enjoy their normal routine of life without any interference, only with daily reminders (which they can turn off) to backup their consciousness into the mainframe. The idea of a consciousness has been a limiting factor for many years, but the Valentian scientists were able to correctly determine what makes consciousness happen, and they were able to active and deactivate them as they please.

Given the nature of the project, the citizens are able to opt out at any time should they feel the need to go to the path of natural death, and the Valentian Government will gladly clear and erase any traces of the consciousness from the main servers. The servers are also protected with extra layer of protection in order to ensure that no one can temper with the consciousness of many.

Marcus certainly tried his best to make sure that eugenics was not a problem, and it worked.