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All about me! - ကျွန်မ / ကျွန်တော် အကြောင်း။ // The OOC facts about me, the likes and dislikes about me.

So... who exactly am I?

Nickname: Valentine
Full name: Coraline Samantha Clarissa Anne De Grace?
DOB: 14th of February, 1990s.
Race / Nationality: Burmese
Sexual Orientation: Straight
World View: I want everyone to be in peace and harmony. ♥
Left or Right? Well... central.

I am the person behind Valentine Z, and the 90 or so other nations that you might have seen in the other puppet list dispatch thing. So... you have come to see who I exactly am? Well, you come to the right place! Here's a little bit about me, but without sharing too much.

In Left or Right-Wing aspect, and politically speaking, I am more or less a centrist. I have a mix of Left/Liberal views, and Right/Conservative views. I don't have very extreme views myself. My only worldview is that I want everyone to live in peace and harmony. No wars, no fights, no conflicts. Though of course, that is a pipe dream since conflict is natural, so... maybe try to minimize it as much as possible.

I am not exactly proud of my country, so to speak. Yes, I'm aware of the atrocities happening in Burma (Myanmar), and I don't support ANY of them. I just wish that everyone can live peacefully instead of killing each other. Sadly, the world does not work that way. It's not all love, hugs and kisses, so why not ignore all that for a while and spend the time in Valentine Z? I hope that one day, we would stop slaughtering each other, or at least try to minimize. A Good Genocide is an oxymoron.

I wanted to go with Valentine (not my real name, but it probably should be), but it was taken and CTE by a bigger nation. Why did I give myself the nickname Valentine? Valentine's Day born, that's why. :P

I'm straight, but I have NOTHING against the LGBT. This nation totally reflects my views. In real life, I feel that everyone should definitely have equal rights - we are all people, after all. On the contrary, I'm not in with PC or extreme feminism/menimism (I think there's such a word?). You can't promote equality WHILE attacking the other gender, and there can still be stereotypes and racial slurs in an inclusive society (so feel free to enjoy those old timey Looney Tunes or Disney cartoons, without any censoring). Not a big fan of SJWs either. Ultimately, I still think that we can be friends even if you have differing opinions from me. I am not a fan of forced diversity as well. I am all up for diversity, but don't force it when it's unnecessary or unneeded. Just learn to love each other.

Political views, huh... Well, definitely against dictatorships as a whole, and ISIS can go and have a horrible disband. I like to think of myself as Liberal, but I'm not exactly against Conservatives either. So... I guess that makes me a Centrist leaning Left? Either way, I don't have any problems with your political views, just so long as you don't go too extreme. I used to be a little bit of a socialist, but now, I am a mixed-market type. I think free-market and capitalism is beneficial, but some things should be left to the state, or for the nation itself to deal with. Healthcare, Transportation, and Education... should try to be regulated as much as possible, and not sold for excessive amounts of money.

I really, REALLY hate rapists and animal abusers too. For the former though, the same thing applies for false rape accusations. These three are my berserk buttons.

As for my real-life name, I don't feel like officially changing to add Valentine in it anymore. It's difficult when you're above 18 and there are too many things to change (ID, medical records, contact my University, etc.) So, why not just use it as my unofficial nickname? Feel free to drop a telegram if you want to. Just like my IC, I'm actually rather friendly outside of NS. I know, I know... self-praise is no praise. One not-so-funny fact about me: Most of the time, I was told that I am a calm and cool-tempered person (no self-praise this time). BUT, they never see me powering through a computer error. Nothing pisses me off more than a computer with errors and slowdowns. I also tend to have bouts of rage at times, and I am trying my best to control them. You have probably seen me going crazy on the forums now and then, and that's probably because of that. Sometimes, all of the small things and annoyances snowballed.

Games? I play a health variety! ^^ Rainbow Six, Overwatch, Warcraft, Civ 5, Rise of Nations, that kind of thing. Just don't try to 1v1 me in a RTS, because I WILL lose; I am not good with RTS, but 4X and turn-based for strategy games are all good!

How other nations imagined me to look like? Well, here are a few. I'm not slamming them for being wrong, mind you; it's these guesses that makes it fun, plus some of them were posted way before I revealed my face below (or added more info about me). Some of them are posted under different puppets.

The Nation.

Their guess.


19 year old American conservative, was working at a local fast food place before COVID-19 hit, now they just spend their time at home on the internet.


Without looking at OOC: American. Lives in Florida or one of the Mid-Atlantic states. Late teens to early twenties. Likes cats and the Netherlands. Trans woman?


