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The United Kingdom of
Moralistic Democracy

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Geography summary.

Land Geography overview

The landscape
Overall, United Pines landscape is hugely varied. Across the world there are many hot and cold deserts and United Pine features two ice, cold deserts, one covering the entirety of Marleyland and another covering the northern part of Domcide. Other Pineish north islands like the Palmers and Cuboid are covered in woody forests of many different species of trees, spreading reproducing, moving and fighting underground with roots over soil, but the Pine tree dominates. These forests create good usuals towards a large Furniture and wood branding economic sector.

The Cretaceous nation has a very flat land with low lying shrub land areas, posing many flood threats. Meanwhile to the south, the island of Daggertooth outpost is a very dry hot island with few plants or animal life, mainly built upon. The island of Cypher is a large island covered in hot sand desert and some Savannah land. United Pines main body, Pinesland and Whale is a very flat land mostly with few mountains, there is some very hilly high up regions to the West Midlands between whale and Pinesland but apart from that mostly light woods and grassland.

Although United Pine does not have any land borders with any other nation, it does have sea borders with the countries of Drance, TECU, Nordic Federation, Der Hansreich and New Prussia.