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History of the Federation of United Draconia

Two centuries of Viking raids into Europe tapered off following the adoption of Christianity by Queen Antonietta Gyi in 964. Conversion of the kingdom occurred over the next several decades. In 1397, Draconia was absorbed after a bitter 12-year war into a union with the Gordian Empire which lasted for more than four centuries. In 1803, the people of Draconia rose up fought against the cession of their country by a Gordian Empire and adopted a new constitution. In 1804 Choal Snil, the Dictator of Gordian Empire again invaded Draconia crushing the resistance.

For the next 114 years, Draconian people were oppressed by the hand of the Gordian Empire. Excessive taxation and poor living standards crushed the Draconian spirit. There were numerous reports of ethnic cleansing at remote villages in remote Draconia. Rising nationalism throughout the 19th century led to the revolt of 1918 triggered by reports of Gordian Empire troops raping and murdering a 16 yo girl. The Revolution lasted three bitter years until the spring of 1922 when an armistice was signed. Later in 1923 Draconia was granted Independence.

Although Draconia remained neutral in Great World War, it suffered heavy losses to its shipping industry. Draconia proclaimed its neutrality at the outset of Second Great War but was nonetheless repeatedly attacked by the invading troops of the Roshan Empire. In 1943 the Countryís Capital Blentillei fell to the Roshan Troops who then retained control over Draconia. At the conclusion of the Second Great War in 1945, the defeated Roshan troops left the city of Blentillei in ruin.

The Gordian Empire again took advantage of Draconiaís defenselessness during the summer of 1946, declaring Gordianís aggression is fully justified, and Draconia has no right to an independent existence. The insurgency of Gordianís military once again toppled the Draconian government that resulted in massacres and massive expulsions of ethnic Draconianís living in Blentillei.
In the winter of 1955 the massacre of Ancient Brook, where Gordianís military murdered 256 people, triggered a revolt by the Draconian people lead by Edward Buckingham. Using guerrilla tactics Buckingham was successful at hindering Gordianís military movements, and more importantly, gaining the attention of Draconiaís former Allied Country of Covingham. The Covingham Airforce led a bombing campaign against the Gordianís military troops in the capital city of Blentillei. Buckinghamís militia grew in numbers with the help of Covingham supplying weapons and intelligence. In response, the Gordian Empire military began a widespread massacre in the summer of 1956 in the city Blentillei targeting ethnic Draconianís citizens.

Once the massacre was confirmed the World Assembly declared the Gordian Empire had committed a crime against humanity. The World Assembly sent troops in defeating the Gordian Empire military. The Gordian Empire forces withdrew from Blentillei in October of 1956 leaving the city in smoldering ruins. The World Assembly authorized an interim administration and a WA-led security force in Blentillei. The first order of business was to establish a 257-mile long demilitarized zone along Draconiaís northern border to guard against the Gordian Empire.

Fair elections were later held in late 1957 led to the installation of a Constitutional Monarchy government. The people seated the Patriot Edward Buckingham to become Draconiaís first Emperor in 154 years. His wife, Jacqueline Buckingham became the Empress. Jackson Hamilton was elected as Prime Minister. In the summer of 1958, the last of the WA-led security forces left the Constitutional Monarchy of a United Draconia after it declared itself an independent nation. When the rebuilding effort started the ancient Clovershire Castle in the village of Clovershire was restored and became the Royal Palace. Later Shirkuh Palace, the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the United Draconiaís Parliament in Blentillei, was restored to its former glory. Once completed in 1960 United Draconia held its first election filling both Houses. The newly elected representative drew out United Draconianís constitution which was enacted on January 10th 1961.

The Draconian government deciding to remain a neutral country set out to build a military to defend Draconia and the countryīs interests defined in the Blentillei Declaration. Every Draconian citizen must serve in the military for 48 months. After they are honorably discharged they are enlisted in the Home Guard until the age 55. The branches of the Draconian military are Army, Maritime Force, Home Guard and Special Command.

In 1974 Prime Minister Jackson Hamilton retired and Weston Richards was later elected to replace him.

In 1979 his holiness Emperor Edward Buckingham died of natural causes at the age of 81. His son, Robert Buckingham became the next Emperor, his wife Rachel became the Empress.
In 1981 Madalynn Bennett replaced Prime Minister Jackson Hamilton becoming Draconiaís first female Prime Minister.

In 1984 mediated between the warring countries of Uspiotan and the Asnain bringing an end to the costly 12 year Shues Chye conflict.

In 1986 the Royal couple gave birth to Betheny Buckingham who is heir to the throne. They later had a son who died in childbirth in 1991. In 1993 the Royal couple gave birth to their son Jordon.

In 1999 Prime Minister Madalynn Bennett retired and was replaced by Naomi Wilkinson.

In June of 2005, the Royal Draconian Maritime Force participated in a military action against Oscula lead by the World Assembly for crimes against humanity.

In August of 2007 Royal Draconian Maritime Force in conjunction with the Royal Draconian Air Force spearheaded a military action against Bouton overseen by the World Assembly for crimes against humanity.

On January 17th, 2017 Naomi Wilkinson was assassinated outside her home. Her husband Alexander Wilkinson was later elected to replace her.

Key domestic issues facing Draconia include immigration and integration of ethnic minorities, maintaining the country's military readiness, maintaining its extensive social safety net, and preserving economic competitiveness.