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OOC (or at least the parts I deem worthy of publishing to the public)

Name: N/A
Also Known As: Valentian
Title, Pronouns: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Nationality: N/A

Ethnicity: N/A
DoB: N/A
Age: N/A
Gender: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Siblings: N/A

Ideology: N/A
Party: N/A
Political Wing: N/A

Religion: N/A

Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Hobbies: N/A

Ideology & Politics

Pro: N/A
Neutral: N/A
Anti: N/A

Explanations: N/A

I Support: N/A

Trivia & Facts

Current Favourite Song: I have a lot, so I'll cut them short. They're not in order, and may change: Favourite Foods: Pancakes with nutella
Favourite Beverages: Water
Favourite Bands: N/A
Favourite Book Series: I'd say the LinkRed Rising trilogy is pretty good
Favourite Video Games: Smash Ultimate; Fire Emblem Three Houses. I have a lot more though
Favourite VG Genres: Fantasy, RPG
Favourite Quote: "Sometimes the questions are complicated...and the answers are simple" -L, Death Note

Question Time with Valentian

Why you so mysterious?? I like to make people guess at who I am...heh
Do you follow NS stats? Mostly, don't mind the ridiculous population and tax rate and a couple other things
What is your dominant hand? Surprisingly left
Are you a boy or a girl? Actually Iím an attack helicopter
Serious response to previous question? Ok ok fine...Iím actually a-
You seem to be you program? I recently picked it up again, yes. It's a nice hobby. As you may see here and here, I program on python. At one point I did program with Visual Basic on Excel, and also worked with an Arduino. I bought a Raspberry Pi in case I'd want to do something with it in the future, we'll see how that goes
Football or soccer? Unequivocally football. Football is football and american football is american football
You only have music from games in your favourite music to clarify? Happily. I don't like lyrical music in general. As you can see from Mass Destruction, I do make rare exceptions. But don't get your hopes up, I hate pop music. All the others?....meh, don't care. I like game soundtracks, there.
Why do you style yourself as Valentian? It's the name of my country lol.
Yeah but like....why Valentian and not something else? Alright alright...I'm not telling you why though lol. *gasp* what if that's actually my name?
Will you ever show your actual face? No
Pweease? Aww...ok, just for you. Say Linkcheese!
How long will you joke around? Pretty long, I'll try my best
Does that mean some things in this factbook are false? As I said, I like to make people guess :D

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