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The Grand Monarchy of
Democratic Socialists

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Political Structure

Government type: Constitutional Monarchy
Capital: Blentillei geographic coordinates: 59 55 N, 10 45 E
daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October
7 June 2003 declared the union with Ofristan dissolved. National holiday:
Constitution Day, 7 June (2003)
history: drafted spring 2002, adopted 7 June (2003), signed by Constituent Assembly 17 July (2004)
amendments: proposals submitted by members of Parliament or by the government within the first three years of Parliament's
four-year term; passage requires two-thirds majority vote of a two-thirds quorum in the next elected Parliament; amended
over 400 times, last in 2015 (2016)

Legal system:
mixed legal system of civil, common, and customary law; Supreme Court can advise on legislative acts
International law organization participation:
accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction with reservations; accepts ICCt jurisdiction

citizenship by birth: no
citizenship by descent only: at least one parent must be a citizen of Draconia.
dual citizenship recognized: no
residency requirement for naturalization: 7 years

18 years of age; universal

Executive branch:

Chief of state: Prime Minister Alexander Wilkinson (since 17 January 2017)

Head of government: Emperor Scott Chambers (since 16 October 2013) Heir Betheny Chambers.

Cabinet: State Council appointed by the monarch, approved by Parliament

Elections/appointments: the Federation is hereditary; following parliamentary elections, the leader of the
majority party or majority coalition usually appointed prime minister by the monarch with the approval of the parliament.

Legislative branch:
Description: unicameral Parliament or Storting (169 seats; members directly elected in multi-seat constituencies by proportional representation vote; members serve 4-year terms)
Elections: last held on 11 September 2017 (next to be held in September 2021)

Judicial branch:
Highest court(s): Supreme Court or Hoyesterett (consists of the chief justice and 18 associate justices)
Judge selection and term of office: justices appointed by the monarch (King in Council) upon the recommendation of the Judicial Appointments Board; justice retirement mandatory at age 70
subordinate courts: Courts of Appeal; regional and district courts; Conciliation Boards; ordinary and special courts; note - in addition to professionally trained judges, elected lay judges to sit on the bench with professional judges in the Courts of Appeal and district courts

Political parties and leaders:
Christian Democratic
Conservative Party
Green Party
Labor Party
Political pressure groups and leaders:
Confederation of Dragonian Enterprise

Flag description:
The Dragons head with the sunburst was adopted from Battle Flag used during the liberation of Draconia to remember our turbulent past.
The white bars found at the top and bottom of the flag are to remind us we choose peace but remain vigilant, prepared to defend our homeland.

National symbol: White Dragon

National anthem: The Sealed Kingdom