Young Filipino, short, thin, black hair.


[To Garden at 6th Mile Road] Quirky 20 something woman who doesn't mind being a tad silly/humorous. Is heavily into the magical side fantasy.


[To Garden at 6th Mile Road] A Dutchman, probably aged anywhere from 18-34, it's not clear, but they are studying or have studied physics.

Avernian republic

Teenage school girl who insists on making everything she owns pink. Though, could also be a brony. High school. Acne. Greasy hair.


Woman who is 17 years of age, who has a fondness for kittens, dislikes discussing politics.


Honestly speaking, I thought you were a teen or young adult dudette from the Philippines that might or might not have been attempting to become the next J. R. R. Tolkein with the amount of content you had in your factbooks! Before I knew who you are, I thought you were a super nice, uplifting individual and believe it or not, you still are! :P


American, female, probably between 17-20, uhhh, likes Disney probably.


I've read your OOC so it's cheating a little but I'll say what my first impressions were before I read it;
American female, mid-late teens, has interest in Disney and likes learning about different countries and cultures, has a positive personality and attitude.

Christo pax

Native Californinan, female, early 20's. When she is not in college, she works at a Starbucks. Likes cats.


Male, Singaporean in his early 20s, possibly bisexual and a college student, has a lot of friends, being always cheerful and supporting for them while studying politics and history.


Burmese-American, left-leaning pacifist, INFP, early 20's.


A bubbly teenage/young adult female living in the Netherlands, or has strong Dutch ties. Very much media savvy, and sometimes ridiculed for being too childish, her* continuous optimism is constant. Also, Overwatch and cats..

*assuming your gender is one that can be clarified by human terminology, and is neither a Lovecraftian deity, nor an apache helicopter

Dark socialism

A Very positive female, 14-30 years old who lives in Seattle is upper middle class, watches a lot of cartoons, and is a tumblery type person.

Deutschess kaiserreich

Young teenage female that loves pop culture. Possibly bisexual.

Evil lord bane

Female, single, early 20's. Just got out of collage. Lives at home with her parents on the west coast of the US, while looking for work as a structural engineer. Likes cats and ponies. Doesn't own a pony, but has three pet cats. Had a long term relationship in High School, but it didn't work out afterwards as both parties went to diffrent collages. Became a vegan out of health concers. Like to go fly fishing (catch and release), hiking, and camping. Takes up environmental causes, and collects American Girl dolls as a hobby. Has a vast shoe collection, but is always looking for more. Keeps her teeth as white and clean as humanly possable.

Federal Spanish States

My first impression would've been a Dutch woman (judging from their extensive usage of Dutch) who has quite the centrist-esque views. Probably someone who just wants a peaceful utopia.

Free american empire-

A British female, 25 years old, fairly liberal, and peaceful. Typically likes to gives cheers to people around her, especially her family members. Perhaps supports Labor party.

Free rhenish states

A reactionary white American right-winger that opposes himself to the what he calls the runious modern influence, true to conservatism, with his ancestors from Central Europe, considers his life important, devoted to God and nobody else.


Irish-American chick, late teenage years, kinda quirky, seems pretty fun to have a chat with.

Irish-American girl, early 20s, a bit clumsy, likes listening to Katy Perry's songs. Probably an ISFP.


Very friendly guy, Burmese by descent but living in the US, possibly along the western coast in California or somewhere. Studying maths or physics in college, but really loves music and probably has himself heavily involved in music projects on the side. An ENFJ in terms of personality type.

German second empire

An Italian man in 30s.

Haudegen reich

Based off factbooks and writing style, I would've assumed Valentine Z was a male living somewhere in the Silicone Valley of America, 20-ish, stable office job and generally popular amongst social cliques. Is probably bound to Harvard or some other top-tier collegiate.


An 18 to 25-year-old woman who would be considered nerdy by most people. An avid Super Mario fan who has recently gotten a degree in something she's passionate about and is rising the ranks at a large company. They care about the environment very much and enjoy biking. Most likely drives a Subaru or a Toyota 4 Runner.


[To Garden at 6th Mile Road] Ethnically South East Asian/Indian a young male otaku and a furry from Canada.


A young man, maybe 19 or so, from Southeast Asia. Some sort of math or science major in college. Loves video games, animals, and pretty much anything cute. Probably owns a cat or two. He's on the left side of the political spectrum, and especially values pacifism and eco-friendliness.


Burmese immigrant to the US, liberally-minded and a pacifist. Short and extroverted.


[To Alanis Star]: Probably a Italian or French. Humanist, female. 19 years old.


