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The People's Republic of
Democratic Socialists

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Leaders of the UASR

The First Leader of the UASR was Jacob Eisenhower:

Born: 1892
Died: 1976

Party Chairman from 1940-1976
Premier from: 1957-1976
Comrade Jacob was born a farmer in Northern Albandry and soon became the first academic and strong revolutionary in all of Albandrite history, he led numerous workers strikes in the former Capital of the colonies, and quickly gained the support of the proletariat as he formed the Socialist Party. Comrade Jacob led the military forces of the People's Army through harsh combat against reactionary and Imperialist aggressors, his wise military decisions led to a total victory for the righteous forces of Socialism. Comrade Eisenhower would later draft the great book Marxist Leninism in the context of Albandry, where the basic principles of our Socialist Republic were formed, the great Comrade led us throughout the era of rebuilding throughout the sixties and seventies and gained a large following that lasts to this day long after his death. His image is immortalized in statues, paintings, posters, documentaries paintings and more. A large statue of him stands at the largest square in Revolutionary City, where many citizens are seen often paying respect to the first great leader of the Revolution. His portrait is in most Government buildings next to a portrait our current Premier, and a large portrait of him takes center of the Party Headquarters.

2. Premier Milo Volyn

In Office: 1977-1989
Born: 1927
Died: 2002
Comrade Volyn led the UASR through economic stagnation in the early 80's and introduced Oil drilling programs that would later save the economy in the late 80's. He is remembered for leading the UASR through post-Eisenhower hardships and maintaining the party line. He also introduced minor economic reforms allowing small markets to operate under state regulation, in order to counter the growing black market.

3. Premier Nigel Hartmann
In Office: 1990-1999
Born: 1940

Hartmann was the first mixed raced leader of the UASR, being both Anglo and Neoskyrian. He led the nation throughout the ethnic wars of the 90's, however is blamed for the Neoskyrians ethnic cleansing going so far due to his ignoring of the grim reality of the situation and hardly speaking of the incident in meetings or speeches. He was voted out of power for incompetence in 1999 and serves as a local government member in a city in the Southern Republics.

4. Premier Muammar al-Youssef
born: 1958
Died: 2007
In Office: 2000-2007

The First Muslim Leader of the UASR, Muammar tried to spend much time in bettering communication between the Socialist Government and the Muslim communities. His programs stabilized Islamic communities and would later open peaceful dialogue between Neoskyrians and Muslims. It is believed however many secret police and mass arrest campaigns also had involvement with the forceful pacification of the southern region. In 2005 he tried to introduce Market reform similar to that of China. This caused a split in the party between hardliners and reformists who thought the best way of increasing economic productivity was to create a new Social Democrat Capitalist economy. Muammar died in 2007 officially by Heart attack. But it is widely speculated the hardliners poisoned him and immediately put current Premier Vinsky in power.

5. Premier Vinsky
Born: 1956
Premier: 2007-2019

Johannan Vinsky was the former head of defense and leading military commander of the Albandrite People's Army, after a surprise election in 2007 following the death of the former Premier , Johannan was swiftly elected into office by the Communist Party. In March of 2017, polls indicate he is one of the most popular leaders in Albandry's history.

Notable Contributions:
-Crackdowns on corruption and anti terror campaigns that yielded great results
-Improved standards of living for citizens due to a boost in economic power following foreign trade deals made by the Premier.
-New Public Works programs, from parks, apartment renovations, to massive monuments.
-Openness about his way of running things to the public
-New Automation programs and the introduction of a set basic income for all citizens, Vinsky being one of the first leaders to look for solutions to increasing automation.
-Environmental Protection acts and reduction of emissions that had plagued industrial cities and created pollution problems throughout Albandry's modern history.

Vinsky's leadership eventually fell into stagnation around the mid 2010's. A variety of key issues were not properly addressed and the party began to see an ideological shift. Radical youths begun to rise to prominent positions within the party and an active student movement began to firmly grip the education system. Vinsky's inaction towards this angered conservatives and empowered radicals who would use their earned clout to oust Vinsky from leadership in 2019.

Policy of Collective Leadership (2019-Present)

The collective leader is the name given to the politburo by the Communist Party after the ousting of Johannan Vinsky from power. The leadership's main figures are Chairman Edward Kalinski, Premier Roger Johnson, Education and CultureMinister Jennifer Romanov, Minister of Defense Anwar al-Jaffer and Internal Affairs Minister Pavel Yanovich respectively, who each dominate various sectors of party policy. They adhere to a more radical line of Marxism-Leninism. They currently push for an adaption of Maoist thought into the official party ideology and have begun undertaking massive reform in cultural and economic realms. There has been a period of terror during this time as many party bureaucrats are being ousted or hunted down by a recently emboldened student body.