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The Commonwealth of United Tropics of Torchland

Motto: "Libertatem tueri, patriam defendere"
("To protect freedom, to defend our country")

Anthem: LinkTorchlanders Never Die

Map of Torchland


3.262 billion


16.4 million km▓

Capital Cities

Cape Torch and Salisbury

Largest City

Cape Torch

Official Language

English, Afrikaans

National Language

English, Afrikaans


noun: Torchlander
adjective: Torchlandic

Ethnic Groups

European (72%)
Native Hornillians (26%)


Atheism (12%)
Other (4%)


Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic

Leader Title

Prime Minister



Upper House


Lower House

House of Assembly


Torchlandic Pound (Tú)


Tú734 Trillion


0.923 (High )

Time Zone


Calling Code


Drives on the


ISO Code


Internet LTD



The Commonwealth of the United Tropics of Torchland, commonly known as Torchland is a large nation with rich culture and resources.

Torchland consists of 4 states and 2 federal territories, which have individual devolved legislatures. The Federal Government is currently led by Ian Smith, who was re-elected for a second term in early 2022. Torchland is known for its environmental beauty, devout population, low crime levels and strong levels of civil rights and political freedom.

Torchland is a part of the United Kingdom ever since the country was founded.

Torchland has been involved alliance pacts such as the Mars Defense Alliance (MDA) with countries like Ilyavan, Linirak, Pluven and Matamorosia and another pact like IMPLOTA which included Andenlund, The Twelve Rivers, Second Riversia, Jumbovisma and Matamorosia. Torchland also joined an economic alliance, the Libernatio Alliance which has ties with Gra-mirados, Jumbovisma, Minarchisia, Produssi, Semigallians and The Twelve Rivers.

Torchland notably ranks 4th in rudest citizens and the 7th in retail industry in the United Kingdom. [as of May 2022]







Etymology and History

Torchland was first mentioned when the British explorer, Cecil Torch, named the new piece of land as "Cape Torchia" later renamed as Cape Torch as people from European descent were quickly moving into the new-found town in 1892

It was later in 1898, where the the Chief of Hornillia and Torch agreed to release the tensions between Cape Torch and Billawayo and signed the "Agreement of United Tropics of Torchland" as the Hornillians were up for another war after the Torchian Plains War which was inflicted onto the Torchian Pioneers when the Hornillian natives were disallowed to work on their lands.

After World War 2, Torchland became a dominion due to their support to the British Empire in the war effort and later gained independence in November 11th, 1948 in the 50th year of the establishment of the Commonwealth. The country also joined the Commonwealth of Nations to continue on to have strong ties with Britain and its other colonies and allies after its independence.



Torchland currently has a population of 3,262,000,000, [as of May 2022] of which 127,790,215 are serving fulltime or as reserves in Torchland's military branches. [source:LinkNSEconomy]

Approximately 45% of Torchland's population has been identified as working class, with many working in agricultural farming and manufacturing.

Torchland has low levels of immigration with 80% of the population being born in country. The largest ethnic minority are the Hornillians (24%) who were a tribe of people who mostly resides in the Hornillian Self-Administrative State.


86% of Torchland are Christians, (predominantly Protestant Christians) and religion pays a large part in everyday life, however remains relatively separate from national politics.

Torchland has a few notable religious locations especially in North Hornillia where Native Hornillians practice their traditional religions with multiple sub-groups of different religions as well.

The atheists in Torchland are relatively small and has no historical presence in the country.


The Agreement of United Tropics of Torchland set out a bicameral legislature with the Senate as the upper chamber and the House of Assembly as the lower chamber.

The Senate has 24 members, 4 from each of the 4 states and 2 federal territories. It has limited powers and can only delay and adapt legislation with the House of Assembly's approval.

The House of Assembly, consists of 126 members, in which Torchia has 60 MPs, Hornillia S.A.S. has 37 MPs, Adverstaille with 17 MPs and Grenia with 12 MPs. Amorgous Island and Smithern are federal territories of Torchland, therefore not able to gain any seats in the Parliament.

The Torchlandic House of Assembly is currently controlled by the Torchlandic Front (commonly called TF), of which Prime Minister Smith is a member of and has two-thirds majority in Parliament. The largest party is the Torchlandic Front, but does not have the required two-thirds majority in the Senate, having to form a coalition with the Torchland Libertarians.

The current Prime Minister is Ian Smith. The Prime Minister serves as head of government with there being no formal head of state. Instead this role is undertaken by the governors of the 4 states of Torchland.

Elections are held in Torchland on the 15th of March, every 4 years. The regional governors can trigger an early election if they are all unanimous and the Supreme Court approves.

Foreign Relations

Torchland maintains a consulate or representative with every nation in the United Kingdom, and has strong relations to Minarchisia, from the South Pacific. (Minarchisia was previously a nation in the United Kingdom.)

Torchland has also opened an embassy in Wallowis, it being the first for the country.

Torchland is a founding member of IMPLOTA and is a part of the Mars Defense Alliance (MDA).


Torchland's national currency is the Torchlandic Pound, which has an approximate exchange rate of Tú1 to $2.0004 [as of May 2022] [source: LinkNSDossier]

The annual GDP of Torchland equates to around $150,673,641,073,025.00 or $46,190.57 per capita. [source: LinkNSDossier]

Torchland has relatively average income inequality with the gap between poorest and richest 10% being over Tú200,000. [source: Torchland's Economy]

[last updated on 20th of May 2022]

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