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Economic report by indexes of the nation Independence Hill (Updated)

The federal government thanks the nation Independence hill for its contribution to providing us with reports on our nation's economy.

Report for: Union of Nobelia (Friday Febrary 25, 2022)

------------------------------------------------------------General Information----------------------------------

Date: 02/25/22

Total Population: 5.872 billion

National Civil Rights: 68.67 (Excellent)

National Economy: 100.48 (Frightening)

National Political Freedom: 75.81 (World Benchmark)

Avg IQ: 138.68


GDP: 1,445.2T E-Kings

GDP Per Capita: 246,131.01 E-Kings

Money Supply: 1,395.2T E-Kings

Velocity of Money: 1.03------------------The speed has been on the rise, this is due to the low consumption that is being seen.

Exchange Rate: 1.00 King = $5.52----------------------The appreciation of the currency is increasing, according to this index.

Avg Income: Poorest 10%: 214,701.35 E-Kings ($1,185,151.45) | Middle Class: 246,423.175 E-Kings ($1,360,255.92)| Wealthiest 10%: 278,145.00 E-Kings ($1,535,360.40).

Consumer Spending: 623.6T E-Kings ($Q).-------------------------- There is more and more savings in the central bank and in bank accounts.

Savings & Investment: 821.6T Kings ($Q) ------------------------- There is more availability in savings than in circulation, which means that the speed of money is slowing down.

Unemployment Rate: 2.31%.------------There are fewer jobs, due to the new economic policies of the new government established in January of this year, which is being reflected in the indices.

Minimum Wage: 13.28 E-Kings/hr ($73.30/hr) -------------------------------------------Likewise, the value of the currency has been affected in the minimum wage.

Avg Cost of an Automobile: 213,101.45 E-Kings ($1,176,320.00)--------------- Increasingly cars are expensive in price but with greater sostification in recent models in technology updates.

Number of Barrels of Fuel Oil Produced in One NS Year: 820,022,500 Barrels in one year.

Price of Fuel Oil per Barrel: 87.30 E-Kings ($481.91)

Avg Cost of a Gallon of Gasoline: 24.22 E-Kings/Gal ($23.92/Gal)------------ Adjustments were made to the price of the production, causing an increase in the price.

Avg Cost of a Residential Property: 1,133,859.20 E-Kings ($6,258,902.784)

Avg Monthly Rental Costs: 377.81 E-Kings/Month ($2,085.51)

------------------------------------------------------------------------Defense Forces---------------------------------

Defense Missile Production: 10.50 Defense Missiles/NS Year

Efficiency: 110.35% (Percentage of how efficient the defense missiles are at deflecting a threat from the air)

Tank Production: 10.99 Tank Production/NS Year

Efficiency: 120.95% (Percentage of efficiency of tanks manufactured in the nation).


The economic policies of the new government that entered on December 1, 2021 have given strong changes in financial and fiscal matters, so the indices are seen with a change (some in decline and others in growth) a new strategy should be thought of to the social good of the population and of the financial and economic resources, to avoid inflation and an economic crisis in the future.

Report for: Union of Nobelia (Sunday Octuber 23, 2021)
------------------------------------------------------------General Information----------------------------------

Date: 10/23/21

Total Population: 5.137 billion

National Civil Rights: 74.83 (Superb)

National Economy: 100.32 (Frightening)

National Political Freedom: 81.33 (World Benchmark)

Avg IQ: 136.94


GDP: 1,122.7 T Kings

GDP Per Capita: 218,552.09 Kings

Money Supply: 1,072.7 T Kings

Velocity of Money: 1.04------------------The velocity of money has been slightly slowed by investment and savings promoted by the government.

Exchange Rate: 1.00 King = $5.20----------------------An appreciation of the currency can be observed. It is increasingly strengthened by government initiatives and incentives.

Avg Income: Poorest 10%: 196,563.98Kings ($1,022,132.69) | Middle Class: 218,552.09Kings ($1,136,470.86)| Wealthiest 10%: 240,347Kings ($1,249,804.40).

Consumer Spending: 709.1T Kings ($Q).-------------------------- This indicator shows us that inflation has decreased and that prices and products have had a reduction.

Savings & Investment: 413.6 T Kings ($Q) ------------------------- There are people who save and invest more and more.

Unemployment Rate: 2.13%.------------The unemployment rate has dropped by a small percentage, indicating that there are more jobs in the national economy.

Minimum Wage: 13.39 Kings/hr ($69.66/hr) -------------------------------------------The increase in the minimum wage, together with government initiatives, has meant that the price of products is not affected for the basic food basket of the population.

Avg Cost of an Automobile: 171,062.72 Kings ($889,526.14)

Avg Cost of a Gallon of Gasoline: 4.60 Kings/Gal ($23.92/Gal)

Avg Cost of a Residential Property: 877,041.90 Kings ($4,560,617.88)

Avg Monthly Rental Costs: 387.30 Kings/Month ($2,013.96)

------------------------------------------------------------------------Defense Forces---------------------------------

Defense Missile Production: 10.43 Defense Missiles/NS Year

Efficiency: 108.86% (Percentage of how efficient the defense missiles are at deflecting a threat from the air)

Tank Production: 10.94 Tank Production/NS Year

Efficiency: 119.70% (Percentage of efficiency of tanks manufactured in the nation).

