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The Federal States of Euphemie is a federal presidential republic of 25 states and 1 unorganized territory. Situated in Ophir, the F.S. borders Aenara, Alvimia and Oesterra, and is otherwise bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, and the Ophiric Sea. Of the 24 states, seventeen are geographically contiguous, comprising continental Euphemie. In accordance with the tenets of Federalism, every state possesses a degree of autonomy within the Republic. The Federal States traces its national origin to the secession of the 6 Victorian colonies in 1760 C.E. (230 Before Calamity) in the ten-year long Fatherland War that culminated in Euphemian independence under the leadership of the first President, George Charles Fern. They were recognized as such by the Serondequot Accord in 1771. After independence, the nation grew to become a global superpower and exert a high level of economic, political, military, and cultural influence across the globe. The War of 1990 C.E. (1 A.C.) saw vast damage to Torch City and several metropolitan areas, including the nuclear destruction of various military facilities. Under the Presidency of James Langdon, Euphemie persisted through the War and the Calamity which ensued, his heroic actions eventually culminating in the rise of the Euphemianist church, which believes in the Presidential Pantheon. The Federal States of Euphemie is among the world's strongest global powers as of 391 A.C., challenged by few and equaled by fewer.