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Zkto' Zovban

Zkto' Zovban

Zkto' Zovban, in 1925 (Age 30)

Prime Minister of the Uvonian Empire

In office:
1916-1918 (2 Years)

Preceded by: King Allate

Councilor of Voroan

In office:
1918-1929 (11 Years)

Preceded by: N/A

Ruler of Uvoan

In office:
1929-Onwards (55 Years)

Preceded by: N/A

High General of the Alliance to Depose King Allate

In office:
During the Rebellion

Preceded by: General Veltec
Succeeded by: N/A

Personal Details


1st of July, 21 Before Rebellion (1st of July, 1895) (age 89)
Gezzatana, Kingdom of Uvoan



Political Party:

Union Party


Alane Teka (Deceased)


Zevvani (F,55), Zolto (M,52), Avaro (M,54), Zarain (F,54)




Olevruthos Fundamentalist, Kvona


Theme Song:

Link'The Coming of a New Age'

Link'Dawn Of A New Mythos'

Link'Son Of The Sun'

Link'For The Fallen Ones'

"A single Instrument can play ten thousand songs. I am but a single instrument, whose songs are vast are varied. "
- Zkto' Zovban, June 2nd, 1980.

Zkto' Zovban (Zik-to '(ore) Zo-v-ban), standing at an intimidating 6'8", or 203.2 Centimeters, is a monster of a man. Always wearing a heavy military trench coat, along with his officers cap, his neatly trimmed brown hair is hard to see, but the piercing blue eyes always seem to be searching ones soul, even in his great age... And an unusual ability to predict many events before they happen.

Early Life

Born to a poor farming family, Zkto' grew up seeing the worst of what the monarchy had to offer- A failing water system, failure to provide adequate payment to farmers, and a general lack of care for the populace beneath their notice. He vowed to change this after his father died due to one of many famines which swept the nations at that time. Little did he know that he would spark the Revolution.

At the time, he was the youngest of 8 brothers, and 6 sisters. This gave him time off from working on the farm, to often take the train to the nearby city of Gollan on the weekends, and spend his weekends reading. He quickly gained a reputation of being a well read person, touching up on topics from wars, to politics, and from farming to mining. This endeared him to the community, as he helped to greatly increase crop-yields, and despite being untrained, he proved to be a decently effective medic, when the nearest hospital was over 75 miles away by train.

This would all change, however.

Assassination Attempts

The three major attempts carried out on his life can be summed up fairly quickly-

Attempt one was following his ascension to power, and the end of the Second Rebellion. He was aboard a private train, with his wife aboard aswell. This is when a 15 Kilogram charge of dynamite, stuck to the bottom of the locomotives firebox, detonated. Zkto' was spared entirely from the blast, but his Fiance, who was sitting in the third car, was killed when a boiler tube drove its way through her skull.

The second attempt was the son of a Loyalist general, who shot Zkto' as he was making a speech infront of an assembly of nations. The assassin got off all 7 rounds with his colt 1911, six of which hit Zkto dead in the chest. Zkto', even as he was starting to collapse, drew his own pistol and returned fire with all six shots of his own revolver. The high-velocity anti-personnel rounds shredded the assassin where he stood. Many people would go onto describe Zkto's recovery as a miracle- Within 3 months, he was up and moving, returning infront of the Assembly to finish the bill he was proposing.

The third attempt was carried out much in the same way as the first, expect for one minor difference. The bomb was planted directly underneath Zkto's private car. The dynamite detonated, but failed to punch through the 51 MMs of solid steel, but threw the train off its tracks. The resulting accident killed nearly everybody aboard, expect for Zkto' himself, who miraculously survived with only a broken arm, his left arm, which used to be his dominant shooting hand.

An estimate 68 attempts have been made on Zkto's life- From snipers, to bombs, to poisoning, to stabbings. Zkto', however, has showed a resilience which many soldiers are terrified of- Surviving injury after injury, with seemingly no lasting effects.

Rise in Politics
Being 19 at the time, he wrote his controversial book 'Volan Tzaese.' (Translated as 'This Rebellion'), calling to completely remove the ruling monarchy from power, and install a democratic system in its place. He watched with growing horror as over two years, his words sparked the rebellion- Army battalions started over-throwing their noble leaders, storming their palaces and killing all who opposed them.

And then the Loyalist repercussions happened, with Zkto' Zovban being at the top of their list. His home town of Gezzatana burned, as Loyalist Calvary cores ran rough-shod over the small town, burning and killing everyone they could catch. Zkto' Zovban was not among these numbers, having been out of town visiting his Fiance, Alane Teka, at the time. After discovering this event, he swore that he would not let the Loyalists do the same to another town, and left to join the rebellion. He joined them shortly after the Battle for Kings Creek, one of the largest Rebels losses within the war... And was accepted into the ranks of a rebellion desperate for a leader, bodies, and more fuel to throw onto the fire.

He quickly gained the reputation of a dangerous man- Not only a good speaker, but a good shot. Many of his confirmed kills can be attributed to happening over 600 meters away. He rose rapidly in the ranks, due to the fact he proved himself quickly, and the fact it had been his words to rally the Rebellion to finally form. Zkto' himself has estimated he made over 300 speeches in those short, two years of the Rebellion- Many of which would go onto become some of the most known in history.

His most famous speech, however, was during the siege of Valin, where it can be summed up in a single quote, "I will die for what I believe in, will you do the same General?". He rallied the flagging Rebel forces, and broke the Loyalist siege of the supply-center of the rebellion, and ultimately, this spiraled into his ability to lead the rebellion to victory.

The final Victory over the Monarchy was a hard fought one- It took nearly a full 3 months of hard fighting to breach through Voroan, and then rush into the Monarch Quarters. The Rebellion ended when Zkto, having been given the honor by the Red Ranger who had captured the fleeing king, lay him to rest with one shot from Zkto's personal pistol.The harsh two years of the Rebellion had shaped him, from a young man... Into something far, far, far greater- And indeed, it was but a foundation for many, many, far greater things which lay ahead of him.


This is when his harsh crack-downs began, and he began dragging everyone who he knew might give him trouble off to hang, or to be executed by firing squad. It is estimated he killed over 125,000 people in these purges, a large majority of which were the remaining Loyalist soldiers, and supporters. These purges were recommended by many of his closest friends, in order to secure the stability of the country- Which they ultimately did, before an event changed this truth...

However, these purges ended quickly when his nation was forced to get involved with the so-called 'Great War', in 1916. Why? A U-Boat torpedoed a Uvoanian freighter, mistaking it for a British freighter, killing aboard. This action Uvoan swung it's damaged war machine about to face the hostile powers. Within 9 months, the Uvoanian Expeditionary Forces were landing within the ports, with fully modernized equipment. This was thanks to the revolutionary 'CostPlus' program, where the government paid companies the cost of manufacturing, plus a bit extra. This strategy rebuilt the shattered Uvoanian economy in a shockingly short time. During this time, Uvoan also started expanding it's rail-lines, to tap into vast reserves of minerals afforded to them by the territory within Uvoan itself.

During these final months, Uvoan would prove itself alongside it's new allies- Uvoanian soldiers, hardened to an even more brutal state than many of their brothers in arms, gaining the nickname 'Butchers', as they showed no remorse in the closing months of the war. This was proved time and time in overwhelming Uvoanian artillery, and revolutionary tactics which fully embraced all aspects of this new era of fully motorized warfare.

The Rise and Fall of Democracy

When The Great War Ended, in 1918, Zkto' Zovban called back Uvoans trained military force, and de-mobilized them to go to positions open within factories, farms, railroads, and mines. This time is when he stepped away from being the absolute, ruling, ironfist of the Uvoanian People, and established the 'Turaga'- A ruling council of 36 councilors, each of which were elected from each of the 36 major regions of Uvoan. Election cycles happened every 2 years, up until 1929. During these 11 years, the 'Turaga' were repeatedly crippled by in-fighting, deadlock, murder, sabotage, and all sorts of political crimes, and during it's last 4 years, two opposing power-block which ensured a complete stalemate. Despite this, the 'Turaga', when it was effective, proved to be precisely what Uvoan had fought for in the civil war- Implementing many voting, civil, and economic policies which were hailed as revolutionary around the world. This changed in 1928, when the 'Turaga' ground into a complete halt with the election of 8 Councilors of the Socialist faction, who managed to halt every single vote until late 1929.

Zkto' had remained on the Turaga this entire time- Repeatedly re-elected to represent Voroan and it's surrounding communities in land-slide votes. He will openly say that this chaos broke his belief that Democracy could work, on such a small scale, and as such, during the 1928 elections, he reached out far more than he had previously. Traveling all over Uvoan to make speeches, and rallying people to his new cause- Which was only solidified in the land-mark 'Industrial 1929 Bill', where the Socialists blocked a move for a massive economic reform. This lead the common man to yell for the removal of the Turaga- Which Zkto' lead them in, with the Turaga's council building being stormed in the early morning hours of the 7th of July. This is when Zkto' established the Uvoan that would go onto become a ruling figure in the world.

This second civil war, the so-called 'Weekend War', ended in seven days. It was also a mostly blood-less war, expect for a few important casualties- His wife, Alana Teka, was killed in an assassination attempt that caused all 103 casualties of the civil war. During this time, he was reported to be unstable for a few early months of his leadership, which contributed to a period of economic uncertainty.

The Zovban Era

His rapid take-over led to a temporary period of economic uncertainty- Then a boom which would go unmatched until the post WWII era. This economic boom-period lead to a time of near-complete Autarky, where Zkto', after taking control again, cut Uvoan off from the world at large, mere weeks before the infamous Wall-Street Crash of 1929. Decrying that they would limit buying of foreign goods, and build up a powerful local economy that would ride through the 1930s with barely a marginal dip- Which allowed him to deploy the armor to take over the 4 minor countries it neighbored, and become a super-power overnight. These four nations, Hazzant, Aaltian, Verolo, and Tazmai, would all be added to Uvoan.

Of course, there were protests on the international stage, but Zkto' would, time and time again, stand firm against these complaints with the fact that his nation was the strongest in the world. In the run up to the 1940s, Uvoan looked set to dominate the world, placed with many of the other world-powers. And then Zkto' did something which shocked the world- He aligned with the Raxil, the 'Monarch Dogs', in his own words.

Zkto' would lead Uvoan through the Second War with the skilled ease had lead them through the Great War- Turning Uvoan into an economic monster. Under his command, Uvoan would be one the bulwarks of the Second War, serving as a safe-hub for convoys. It's own fleets ruled the waves at sea, Zkto's 'Grand Navy' slicing apart hostile raiders like butter, and driving knifes into there convoys. Throughout the entire war, he would also remain active on the political front- Commonly making speeches that would go onto resonate in the world at large, with many of his most famous famous coming out of this period of time.

During this time, Zkto' was known to be a strong member of the Allies- But he always had his eyes on a prize, that he would never admit to the rest of the Allies, until 1946. This caused many to be suspicious of him, but when he revealed the true prize he had been aiming for- All that distrust evaporated. What is was? Well, the precise details are lost to time. Following the end of The Second War, Zkto' would stabilize Uvoan again. Injections of cash, careful economic policy, and creation of new jobs, would help to create a stable economic front which would cruise on the top of a massive, world-wide population boom.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Zkto' would prove to be a reliable leader. Guiding the Ship of State with an incredible ease during these conflicted times. He also proved to be just as skillful a foreign diplomat as ever. Zkto' was often hailed as a successful 'Peacemaker', even with age rapidly catching up to him. His private plane was noted for almost always being parked on foreign runways- Even while he managed to run Uvoan, while primarily being elsewhere in the world. And now, at 89, nearly 90, years old, Zkto' is a far mellower man than the firebrand he used to be. Preferring to talk about issues now, and come to a diplomatic solution, over the war-causing, wreckless endeavors he was once known for. He is noted for being in perfect health conditions, for being as old as he is... Simply that he is now a far more calm, measured, man.


  • Civil Rights Act, 1914
    Despite what many people might think, Zkto' Zovban petitions heavily for civil rights. This bill of rights gave woman rights to equal pay, equal jobs, equal leave, and even helped to lessen up discrimination on religious minorities within Uvoan, while doing the same for racial minorities. This bill would go on to later be reinforced throughout the 30, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, painting Uvoan as a leader in Civil Rights... Despite some of Zkto's older policies.

  • Military Expansion Act of 1915

    The MEA, 1915, was the precursor to the modern Uvoanian Military as we know it, and is the root of the favored Uvoanian doctrine. Overwhelming firepower. This bill would also base a base conscription law, and lay into roots the basic systems which the world knows as Uvoanian today.

  • The Economic Council Act
    The Economic Council is the institution instated by Zkto' Zovban to oversee the growth of the Uvoanian Economy, and to manage it's cycles. This is what has led Uvoan to it's prodigious industrial growth. This council, established in 1915, still exists to this day in the form of the 'Uvoanian Central Economic Planning Center', or UCEPC.

  • Naval Expansion of 1933
    The Naval Expansion of 1933, as the name implies, was a naval expansion bill passed in 1933. It laid down a series of standards for the Uvoanian navy to meet, or even surpase. 24 Battlecruisers, 36 Battleships, 24 carriers, 48 light-carriers, and twice the combined number of all the above totals in destroyers, and corvettes. The Uvoanian Navy would go onto exceed this by almost 5 times, thanks to a sudden economic boom right as this bill was passed. This would allow the Uvoan Navy to fullfill a 'Four Ocean Navy' requirement, that would be required of it.

