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The United Kingdom of
Moralistic Democracy

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Physical and Political Geographical makeup

United Pines Geography

United Pine is located at the centre of the continent Britannia, the continent of which is named after the great Britannia Empire that died out in 1909 finally after beginning in 1518. The continent is part Archipelago, part land mass, bordering the continent of Kingdomia. Both the Prochnost Union (PSCU) and the Nordic Federation have parts in Britannia but too in kingdomia, with the PSCU, significantly more land. United Pine is closest to the Tri Ocean, which separates North Concoram from Britannia, and it borders the Arena Ocean which is enclosed between Antarfrica, Isla Sia and Britannia. United Pine is mostly flat land with lots of beaches and seaside, it has very large fishing industry as of 2065 but a slowly weakening but stronger than 20 years ago, tourist industry. UPs mainland borders the Pine Sea, the Old Tropic sea and the Hans Sea. Islands like the Palmers are covered in woods while Domcide is a very hot climate but to the north has ice plains. marleyland is nearly entire ice.

Nation Borders and identities
United Pine is made up of 4 member nations, Pineland and Whale on the mainland and Cretaceous and Tyrannosaurid nations are island nations. The nation divided into this looks like this:

Pinesland - Purple
Whale - Light Green
Tyrannosaurid nation - Turquoise
Cretaceous nation - Pink, its own island
Shienton - light pink, "mainland"

The Political map, last few years to today (2065 January)
In the Recent years a surge in right wing populism has taken United Pine down a new destiny, policies recently have been very economy and too freedom based as well as anti-woke vs woke politics. anti-woke politics has prevailed using political facts to back its argument and has seen a resurgence of support for colonialism after recent PMs pointed out its good, anti-slavery, infrastructure, racial tensions ending, quality of life for colonies increasing and more that has lead for support for colonialism through ideals of before, anti-slavery and tackling slave states reawakening slavery after the Piniesh, Britannia and Drench fights to stop it. Many former rich colonies have seen the benefits of colonialism and many former colonies that were taken by dictators want to reform these empires now understanding the economic and political freedom. Another reawaken colonial policy is too spread democracy and free speech to the world and perhaps colonise barley claimed and uninhabited lands that somewhat remain. New Populist politics can be seen and right wing and centre victories in recent elections like the 2056, 2060 election which is here, first the political map, not fully complete but mainstream at the time for 2056 which was featured on MCA news on election night:
The 2056 Election saw a victory for Right Wing Thatcherite conservative party, Post party. This was their 3rd consecutive victory in a row and the 2nd for re-elected then Prime Minister Josh Jones. the seat results were:

The party went on with a majority, in Up parliament there's a non aligned area as well as a opposition and government side, so there is 3 options. To learn more about United Pine Parliament see the Pineish Parliament system and info article. CIP, NOKIP both took government side and created a 69 seat majority with Post party over the non aligned and opposition combination. Lamppost party was the only to take up the non aligned side.

This election is just part of one of huge populist recent victories in the last 10 years, in 2060 a new snap election was called by the PM Josh Jones. the results saw bigger victories for the right and the centre together and bigger loses for the left collectively.

The parliament after looked like this, with each party choosing government side, opposition and nonaligned:

This is also the current government body of United Pine however the Prime Minister is no longer Josh Jones who resigned in 2062 after 12 years of governance. Since 2062 then PM has been Margaret Campbell. The next election is expected in this year (2065) June. To find out more, see the Elections article.

This is parliament now after by elections and the recent removal of non aligned. also this features missing: