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The United Kingdom of
Moralistic Democracy

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The Foundation of United Pine and the Piniesh Empire

Rise of the 1st and 2nd United Pine and the Piniesh Empire

Foundation of the original United Pine and the Lampian Kingdoms rise(1440-1447)
In 1440 there was 4 major states in the Piniesh Isles island of Pinea, the Lampian Kingdom, Sh#te, Dumnonia and the Kingdom of Paradox. Lampia was getting stronger after merging with chia in 1440. In 1443 Sh#te nation declared war on Lampia, intially they were winning but by 1445 the war turned against them and in 1447 they lost. Lampia took the south and puppeted the rest, creating the Duchy of Sh#ttington. now with its puppet state it was stronger but Paradox too made land grabs. In 1446 it annexed Dimitri and in 1447 the nation of Interdox.

The Pinea War (1450-1456)
In 1450 the Kingdom of Paradox declared war and invaded the north east part of Dumnonia the most powerful nation on the island, this proved to be big for Lampia as Paradox was the only other nation that could stop Dumnonia. Paradox and Lampian kingdoms formed the Lampadox Entente and invited the Duchy of Sh#ttington and the small nations of Circleia and Powys. 1 year into the war Dumnonia would receive help - the largest nation in the continent of Kingdomia, Dofia would ally with them, seeing them as a useful ally who could control all the Piniesh Isles. Dofia declares war on the Lampadox Entente and forms the faction, the Volgogradi Treaty Group. from 1450-1452 land battles were won again and again by the lampadox Entente, such as the battle of Stego Valley from Powy, Shient and Lamp forces (3rd-28th May 1451), a massacre of Dumnonian forces. The battle of Arrowshead (4th August 1452) was also a big victory for Lampadox forces as lampian and shient forces managed to rain mass of arrows down onto their enemies from 3 sides, charging with Swords and Tercios, Calvary destroyed the enemy forces leading to a huge encircling on land. Both North and South pushed in, but were stopped on advance due to equipment shortage, the support from Dofia was leading to lots of lost arrows, armour, horses and sheilds as well as maces too. meanwhile the High Navy (Dofian navy) and Post Navy (lampia navy) battled over the supply between Dofian equipment, weapons and troops in the Subice sea. the dofian navy should have won easy, they had many man o wars, but the lampian sloops with unqiue fighting and formation tactics saw victory in the seas cutting their supply fully by 1455. In 1454, the Duchy of Sh#ttington was annexed by is controller state, lampia. This caused problems it would work in the long run. by 1456 October 13th Dumnonia capitulated and Dofia backed down announcing a white peace deal that was accepted with the enemy. the South of Dumnonia was to go to Lampia, Paradox took what they first seized at the start of the war and the rest of the north part was made puppet by Paradox, the Dachi Dumnon (do not confuse with Dachi islands,that nation was named after historic town Dachi where this new nation is based.)

Whale national group forms nation Whale (1460)
By 1460 Lampias peoples were all similar races, however one national group, know as Whalesh people decided to hold a revolt and break of a new nation, Whale, and establish new borders. Whales declaration of leave from Lampia was not out of spite but more of a attempt to unite Whale people and to bring them from the country to one area.

Formation of Pinesland (1462)
Eventually, Paradox and its puppet state decided to merge thrones after the leading monarch died and a Lampian one took over, This lead to both nations deciding to merge into each other. A new country was proclaimed after the island name, Pinea and the Pineish Isles, This was Pinesland.

The First Union (1466)
Six years later and the new states of Whale and Pinesland begin to consider merging, they both share similar interests, peoples and goals, and economically would boom by joining economies and government moneys combining. Pinesland, was a lead by King Manfred II the man who united Lampia and Paradox. However a new form of government was formed, Democracy (see foundation of modern democracy of Planetaria article). Whale too had adopted this Pineish system. King Manfred and PM Ronald Paste met with Whale PM Archibald Grove to unify the 2 nations. As well the new state of Saurid Nation owning the land of Cretaceous island which took from the Schultz Empire and Tyrannosauird island, it had been founded in 1461, and they too negotiated to join under Duke Tom, The Flags were merged and the first timespan for United Pine and its identity was born.

Becoming part of and core land of the Britannia Empire
By the year 1554 the nation of United Pine saw its king Harold II assassinated by seperatist nationalists in former Sh#te lands. With that a succession crisis saw many people at stake for king, and one was the Britannia Empire King James III who won over the people, the Pineish people were directly related and pretty much the same as British or nicknamed infi people. The new democratic with some monarch powers empire of Britannia now was merged with UP and UP had became core land.