Report for: Union of Nobelia (Wed Sep 01, 2021)
------------------------------------------------------------General Information----------------------------------
Date: 08/29/21

Total Population: 4.809 B

National Civil Rights: 74.89 (Superb)

National Economy: 100.23 (Frightening)

National Political Freedom: 75.52 (Superb)

Avg IQ: 136.16


GDP: 980 T Kings

GDP Per Capita: 203,784.57 Kings

Money Supply: 930 T Kings ------Money has to be kept out of supply to control its value.

Velocity of Money: 1.05 -------------This is the rate at which money exchanges hands. It's not bad, but you really don't want this going on an upward trend.

Exchange Rate: 1.00 King = $5.02 ------------------This is very high. You should consider moving to a very large, very poor region to take advantage of cheap imports. If you do choose this option, legislatively focus on the most important part of your industry and let the other sectors slowly fall to the way side. You'll just import what you need and your population will suddenly see an increase in buying power.

Avg Income: Poorest 10%: 182,415.39 Kings ($915,725.25) | Middle Class: 203,823.00 Kings ($1,023,191.46)| Wealthiest 10%: 225,136.00 Kings ($1,130,182.72) -----------------------------Too much income equality. The general idea is to ensure that your bottom 10% can afford to participate within the economy within reason. Watch for inflation. You don't want too much money chasing too few goods.

Consumer Spending: 769 T Kings ($3.860 Q) ------------------------------------------This indicates that inflation is on the rise. There's simply too much money and not enough goods for sale.

Savings & Investment: 211 T Kings ($1.059 Q)---------------------People can't save much money because costs are too high.

Unemployment Rate: 2.37% -------------------------This figure will increase the more you import. The sector of industry you choose to focus on must grow to absorb the impact of job loss. Transfer the value you gain from importing cheap goods to things like education and business subsidies for your focal industry. Keep growth of income outpacing growth of costs always.

Minimum Wage: 12.68 Kings/hr ($63.65/hr) --------------This would be a good number if cost of goods weren't so high.

Avg Cost of an Automobile: 151,465.27 Kings ($760,355.66) ------------------------You aren't producing or importing enough automobiles to match the level of demand in your nation. Because of this, the price of an automobile has skyrocketed and back orders go on for miles. If you buy an automobile today, you'll have to pay today but you won't get your purchase for a few years- my guess is 10 earth days (1 NS year = 1 Earth Day).

Avg Cost of a Gallon of Gasoline: 4.33 Kings/Gal ($21.73/Gal)--------------If you can get your automobile costs down, fuel costs will follow.

Avg Cost of a Residential Property: 753,642.85 Kings ($3,783,287.12)----------------------Property values are overinflated because you're using your own materials instead of importing them.

Avg Monthly Rental Costs: 388.70 Kings/Month ($1,951.274)--------------------------------------The higher economic classification you have, the higher the rent multiplier. In your case, it's x1.75. If you can get your property costs down, rent will follow.

You really should consider moving to a very large, poor region. They have a to sell and you have a strong currency. When it comes to your imports and exports, the trends screen will be easy enough to read. In any given sector of industry, a region outperforming a member nation means that member nation imports. There's no reason to outperform any other nation in the region if you already have a strong currency. It serves no purpose to be the largest exporter and have a strong currency. I hope this report helps and I'm sorry it's a little late.

Report for: Union of Nobelia (Wed Apr 14, 2021)
------------------------------------------------------------General Information----------------------------------
Date: 4/14/21

Total Population: 3.997 B

National Civil Rights: 75.44 (Superb)

National Economy: 100.15 (Frightening)

National Political Freedom: 69.14 (Excellent)

Avg IQ: 134.58
GRP: K754 T

GRP Per Capita: K188,641.48

Money Supply: K704 T ($3.4 Q)

Velocity of Money: 1.07

Exchange Rate: K1.00 = $4.83

Avg Income: Poorest 10%: K156,426.71 ($755,541.01) | Middle Class: K188,650.61 ($911,182.45) | Wealthiest 10%: K222,981.00 ($1,076,988.23)

Unemployment Rate: 2.41%

Minimum Wage: K11.87/hr ($57.33/hr)

Avg Cost of an Automobile: K118,447.35 ($572,100.7)

Avg Cost of a Gallon of Gasoline: K8.41/Gal ($40.62/Gal)

Avg Cost of a Residential Property: K671,300.38 ($3,242,380.84)

Avg Monthly Rental Costs: K209.67/Month ($1012.71/Month)
As far as the economic outlook of your nation, I feel it may be too late for you to cut taxes considering your incomes and costs are very high, because tax cuts create growth and will further exacerbate this situation. An automobile takes up almost one's entire salary in the poorest bracket and you're paying way too much for gasoline. Keep in mind, these automobiles and their fuels, they're of very high quality, which contributes to their costs. The demand is there because you're a nation of 3+ Billion with a very high level of technology and low unemployment. People are busy and they need to get to where they're going. Residential Property costs are out of control, but rents are reasonable.

Your entire nation seems to be one never ending city, with the average residential property being large buildings housing hundreds of apartments. The automobiles seem to be self driving and almost fully autonomous. It seems the only remedy I can think of for your ever rising costs is to specialize your economy (not completely or to a point of insanity) toward a vital industry. You're at a level where you need to strategically import products from your region that your nation would already be terrible at making anyway. The only way you can put this into action is to answer issues that would allow you to preserve what you want and implode what you don't want.

Keep your taxes where they're at until you have found the industry you want to depend on domestically and have imploded the ones you don't want. As your economy heals from the damage, cut taxes to stimulate demand and spending.