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LOC/POTUS Jim Carver

Jim Carver

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Threresa Carver



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"It is an honor to protect America, it is a duty to protect liberty" - Jim Carver

Jim Carver is the 41st president of the United States and the 8th Leader of Council of the UAC. He was elected in the 1988 election, racing against National Liberation Party Candidate Johnson Kay. He is considerably liberal, even for the 'Crying Uncle Sam' Party, with many of his policies of personal and political liberty being considered rapid changes from the conservative NLP leadership. However, his policies regarding the USSR are under fire due to his wishing to pull out of Africa and Indochina and instead contain Communism through diplomacy. Along with this, he has increasingly clamped down on the NLP's authority over the economy, the nation, and the Commonwealth by exposing corruption, arresting influential people in the party under various embellish charges, and shutting down several companies for charges of tax evasion.

Early Life

Jim Carver was born on the 4th of July in 1949 to a Clevelander Waitress. The father of Jim is unknown, as his mother refused and even got angry when Jim brought up the topic of his father. Despite his mother being a waitress, she tried her best to care for him and give him a life she couldn't get. He was a rather charismatic child, being able to sway people to his side over trivial things. His ego quickly built up and he began to see himself as sort of a god amongst his peers. He would keep a group of 'friends' around, who would either help him with his homework or attack peers he disliked. His mother, however, quickly disciplined him on the value of being good. She finally told him who his father was, though she still refused to say his name. His father was an abusive man who would often hurt Theresa, beating her and otherwise. When it was revealed she was pregnant, she quickly devised a plan to make sure Jim would not get hurt too. As such, she stole Jim's father's car and drove non-stop from Cincinnati to Cleveland.

The 14-year-old Jim was so shocked by the conversation, he cried harder than his mother. When he returned to school the next day, he called off his goons and instead became the kindest kid in the school. He even became friends with an African boy, something unheard of in his time. Especially after racial and political tensions in America sprung up once more with the NLP hanging Malcolm X and encouraging racial minorities to move from the nation. Jim, however, was sympathetic to the African-American cause and joined them on many protests. One of the protests turned violent after the US called in the military to disperse the crowd. The US army shot first as Jim and his fellow protestors retreated from the streets. It was here he vowed to never shoot at another man again.


Not days after he said that he was drafted to join the Army to fight in the Japanese Civil War. His time in the army was brutal, lasting nearly 5 years and seeing him deployed in one of the worst urban battles since Stalingrad: Tokyo. Entire Companies were lost in the endless meatgrinder that was Tokyo. While fighting on the Sumida River near Hamachō Park, he broke down crying and screaming. It was too much for him, and he just wanted to go home again. His wish would not be granted for another 4 years, as he continued to fight in the war until he was honorably discharged. Ironically, he would find his love in Japan: Laurie Henson. She was not a Japanese native, but a nurse who took care of him after his mental breakdown. While they both lived on opposite sides of the country, they kept in touch over the phone after the war was won.

Despite his breakdown in Tokyo, he maintained a public persona as a happy and caring man. However, in all actuality, he was depressed and traumatized. He had seen his friends blown up, civilians harmed or killed by both sides, he had to kill people multiple times, his mother had to call the police as they thought they were being robbed when she heard his screams. His mother eventually had to rake up every penny to send him to a therapist, putting them in debt. However, he would begin to recover as his therapist began to rehabilitate him. After months of recovery, he was able to adjust to the situation he was in. While the images of the war would never really go away, he was able to overcome it.

However, he still regretted the war and began to think of the reasons why he had to fight. Hatred of the system began to overwhelm him as he not only began to recount his events but the events of the country under the rule of the NLP. He reasoned that if the NLP was gone or their power was diminished, a good majority of future suffering would be prevented. As such, he went to college at Ohio University and got his masters in Public Administration. He managed to get himself elected on the Ohio General Assembly, which was quickly followed by him getting elected as Mayor of Cleveland from 1980 to 1986. While as mayor, he became internationally renowned for his heavy anti-NLP rhetoric and loud, but charismatic, speeches. Famously, he yelled out 'Javits was right' at an NLP politician, a reference to an event where Senator Jacob Javits brutally beat NLP senator Joseph McCarthy for suggesting 'internment camps' for suspected 'anti-Americans'. This got him praise from the Crying Uncle Sam Party, but disdain from the National Liberation Party. However, his loud and charismatic nature was just what the CUSP needed. As such, he ran in the 1988 election as the CUSP candidate. After making firey, if not vague, speeches of his promises as President he managed to win the election with 52% of the popular vote and 54% of the electoral vote.

