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The Parlamentary Republic of
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Biography of the president

Biography of the President of the Nation

Constitutional President of The Parlamentary Republic of the Union of Nobelia

Grace Summer Austin Atkins de Hawking

Portrait of the president in Palacio Majestuoso Celestial

Democratic Constitutional President


Constitutional President of The Parlamentary Republic of the Union of Nobelia(Formal)
President of the Union of Nobelia(In-formal)

Protest date

December 1, 2021

Government period

2021 - Present


March 11, 1957 (64 years old)


Kapley Vix Cunz & Augusto Bufein Tencihat (Husbands)


(Boy) Rezahré Bufein Austin & (Girl) Jasmin Atkins de Hawking Cunz

Full Name

Grace Summer Austin Atkins de Hawking


Reales Norte, Gran Eurocia


Jack Austin Lee


Amelia Hana Atkins de Hawking Seong

Universidad Autónoma de la Unión de Nobelia
Bachelor of Public Administration, 1982

Universidad Autónoma de la Unión de Nobelia
Master in economic administration, 1988

Universidad Autónoma de la Unión de Nobelia
Doctorate in socialist public economy, 2007


Orthodox Christian

Professional information


Politician, researcher (on economic issues), writer and social activist.

Salary (monthly)

♚75,000.00 Reyes ($390,000.00 NSD)

Politic party


Political, economic and social ideology

Socialist with a human face, Corporate Socialist and Council Communist

Doctor Grace Summer Austin Atkins de Hawking (Reales Norte, Gran Eurocia; March 11, 1957) is an politician, researcher (on economic issues), writer and social activist nobelian. She is the current president of the nation since December 1, 2021.

Since her beginnings in public life, she has always been a woman who seeks the social welfare of workers against the oppressive activities of the liberal capitalist system, during the dictatorship of the Ziel Gates family. So in 1988 he finished his master's degree and carried out the creation of the first national union of workers against the tyranny and abuses of corporations, which was his thesis to graduate and which was the basis for the creation of it. Despite the political persecution by the government, she spoke out against capitalist oppression, although she never used any radical means or confrontations to achieve what they longed for. She studied for a time about Hawkings and Karl Marx ideology, so she thought of building a government with a socialist base in favor of the proletariat and the unions.

Its participation in the "Revolution of the Altars" was very significant because it was structuring the administrative-economic bases for the effective functioning of the unions, so it was not involved in the revolutionary factions that were emerging, so it participated in the National Democratic Parliament as a legislative representative leading the presidency during factional battles. After the failure of the autarkic law imposed by Dr. Roshanak Wereny, she made the decision to lead the presidency of the nation independently since, as a revolutionary figure, she had the support and approval of the nation's unions for her appointment as president. of the nation, he won his victory on December 1, 2021 against his opponent Dr. Euganio Cruwhz (a highly recognized opponent of the nation).








Early Life

She was born on March 11, 1957 (64 years old) in the municipality of Reales Norte, in the sovereign state of Gran Eurocia. Her parents Jack Austin Lee (a refugee from the Le Moundavius colony during the 2nd World War) and Amelia Hana Atkins from Hawking Seong of native European origin from a working-class family and Orthodox Christian religious (like most of this town), lived during their Childhood in this town where she studied and grew to strengthen the socialist spirit that was booming, so she had an education in the newly created elementary schools during the Yáng Tang government.

She studied at the local high school, where he found his notion of studying social sciences, this is due to the support of teachers who saw his potential to understand the social environment and its complications, so he decided to study Public Administration at the Autonomous University of Nobelia. During the coup in 1974 under the command of Senator Mauricio Ziel, where he presided over the presidential power in that year causing strong violations of civil rights and political freedom; two years later she was forced to leave her studies to seek refuge, caused by the government's oppression of students, where she was an active protester against the government that declared itself openly capitalist and in favor of foreign interests. So her parents forced her to leave her social activism as well as her studies and move to Huilixco (considered a rebellious state at that time), to shelter her and give her security, this is due to a militarized tactic where they looked for the leaders of student movements across the nation.