A Literal Ball of Positive Energy slowly growing until it eventually gains to much mass and goes Super Nova killing us all.


A guy in his 20s, probably from Europe or North America. Isn't that interested in politics, yet follows them via the news.


A girl in her teens. Big anime fan.


Uh, Caucasian Female? Likes hearts, and kinda geeky.


Quite possibly the nicest person you could meet online. Female teen from Myanmar who's parents emigrated to the US, now living on the western coast, either Washington or Oregon. Shy in real life, Most likely has a art blog on tumblr, and currently goes to high school. No particular view on the world as a whole, other than that people should chill out, and just have a good time instead of getting violent.

New Envoi

A 1.7m high Burmese male pacifist that just wanted everybody to get along. Soft-spoken and kind. Thin, long brown hair, square glasses.

New jibby

A 17 year old liberal girl who binges alot of anime and draws.

New spiedska

A woman in her early 20s who lives somewhere in California, or perhaps Florida. She enjoys everything that has to do with cats, and has several of them. Politics-wise, she doesn't care, she just wants everyone to get along, so perhaps a centrist. She's very nice and loveful.


Hmm... letís see... Iím thinking Burmese but lives in Singapore. Female, aged between 18 - 24, more likely the latter. Works as an intern at a business centre. Is currently in university, studying business. Has a great relationship with family and loves cats, and is a very, very cheerful and upbeat person. Is quite non-political and just wants people to be friends.

Nouveau Yathrib

Male Singaporean university student from Myanmar, wears glasses and is keenly interested in information technology and the social sciences.


Clipped short hair, Filipino, slightly effeminate, lithe, wears glasses, smiles a lot, big eyes.

Pain suffering and despair

I imagine you as a feminine male, early 30s, perhaps, from the United States(?). Personality-wise, a generally friendly person, who likes being around people, and the concept of them in general. A fantastic person to approach if you're looking for an interesting conversation, gets passionate about certain subjects and has a lot to say.

Pan-Asiatic States

[To Garden at 6th Mile Road] An astrologist in his late-40s, slightly concerned over U.S Politics.

Pan-Asiatic States

Female STEM grad student. Has probably worked as a barista at some point in her life. Relatively a decent person.


25 year old Burmese male born and raised in Singapore. He has a small family, consisting of a couple of siblings and his parents. Heís currently working in a company in the heart of the city state.

Paradeavenlisian States

25 years old. Male. Living in Singapore. Bamar / Burmese. Probably centre left and a big advocate for liberalism, social democracy ans pacifism. No siblings. Has a cat. Most likely atheist. Playing video games, watching youtube, probably a fan of going outside (before quarantine) and computer programming. Most likely friendly, kind and calm. Also, likely an introvert to most people except towards his friends.

Paradeavenlisian States

A Burmese male in his early 20s who lives in Singapore and quite chilled out, friendly(despite not being the most social type), down-to-earth and a tolerable guy who is liberal. Most likely has an interest in humanities and perhaps pyschology with his hobbies including going to the cafe every now and again and probably just walking around in Singapore in general.

Pax Cybertronian

[To Alanis Star]: A 25-year-old Burmese male whom eventually migrated to the United States for job oppurtinities. He condemns the government for the atrocities going on in there and is a centrist politically. Loves animals and is somewhat apathetic towards the European Union. Likes a variety of music, especially rock and metal. May or may not want to become the benevolent overlord of the planet. Occupation-wise, he's a computer technician, and is highly agitated by computer errors, buffering and slowdowns.


[To Alanis Star]: An American female teenager who likes Disney/Pixar movies?


Burmese mathematics student living in Singapore. Currently lives on a shoestring, taking odd jobs to support herself financially. Is a rather agreeable person, and likes cute things.


Centrist 23-year-old Burmese man studying mathematics in Singapore. Intelligent, but not very outgoing. Has a noticeable feminine side and is willing to show it. Currently living at quite low standards due to the Singaporean cost of living. Straight ally.


Female, young; maybe around 19 or so, average height and is somewhat athletic. Probably goes running and swimming a lot. Dislikes organized sports. From Ireland and is really into first person shooting games. I'm guessing her name's Samantha but she just goes by Sam.


Before reading the factbook about you OOC, I thought that you are likely to be a female in her early 20s, studying IT-related subjects in America.

Post War America

A conservative Christian of some sort of European Decent. Probably male. I would guess aged somewhere between the ages of 16-36.


A (trans?) woman in her mid-20s who is really god at editing vector stuff, and has a partner.


Guy in his late teens to early 20s, very friendly and kind, loves having fun, and goofing off, and wishes the world was a nicer place.