  • Peace through Strength
    Zkto' heavily believes that the only way a state can secure its borders is by having a strong military, or by making the other nations so afraid they do not dare to invade- In the modern day, Zkto' leverages this policy through very, very, very powerful allies, plus a powerful navy...

  • One Man, One State
    Zkto', having watched the chaos, believes that the only way for Uvoan to triumph, is for a single, sensible leader, to rule. No noble families, no blood-lines, and no other parties. Of course, as he ages, he has laid plans for the transitioning of the Uvoanian State into a democratic entity.

  • Age of Enlightenment
    The ages of scientific progress in Uvoan have long been checked by centuries of religious fundamentalism. Zkto' has actively campaigned against this, despite being a fundamentalist himself. His active petitioning for the arts and learning has given him favor among academic communities, even while he stays in line with religious beliefs. This marks him

For & Against

  • For: Religion, One-Man Rule, Cultural Unity, Military Strengthening, Scientific Advancement, Civil Rights

  • Against: Foreign Dependency, Democracy, Socialism, Monarchism, Disarmament, Discrimination

Personal Information

Zkto', in his more modern status, is known to still be an avid reader. Keeping a large stockpile of books upon his personal plane, as it jets around the world. His own personal guard have described him as keeping an incredibly curious and open mind-set, even in his ancient age. He tends to take foreign dignitaries aboard- When he is not receiving them in Uvoan that is, and generally share stories, drinks, and talk as they are heading for whatever destination. As such, many people within the diplomatic community joke of Zkto being the- 'Uncle everyone knows well', with his friendly demeanor being one of his greatest helps within this category.

Zkto' keeps to a very strict military regime of personal fitness- Keeping to a militarily precise 12 minute 2-mile run, while maintaining a constant upper and lower-body strength training regime. He has actually been known to meet foreign diplomats in swimming pools, particularly during the blazing hot summer months of Uvoan.

Due to Zkto' Zovbans unusual state of looking like a literal half his age- Some people whisper that he is some sort of demi-god. Zkto' denies these claims however, stating that he is 'Simply a very fit man'. But, some of his guards,who refused to be identified, speak of his unusual ability to be able to predict problems before they happen, or say that his pistol is something more than normal... Of course, these are all just rumors, right?


"I will die for what I believe in, will you do the same General?"

"The only reason for a state to be openly respected, is for its military to be stronger than those that surround it."

"To my right was the old world, to my Left the new world, to the rear was an era of slavery, and Monarchs. There was a chasm infront of me, across lay a new era. I bridge the chasm with two simple words-'Volan Tzaese.' This Rebellion."

"There is enough artillery in that radius to level your entire city, Mayor. Your city must stand down, or face total annihilation."

"If one is looking to secure peace, one must arm for a war so total, it shall destroy all one knows."

"Winning a battle is different from winning a war."

"I do not start fights I will not win. But I end fights I know I won't win, in my favor."

"The world see a tyrant- My people see a savior. I see a man, who has been forced to the extreme... What truly am I?"

Quotes By Others

And in the midst of the emptiness, there stood a lone silhouette - a man. He was of rather imposing stature, clad in a heavy greatcoat, nonchalantly smoking a cigar as he seemed to wait for me, the only other distinct entity in the endless expanse. As I approached him, it became apparent that he was of advanced age - yet he was no decrepit old fool, far from it. It was as though I was looking upon a vast, ancient tree, which had, by some strange series of miracles, remained standing after countless storms were thrown its way over its long and weathered life.
By Khoronzon

Personal Trivia

  1. He used to the be youngest of 8 brothers, and 6 sisters

  2. He is the singular longest ruling non-royal leader, having ruled for nearly 68 years.

  3. His personal pistol, the 25.4 MM K-19 'Biteback' Hand-Cannon, is one of 6 in existence. It has been specially modified to fire high-velocity fragmentation shells

  4. Some of his favorite hobbies including Painting, writing books, and writing songs.

  5. He used to be of the Pantheon of Uvan, the god of Peace, but switched to Kvona following the start of the rebellion.

  6. Zkto', due to holding large amounts of stock in most major Uvoanian companies, has an incredible net-worth estimated at nearly 19.6 Trillion USD, in stock alone. This is also before one begins to account for his private stock-trading, and a few small private investment firms. His total net-worth is a near impossible figure to estimate, yet one would never guess it from how simply he carries himself in life.

  7. Zkto' has many pets, including....

  8. 8 Wolves, 3 German Shepards, 2 Corgis, and 2 Great Danes

  9. 3 Magpies, 1 Uvoanian Eagle, 2 Parrots, and 1 Cockatiel

  10. 8 Cats, of varying breeds (Nobody is quite sure which specific breeds they are...)

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