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Economic and Military Treaty Obligations of Kuwait (2022) (WIP)

Economic Organizations

Main Economic Partners:
1. Egpyt
2. Germany
3. China
4. Lebanon
5. Bulgaria
6. Romania
7. Italy
8. India
9. United States
10. Japan

BSEP (The Black Sea Economic Partnership):

The Black Sea Economic Partnership (BSEP) is an inter-governmental forum and trade agreement between the black sea nations of Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, and Kuwait. These five signature nations constitute a combined GDP of $9.1 trillion (USD) making it among the list of the largest trade agreements in the world. The agreement was signed at a formal signing ceremony held in Instanbul on March 4, 1998, but it didn't officially come into effect until January 1, 1999, after Ukraine became the last nation to finally ratify the treaty. The primary aim of the agreement is the promotion of free trade throughout the Black Sea region and beyond, providing detailed standards for trade between the nations, and providing detailed rules and regulations for access to the Black Sea through the Bosporus and Dardanelles Straits. The origins of the agreement date back to the early 1980s under the administration of Al-Hasan Kader who sought to promote international cooperation between Kuwait's nearby neighbors, in exchange, other member participants would be able to have guarantees on the control of the straits leading into the sea. Over multiple administrations and various disagreements, the agreement was finally signed.

The initial agreement had Russia involved as a signature member but the nation was unanimously voted out after the invasion of Crimea in 2014.

CEA (The Central Asian Economic Alliance):

The Central Asian Economic Alliance (CEA), also known as CAEA, is a political and economic intergovernmental forum between the nations of Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Akin to ASEAN, its primary goal is to promote the peace, stability, and security of the region provided by the principles of the United Nations charter and to facilitate economic growth and cultural development of all nations involved. The forum provides a platform to discuss ways to improve the development of (WIP)

MTU (The Mediterranean Trade Union):

OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries):

WTO (World Trade Organization):

Military Organizations

Main Military Partners:
1. Egypt
2. Cyprus
3. Lebanon
4. India
5. Ukraine
6. Libya
7. Palestine (Unoffical)
8. Bulgaria
9. Romania
10. Kazakhstan

CENTO (The Central Treaty Organization):

KIT (The Kuwait-India Treaty):



The Arab League: