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Valentian Elysium Legislative Election 2020 Discussion

On Saturday, March 21st, 2020, an election will take place in all of Valentian Elysium. All seats in the National Council and Parliament of Valentian Elysium are up for election.
Only people older than 18 at the day of the election are eligible to vote. Valento-Elysians outside of Valentian Elysium will be able to vote via the postal system.
The parties that are currently able to be elected are:
  • Social Democratic Party

  • Conservative Party

  • Central Valentian Elysium

  • Green Party

  • Christian Democratic Union of Valentian Elysium

  • Pirate Party

  • Communist Party of Valentian Elysium

  • The Party of Valentian Elysium

  • Onwards

  • The Dank Party

  • Progressive Valentian Elysium

  • The Homeland's Pride

More information about the parties can be found here
We suggest every Valento-Elysian to be fully informed about the available before choosing who to vote (if at all)

In the lead-up towards the election, every party will express their opinion on various topics such as abortion, immigration, etc. These opinions will be steadily updated on this page. Keep in mind that the below excerpts are just a general summary of the party's position. We advise Valento-Elysians to delve into more research.

Issue 1: Immigration
SDP: Immigration must be allowed for Valentian Elysium. Not only do immigrants bring in more productivity, and therefore boost our economy, but they bring in more diversity into Valentian Elysium. However, illegal immigration has to be looked into.
CP: Immigration into Valentian Elysium may be allowed, however they will have to assimilate into our society and culture. Their own culture may be preserved, so for example restaurants with different cuisines may still fully operate, and immigrants are encouraged, if they want to, to set up their own restaurant, however they must assimilate into our culture. Illegal immigration cannot be allowed.
CVE: Immigration may be allowed. If they would like to, they may assimilate into our culture. Illegal immigration has to be looked into.
GP: Immigration may be allowed, but it has to be controlled. There has to be a quota of immigrants that are allowed in, as too many immigrants may or may not exacerbate the effects of climate change. Once settled, the immigrant has to plant at least one tree per month.
CDUVE: Immigration may be allowed, however it is important that they learn the ways of Christianity and Jesus Christ. Provided that the immigrant is not Christian, they must attend classes or seminars about Christianity. They will have an exam at the end, and if they fail it thrice, they will be deported, unless they have a legitimate excuse that allows them to stay in Valentian Elysium a little while longer.
PP: Immigration should be allowed, but the immigrant is encouraged to have sufficient knowledge in computers and/or electronics. They do not necessarily have to assimilate to our culture. Illegal immigration should not be allowed.
CPVE: Immigration should be allowed, however people attempting to apply to live in Valentian Elysium should, among the preexisting conditions, be taught Marxism-Leninism, and will be tested on this after they have finished the course. In addition, they will have to pledge allegiance to Valentian Elysium, and show that they adhere to the Communist ideology.
TPVE: Immigration must be made illegal, and tourists must go through intense background checks. Illegal immigrants will be deported immediately, even if they have lived in Valentian Elysium there entire lives.
O: We aren't sure just yet...
DP: We will allow everyone in! Doesn't matter if they're bringing in diseases, hepatitis, or something else, they will always be allowed, 100%!
PVE: Immigration should be allowed, and even encouraged for people who have studied and graduated from various fields. With their help, Valentian Elysium may progress forward, with ever-changing technology. Illegal immigration should be looked into.
HP: Immigrants may come in, however they will have to do the full Pledge of Allegiance to Valentian Elysium and its constitution. They are subject to the exact same laws as normal Valento-Elysians do under the constitution. Deport any illegal immigrant or immigrant who refuses to do the Pledge of Allegiance, as illegal immigration violates our constitution.

Issue 2: Religion
SDP: Religion should be kept as it is currently.
CP: Religion should be kept almost as it is currently, however if students want to, they should be able to be taught theology or religion, through an unbiased standpoint.
CVE: Religion should be kept as it is currently
GP: Religion may still be allowed, but discouraged unless it talks specifically about the environment and/or environmental problems.
CDUVE: Valentian Elysium should have a national faith, Christianity, however other faiths are welcome in Valentian Elysium. Theology and religious education should be somewhere in the school curriculum
PP: Religion should stay the way it is right now.
CPVE: All religions should be banned, or at least strictly pursued within the temple of that religion.
TPVE: Religion is the guiding principle for our nation. Everyone, immigrant or national, must attend regular services of the national faith. All other religions except for the national faith must be banned. Religious education and theology are mandatory for almost all years in school.
O: Uhh....nothing...I guess?
DP: Religion? What is that? Well, I mean everyone should be happy, so anyone can be a religion of any type. National faith? Umm....LinkPastafarianism sounds good.
PVE: Religion should be kept as it is right now.
HP: A National Faith must be established into the constitution! It will be practiced regularly, and schools should introduce theology and religion as part of the school curriculum.

Issue 3: Foreign Policy
SDP: We should keep our current foreign policy, as it is. Valentian Elysium should be a good ally to its international friends.
CP: Valentian Elysium's foreign policy should be roughly the same, though the application for embassies should be tougher
CVE: The current foreign policy should be kept
GP: The foreign policy is good as it is right now, but we should make certain changes that allows only specific countries with a good environmental program to be in contact with Valentian Elysium. Other countries may also have ties with VE, but not as much as the green countries
CDUVE: Similar to the GP, VE's foreign policy should be relatively the same, however Christian values should be at the forefront of any tie.
PP: The current foreign policy should be kept.
CPVE: Our foreign policy should only concern those countries that adhere to Marxism-Leninism or some form of Communism.
TPVE: We should have a strict foreign policy, allowing only certain countries that we agree with
O: ???
DP: Allow all them countries!
PVE: Valentian Elysium should have a foreign policy that accepts most countries, but those countries that violate issues like human rights should not be considered as a country that VE can have ties with
HP: Our foreign policy must align with what the Constitution states. Valentian Elysium could also limit its foreign policy.

Issue 4: Gun control
SDP: Guns should continue to be heavily monitored, and generally illegal for citizens, unless they have a legitimate reason to own one.
CP: Guns should be legal, though background checks should be extremely tight.
CVE: Guns should be illegal, except for those with a legitimate reason
GP: Guns should be outlawed entirely
CDUVE: In general, guns should continue to be illegal
PP: The current policies should continue
CPVE: Guns should be legal only for those in the Communist Party of Valentian Elysium
TPVE: Guns are the symbol of Valentian Elysium. They must be fully legal
O: \_(ツ)_/
DP: Guns? Well, every hillbilly should have them own guns! Wait, but guns is bad...ok, no guns man. Guns is bad.
PVE: Guns should only be carried by those who have a valid reason
HP: Guns should be put into the Constitution as legal! They must be made legal!

Issue 5: Nuclear power
SDP: At least a part of Valentian Elysium's power should be generated by nuclear power plants. Nuclear power is a good, renewable energy source, and an attempt to block the amount of power created from the generator may lead to a disaster.
CP: Nuclear power may be generated, but it has to be carefully monitored and limited, in order to prevent a horrible catastrophe.
CVE: Nuclear power
GP: Nuclear power should be encouraged, since it is a renewable source. However, due to the radioactive waste that is generated, perhaps it will better if other renewable sources like wind or hydroelectric power were used more often.
CDUVE: Nuclear power should not be used, since it pollutes our environment around us.
PP: Nuclear power may continue to be used
CPVE: Nuclear power may be used
TPVE: Nuclear power cannot be used, and Valentian Elysium should start using nonrenewable resources again, alongside renewable resources. That way, Valentian Elysium can have more energy to use
O: Sure, nuclear power can be used
DP: Memes are enough to power the entire country man
PVE: Nuclear power should be used
HP: Nuclear power should not be used, since it damages the environment, which is, by constitution, our environment.