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The Meowvellous Wonderful World of
Scandinavian Liberal Paradise

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Legal Stuff - Despite the fact that this is a free and non-profit site, I decided to cover my backside in case something goes wrong.

NONE OF MY WORK GENERATES ANY REVENUE - DIRECT OR OTHERWISE, AND EVERYTHING IS DONE AS A HOBBY AND FOR NON-PROFIT. If you are the owner and don't like my avatar or flag at any point in time, please ask politely by TGing me first instead of reporting me to Mods.

Other than the stories and lore that I have written myself, which in turn might be inspired by many sources, I declare that almost every art-piece I used for this nation, as well as for my puppets (see here) are from other sources and artists. Credit is given to the best of my ability, and even if missed, will be eventually tracked down with Tineye or some publicly-available tools.

Publicly-available means that your profile or your work is publicly searchable by Google or some other search engine, and is available to the guest visitors of the website. Incognito Mode is used whereby I can see your work without logging in to get special access to your content.

If you see your art-piece here or would like me to either take it down or credit to you, send me a Telegram!

Resources / Miscellaneous Attributes Used

- Adobe Photoshop for most of the edits and modifications.
- Adobe Illustrator for vector flags and designs that are not possible with Powerpoint.
- Adobe Premiere for animated flag video and GIF.
- Microsoft Office Excel for charts and numbers.
- Microsoft Office Word for typing and procuring documents for factbooks, including this one.
- Microsoft Office Powerpoint for flag designs and animations.
- for world maps of Valentine Z.
- for banners.\
- PhotoMosh for those glitchy effects!
- Python and various packages (mostly matplotlib) for mathematics, graphs, and visualisation.
- Wikipedia for most of the knowledge and context about real-world technologies, also for blank SVG world map for the climate map (as seen in Overview factbook).
- Shutterstock, Deviantart, 123RF, Artstation, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many other sites for the various art resources. Credit is given to the best of my ability.
- Many other NationStates people that have been credited respectively in assisting me with art, design, and just about everything else. Including but not limited to: Ponderosa, Neonymphonia, Mechyrdia, Rhodevus
- Fonts used: Roboto Condensed (2014 variant), Scout Font Family (the one you can see in Rainbow Six), Iosevka.

Media or Websites used. This is non-exhaustive.

- Sims 4, Electronic Arts.
- Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment.
- Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft.
- Far Cry 1-2, Ubisoft.
- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda.
- Life is Strange, Square Enix.
- A webcomic called "Sammy". Link Linkhere.
- Halo, as in the whole franchise. Microsoft / Bungie / 343 Industries.
- Star Wars, Disney / Lucasfilm. Used for Prime Minister Kendrick, and Chief Senator Annette.
- Resident Evil and Chaos Legion, all courtesy of Capcom. Used for Vice Foresittend Jolyn.
- The Office, NBC. Used as “Erin” for Assistant Secretary Mandy.
- Soul Calibur, Bandai Namco. Used for Valkyrie Valentina.
- Sleeping Dogs, Square Enix. Used for Vice Premier Ministre Markus.
- Japanese 3D model Saya (specifically for Jenny.
- Shutterstock, 123RF, perhaps a few other stock-photo websites.
- Brave Frontier, Gumi, Alim Co., Ltd. Used for Trade Rep. Charmaine.
- GTA and Max Payne series, Rockstar Games.
- L. A. Noire, Rockstar Games.
- Serious Sam series, Croteam / Devolver Digital.
- Team Fortress 2, Valve.
- RWBY, Rooster Teeth.
- My Life as a Teenage Robot, Nickelodeon, Viacom Media Networks, YTV. Used for Head Engineer Tiffany.
- LinkOxenfree.
- Marvel Entertainment. Chief Technician Jared, for instance.
- Johnny English. Used for Head Aviator Hayes.
- Mobile Legends.
- Star Tap: Incremental Tap Game.
- NieR: Automata, Platinum Games.
- Minions, Illumination Entertainment.
- LinkSCP Foundation.
- Penumbra, Paradox Interactive; Lexicon Entertainment.
- Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.
- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
- Bioshock franchise, Irrational Games, 2K Games, 2K Australia
- Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers.
- Metroid Series, Nintendo.
- Tom and Jerry, MGM.
- Mirror’s Edge, EA Digital Illusions CE, EA Mobile, Borne Games, IronMonkey Studios.
- Ninety-Nine Nights, Phantagram, Q Entertainment.
- Call of Duty franchise, Activision / Treyarch / Infinity Ward.
- Sword Art Online, Reki Kawahara.
- The Amazing World of Gumball, Cartoon Network.
- Steven Universe, Cartoon Network. Most notably used for The Multiverse of Holly Starlight.