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The Holy and Exalted Empire of
Left-wing Utopia

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Political Parties of Valentian Elysium

Parties currently in Parliament:
Social Democratic Party

Colour: — Orange
Head: Uther Morvarid Dries
Motto: For a better Valentian Elysium!
Leaning: Centre-left to left-wing
Ideologies: LinkSocial Democracy; LinkNew Liberalism; LinkProgressivism (some)
Seats in Parliament: 77
Abbreviation: SDP

Conservative Party

Colour: — Red
Head: Skyla Helena McNeil
Motto: Righteous Valentian Elysium!
Leaning: Centre-right to right-wing
Ideologies: LinkConservatism; LinkSocial Conservatism
Seats in Parliament: 75
Abbreviation: CP

Central Valentian Elysium

Colour: — Yellow
Head: Thea Signa Skαla
Motto: Neither left nor right
Leaning: Centre
Ideologies: LinkCentrism; LinkSocial Liberalism
Seats in Parliament: 56
Abbreviation: CVE

Green Party

Colour: — Green
Head: Amalthea Michayla Sheach
Motto: Environment first!
Leaning: Left-wing
Ideologies: LinkGreen politics; LinkEco-socialism
Seats in Parliament: 103
Abbreviation: GP

Christian Democratic Union of Valentian Elysium

Colour: — Blue
Head: Leopold Aram Blaise
Motto: Forwards, with Christianity!
Leaning: Centre-right to Right-wing
Ideologies: LinkChristian Democracy; LinkLiberal Conservatism (some)
Seats in Parliament: 27
Abbreviation: CDUVE

Pirate Party

Colour: — Grey
Head: Clarence Markus Leonardsson
Motto: Ahoy matey!
Leaning: Centre
Ideologies: LinkPirate politics; LinkLibertarianism; E-politics
Seats in Parliament: 28
Abbreviation: PP

Progressive Valentian Elysium

Colour: — Indigo
Head: Stephanie Sashka McLain
Motto: Progressing towards a progressive future!
Leaning: Centre-left
Ideologies: LinkProgressivism; LinkSocial Liberalism
Seats in Parliament: 84
Abbreviation: PVE

Parties outside of Parliament

Communist Party of Valentian Elysium

Colour: — Dark Red
Head: Mariusz Modred Adams
Motto: Proletariats of Valentian Elysium, unite!
Leaning: Far-left
Ideologies: LinkCommunism; LinkMarxism-Leninism; LinkLeft-wing populism; LinkAnti-Westernism
Abbreviation: CPVE

The Party of Valentian Elysium

Colour: — Dark Green
Head: Zeno Gisbert Snell
Motto: Valentian Elysium only!
Leaning: Far-right
Ideologies: LinkNeo-fascism; LinkAuthoritarianism; LinkUltranationalism; LinkAnti-globalism; LinkAnti-immigration; LinkRight-wing populism
Abbreviation: TPVE


Colour: — Purple
Head: Norbert Nikolas Travert
Motto: N/A
Leaning: Centre-left to centre-right
Ideologies: ???
Abbreviation: O

the Dank Party

Colour: Rainbow
Head: Berry Cowherder Lovehaze
Motto: Make memes great again!
Leaning: None - Satirical
Ideologies: Satirical politics
Abbreviation: DP
Additional notes: the Dank Party is classified as a satirical party

The Homeland's Pride

Colour: ——— Blue, Red, and White
Head: Kazimνr Urban Kadlec
Motto: For the Constitution & Homeland!
Leaning: Right-wing to far-right
Ideologies: LinkConstitutionalism; LinkNationalism; LinkAnti-globalism; LinkAnti-western; LinkAuthoritarianism (some); LinkRight-wing populism
Abbreviation: HP

Huge thank you to -Astoria for making the amazing logos!