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Confederation Peace Force Application

Application for the CPF

Application Draft
  • Nation Name

  • Nation Leader or recommending Personnel for position

  • Days in the Confederation

  • Why do you believe you are suitable to be in the CPF

  • Current Military Budget Percentage

Confederation Peace Force



Must have a total of 30 days in the CCD


Must have a population of 100 million or over


Must not have any sort of misconduct or probationary conduct in the CCD


Have a military budget over or next to 10.5


Must have basic or intermediate RP skills

Being in the CPF is not a job it is a privilege.
Only a handful are selected to be apart of this Force and are proud to be apart of it. If you are accepted into the CPF, you may have the virtue of sending resources, humanitarian aid and Peacekeeping missions into countries facing disarray and civil troubles (unless subject country declines Peacekeepers).
During these times you may end all messages and conversations relating to said conflict and peace operations with:

Nation Name
Nation leader or personnel in CPF position
CPF Member

*Remember to use this only in situations were you are involved in nations with civil disarray

Hail the Confederation!

Grand Marshal John Jacobs
Confederation Armed Forces
Offices of the War Ministry

*Application process takes between 3 to 5 business days