Reign and Ideology

As the first non-NLP president in decades, he quickly learned of the power dynamic the NLP had created for itself. The powers were much, much, more balanced with neither the Congress, Presidency, or Judicial branch having more power than the others. However, he did note that many of the policies they put in place were heavily biased towards authoritarian corporatism, with a cabinet position called 'Secretary of Business Affairs' that was hidden from the public eye. He quickly realized that if he were to rebuild the country he would need to limit the government's power. And so, he is slowly but surely cutting down the bureaucracy and limiting the powers of both the United States Government and the Lima House. Of course, opposition means that most of his big ideas are either have to be compromised on or not happen, but he's trying his best none-the-less

Alongside limiting the government powers, he has enacted a series of civil rights bills, trying to end discrimination based on Sex, Race, Ethnic background, and Sexual orientation. Along with this, he wishes to repeal the 26th amendment, which allowed for the first nine amendments and the Fourteenth amendment to be suspended under 'times of great duress'. For all civil rights, he is under heavy criticism due to his wishing to de-escalate the cold war and warm up relations between the East and West. Critics of his have gone as far as to call him a communist sympathizer, though Jim Carver says otherwise. His largest achievement in that regard is the demobilization of the Angolan-Nambia border, one of the most heavily guarded regions in the world, and sending those troops to Japan to help to rebuild after their devastating civil war.

Since taking power Jim Carver has enacted a series of policies, they have resulted in:

  • Demobilization of the Angolan Border

  • Limiting Lima and DC's power

  • Passing several Civil Rights acts

  • Sending a 'friendly letter' to the USSR

  • Destroying the position of Secretary of Business Affairs

Political Opinions

Jim Carver is a Classical Liberal. He believes that the government should have their power limited as much as possible to ensure liberty and quality of life. He is heavily Egalitarian and is a supporter in both rights to speech, right to justice, and right to arms. However, despite being an Egalitarian, he is against the transgender community. While he doesn't wish for harm to be brought upon them, he has stated that he believes individuals with Gender Dysphoria have 'an unfortunate condition and should be helped, not celebrated'. Economically, he is still a Capitalist but is nowhere near as extreme as some of his fellow politicians. He believes that some institutions are needed to prevent exploitation of both nature and the working class, though he is still adamantly against Communism, Socialism, and other forms of Collectivism.

On a scale of politics, he hates the NLP more than he hates the Communist. He has privately stated that he believes the NLP is more of a threat to the American Way of Life than the USSR, China, India, and Arabia combined. However, he still does not like the nations of the East, claiming that their ideologies are still 'not good'. This does leave the odd situation where Caver simultaneously berates the USSR and wishes to come closer at the same time, but neither side is really stressing over the details. Along with this, he has advocated for the independence of the rather obscure nations of Eritrea, Morocco, and has proposed a 'United States' of the Amazigh in the Sahara Desert.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Classical Liberalism, Capitalism, Egalitarianism, American Exceptionalism, The Commonwealth

  • Neutral: Libertarianism, Social Democracy, Mild Conservativism

  • Anti: Authoritarianism, the NLP, the USRE, Michigan

Personal Life

Jim Carver spends most of his time in the White House, mostly with his wife First Lady Laurie Carver. His free time is, however, very limited due to the strenuous nature of his job. During the free time he does have, however, he can be found wandering DC with only his wife and a singular guard. He does not travel outside of DC much for non-diplomatic reasons, but he does occasionally go to visit his mother in Cleveland.

Religiously, he is a Presbyterian Christian and attends church whenever he can. Despite this, he has pondered the possibilities of other gods and is against the idea that different denominations go to hell, even going as far as saying that 'Jews might go to heaven too.'


  • Jim Carver married his wife, Lauria, at the age of 36 in a basement to avoid his aunt, who was not invited for multiple reasons.

  • He met Elvis Presley in 1962 at one of his concerts in Ohio and even got to eat his fried chicken, a memory he is still fond of.

  • He once boxed American politician Al Gore for fun. He lost.


Jim Carver as he appeared in a cigarette
commerical. His mom scolded him soon after

Carver's Wife, Lauria, as she
appeared in the 60s.

Carver somewhere in Chiba Prefecture, Japan
during the Japanes Civil War

Caver's Dog, Oda. A gift from
the Japanese Prime Minister

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