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How to Not Freeze in West Antartica

Because of the location where it's based, new countries considering moving to West Antarctica often feel intimidated or concerned, but don't worry, because I can help you learn How to not Freeze in West Antarctica.
There are many ways that you can counter the harsh cold of this land, and based on your resources, you can choose any of the following.
1. Basic Fire
Although it's very simple and basic, if everyone uses basic fires, it's possible for even the most primitive of countries to survive out here if they brought a fur coat along.
2. LinkFrostpunk
While this method is more costly and technologically advanced, a central heat device can keep an entire area warm, allowing for settlements to form.
3. Modern heating
If you have the budget, you can license our United States of Weebs brand super AC! This ingenious machine can be put in any and all spaces, and works via semi-WA-approved modifications!
Disclaimer: USoW does not take responsibility for any malfunctions and/or explosions due to USoW super AC
4. Orb
Using experimental technology created in the USoW, we have created a device capable of protecting miles of area from the harsh weather!
Introducing: The Orb! This device creates a massive orb around your city, protecting it from the weather and environment as long as it has a constant supply of around 5000Gw of power.
This device can be yours for only ~9,000,000,000 OwOCoins!

With all this information, you can now move in to wherever you want, and not instantly die to the cold!
So what are you waiting for? Come on over to West Antartica!
Disclaimer: Blame 15th Scottish Highlanders Division