During the year 1980 (the eve of the presidential elections) she returned to the student movement to prevent the elections of her nation from being held, for which he named it "Economic Liberalism is equal to oppression", dedicating himself again to his studies to understand better the public administration of its historical moment and to be able to face it. The movement was not successful since the elections were carried out with strong police brutality under the pretext of political freedom, where it is known as "the Friday of the black angels" due to the repression that took place on August 17, 1980 during the electoral elections.
The elections were declared valid, leaving his brother Nietche Ziel in power as president while Mauricio Ziel went to the democratic parliament in order to overthrow this de facto power for his ambitions in the nation, this was repudiated by the entire university community in social science studies, because it would provoke the tyranny of his government to shield him.

So in 1982 he presented his thesis where it was very controversial, this was because it was an argumentative theme against public administration by former president Mauricio Ziel entitled "Economic liberalism and its social oppressions", where he gave her degree as a graduate in public administration to join the National Democratic Parliament where she suffered political persecution and sought political asylum in the Portal de Norez colony to continue her master´s studies at the university that was in that territory.
After his departure and persecution in the country, moving to the colony of Portal de Norez, he studied and finished his master's degree in economic administration in 1988, with his research on "Administration in the territorial colonies and its deficiencies in the liberal economic model ", where he criticizes and gives a response to the problems that were being suffered in those colonies, for which his publication was rejected in the nation but in the surrounding colonies it was received and studied thoroughly.

In the year 1990, she returns to the nation to run for the National Democratic Parliament but is caught and imprisoned before entering the Parliament facilities, by order of the central government of Chrystelle Fleming in charge of the Higher Intelligence Corps (now extinct) to proceed charges against him in order to prevent him from participating in the political life of the country. She is imprisoned for only two months before the dispute and the first attempt at rebellion in the country, they reached agreements so that this would not happen.

After her release, she created the first "National Workers' Union" which is the first of its kind, where she worked in the Portal de Norez colony (previously created but in colonial territory), this was the moment of low blow towards the current government, so I tried to dissolve the union in its place of origin but without any success. This begins to give rise to an impulse to create more unions in different companies in the country (despite not being declared legal) but they were gaining more ground in the country's economic environment.

During the 1992 elections another electoral fraud occurred, leaving Nietche Ziel Gates in power again for the next 6 years; this triggered that they will begin to create rebel groups against the dictatorship. Mainly the unions led by Grace Summer, who had declared themselves as opponents of the incoming government, causing the unions to be decreed as a threat to national sovereignty, which led to the creation of a special battalion within the army to declare war on these groups classified as "terrorists".

Within the next 4 years, there was a lot of persecution throughout the nation and within the territorial colonies the borders were guarded day and night without stopping, until the year 1996 in the Los Altares region located in Pueblos Nobelianos (current capital of the country), the revolution was declared led by Gregory Salazaer (current governor of the colony of New Nobelia) calling it the "Altares Battalion" in honor of the place where the revolutionary current towards the freedom of the people was created.

In different parts of the country, the bloody and destructive war against the oppressive government began, giving rise to different battles, while the unions were preparing to diplomatically and peacefully take over the seats of the National Democratic Parliament, creating a strong de facto power for the next elections. In 1996, Dr. Gregory Salazaer, leader of the Altares battalion, wins the presidency in the elections, coming to power on September 1, 1996. While the business oligarchy together with the Gates family decide to escape the country without success, being arrested on August 10 to be tried and punished for their war crimes.

During the next few years (that is, from 1998), Grace Summer is dedicated to creating laws and reforms in favor of the worker in the second phase of the revolution, obtaining the legality and operation of the unions and creating the General Board of Unions. of the Nation, being the president during the next 6 years so that later she chose the path of studying the new doctorate in economics, creating a new economic model with socialist ideals upon graduation and being an economic researcher at the University, being the basis for the future economic reforms of the following years.

