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The Federal Republic of
Moralistic Democracy

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Pro: democracy, the free market, an efficient and well-funded social safety net, consumer protections, a secular state, the right to bear any arms granted there are safety regulations to ensure they don't fall into the wrong hands, civic nationalism, 20th-century social democracy, an active and vigilant yet fair US foreign policy, a public healthcare option that competes in the open market, carbon tax, free community college, a humane immigration policy that also recognizes the integrity of US borders, and equality of opportunity and before justice for all. Also, the bank bailout was good actually, etc.

Against (policy-wise): free 4-year college tuition, universal healthcare/abolition of private insurance, open borders, excessive and restricitve gun control, etc.

Very Against: Socialism and other forms of radical leftism (including communism, anarchism, etc.), Fascism, Far/'Alt'-right politics, corporatism, monopolies, unjustified and reckless interventionism and religious fundamentalism of any color, etc.

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