Man in mid 20s, loves the environment.

Republic of-singapore

Male Singaporean who dislikes the PAP, around the age of 18-20 and works at a cafe as a barista.

Reru Tanda

A 17 year old female into Fortnite. Has at least 300 dollars. If so I need some cash.


An Canadian male. 20 yo. very friendly, likes cats. is green. wishes everyone was treated with respect.


Canadian female, 22, super friendly, likes anime, lives in Vancouver

Samudera Darussalam

A Burmese young man in his 20's, living in Singapore, currently studying in university. Quite pacifist and is very nice. Also has a big heart, and is not very fond of his homeland because of the recent political situation.


A sentient, benevolent sh*tposter of a dude.


Either from the Netherlands or Belgium, somewhere in the LGBTQ spectrum, somewhat left-leaning but not a very dogmatic ideological kind of person.


Smol gril [Small girl] with Dutch heritage or something. Likes a good potato knish, eats peanut butter outta the jar, and complains when people mention height. Boops frequently.

Socialist Communist States

20ish year old guy, that likes sci-fi and technology. From the United States. A liberal that has voted Democratic probably. Owns a cat, or a dog.

Soviet Progonya

Guy in his early, generally very nice person, dark hair, into computer stuff and maybe an artist?


Cause I already know a ton I'll say what I had in mind when I first saw the fella:
Burmese female, lives in somewhere else, about 16 to 19-years-old-.
Has a personality that is cheerful as f***.
Politically on the left, but she doesn't care.
Has tons of cats.


27 year old Burmese male from Singapore. He was born in Burma but his family migrated to Singapore shortly afterwards. Heís lived in Singapore all of his life, and actually is fairly ignorant of Burmese culture. Heís an atheist but has a lot of sympathies for Buddhism.


Not very descriptive, but female teenager from the US who enjoys Pixar films.

Svilajska republika

Owns an e-boutique selling handmade peace bicycles.

The antarctic clone army

Flirty Frenchie.

The city-state of palmont

Gay or bisexual guy from anywhere where they speak Dutch, 20 to 28-years-old, a 'Libertarian socialist', LOVES cats, also Overwatch, would like to go through sex reassignment surgery some day.

The city-state of palmont

That crazy broad with six cats that lives across the street.

The dark panther

[To Voorzichtigheid] 19-21, very nice, likes movies, liberal or socialist, a dog person but likes all animals.

The ether corporation

A woman in her late teens to early twenties. She is from the UK and loves to talk to her friends about why the world the way it is and other philosophical argumentative points. She most likely supports LGBTQ+ Rights and is extremely open minded when it comes to political parties.

-The Islamic Queendom-

19 year old transwoman from Vancouver.

The Litan Imperium

[To Garden at 6th Mile Road] Very friendly and positive Norwegian.

The Yeetusa

Female, kind and compassionate. Loves cats, and probably has 40 of them. Known in town as the crazy cat lady.

Totally not rodrigo duterte

An 18 y/o chick, lives in Japan / acts like japanese or kawaii and spends her time on internet forums.

United american commomwealth

When I first saw you, I assumed you were a Burmese Female in her early twenties who loved memes a bit too much and supported a centristic economy. Turns out, I was wrong.

-united republic of freedonia

Hmmmmm, around 22 yo bi girl, lives in some cold place i dunno, maybe she has her hair dyed of some color, lives with only her mom as company, loves soft stuff.

-united republic of freedonia

I don't know if you are a girl or a trap. Around 19 years, optimistic and joyful, asian descent, possible nekomata.

10/10 i will hug again.

User control panel

Female, early 20s, American. Apolitical with spite for the current political climate. Uses NS in attempt to realize idealistic liberal democracy outside of reality.

Van riebeeck land

[To Garden at 6th Mile Road] LGBT 16 year old Male living on the East Coast. He's interested different cultures and geography, probably writes his own fiction stories. Relatively a nice guy.

Wine-loving Chimps

[To Garden at 6th Mile Road] LGBT 16 year old Male living on the East Coast. He's interested different cultures and geography, probably writes his own fiction stories. Relatively a nice guy.


Before you revealed yourself, I kinda pictured you as an English girl with braided blonde hair and round glasses who likes to take pictures of cats and flowers, likes learning foreign (but predominantly European) languages and goes to push private school. And I didn't even want to guess how old you are because you could have been anything from 16-26.

Reality shook me, Mr. Valentine.

8value Political Test: Test:

LinkMy results.

If you are wondering after I dragged you through all of that... I am indeed a hetero man.