During the year 2015, she was summoned to serve as Minister of Welfare and Social Peace of the Democratic Congress of Parliament, arriving in office on March 15, 2015, for her performance in activism in favor of worker welfare as well as her peaceful struggle during the "Revolution of the Altars". She was a minister for the following years, until the year 2021, during the so-called "Autarkic Law" promoted by President Roshanak Storladen, she was called by the unions to run as president and obtained her victory on December 1, 2021.


Political Views

Council communist: She has an ideology where she exposes her point of view where the central government is made up of unions through workers' councils of the nation that intend to facilitate worker self-management or worker control within a company without leaving aside the term of union for their greater de facto control of the workplace, instead of negotiating with employers through collective bargaining agreements. They are a form of "workplace democracy".

Corporate Socialism: It is believed that giving greater power to the worker through workers' control of the industry through "guilds", these guilds would not be like the medieval guild but rather a trade union corporation related by branch of business. Its functioning would be a form of socialism fused with syndicalist corporatism, with decentralized command; sometimes considered the counterpart of Anglo-Saxon origin of revolutionary unionism and Latin anarcho-syndicalism that advocate a type of union corporation called workers' self-management, although there is no known direct exchange of ideas.

Socialism with a human face: It takes as a reference that certain degrees of democratization and political freedom can be implemented through reforms, but that it would allow the communist council to continue maintaining real power.
Maintaining the humanist ideology which is considered not to persecute and release political prisoners, rehabilitate those convicted in the processes of the Revolution of the Altars, facilitate trips abroad and changes in the labor code.
This allows for greater freedom of the press and culture, and emphasized the need for personal initiative in economic matters.

Religious Views

Orthodox Christian: Despite her religion, she believes that no religion should be imposed on people.

National projects

Economic Reform for the year 2022

The proposal is presented on April 22, 2022, with the purpose of changing the economic system of the nation as well as the economic, financial and fiscal laws that are within the market socialist economic model (current model and being a pioneer in this existing model) to corporate socialist (model that he presented in his doctoral degree and research he has done together with other academics); managing to open the market to the private sector without abandoning the socialist ideals and council communism that came into force on December 1.

Reform to create a new geopolitical regime for the year 2022

A proposal is presented to make drastic changes in the geopolitics of the country, including the territorial colonies, in order to end Nobelian imperialism and make these territories more autonomous, turning them into "autonomous republics" or a commonwealth of nations to form one. without having to separate or become independent for greater growth and development of the joint territories. Favoring them of lax policies and laws for their benefit.

Upcoming national projects:

  • Stock market improvement (planned for the year 2022).

  • Energy Reform for the year 2024.

  • Judicial reform for the year 2025.

  • Reform for the revocation of the mandate for the year 2022.


  • According to a forum about MBTI personalities, they have positioned the president with an ENFJ type personality (protagonist) with 3w2 enneagram.

  • She loves to participate in charity work as a hobby.

  • Her favorite sport is soccer and wrestling; so he often visits and participates in these sports.

  • It has been declared that she will be the most important woman in history for her important reforms.

  • According to statements in television interviews, her historical figures that she identifies are former presidents Corelia Norez Medellín and Gaby Gounelle Couturier.

  • She is in favor of Socialism with a Human Face, Corporate Socialism, Council Communism, Communism, Socialism, Planned Economy, Marxism, Democracy, Multiparty Democracy, LGBT Rights and Gender Identity, Liberalism, Left Communism, Trade Unionism.

  • It remains neutral before market socialism, social democracy, libertarianism, capitalism, free market.

  • She is against Imperialism, neoliberalism, feminism, machismo, conservatism, Christian right, fascism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, autarky, dictatorship of the proletariat, anarchism, right-wing socialism.

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