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Premier Johannan Vinsky

Premier and General Secretary of the Communist Party: 2007-Present

Johannan Vinsky is the former head of defense and leading military commander of the Albandrite People's Army, after a surprise election in 2007 following the death of former Premier Muamaar, Johannan was swiftly elected into office by the Communist Party. In March of 2017, polls indicate he is one of the most popular leaders in Albandry's history.

Vinsky was born into a rural family in the mountains of Middle-Albandry. After sometime living on the land with a small community of mostly independent "hillbillies", Vinsky perused higher education and a career beyond his local schools and joined the Albandrite People's Army. Quickly he climbed the ranks of the Army before reaching NCO position. Once he was a NCO, he attended Eisenhower University in Revolutionary City. After earning a degree in Marxist Economics and Revolutionary theory, he was promoted to Officer were he would continue to serve his career. Landing, eventually, at a General position. In the early 2000's, the politburo selected him to be the nation's head of national defense and to be the leading commander of the APA. After serving for nearly a decade he was eventually elevated to the title of Supreme Commander of the APA and chosen as the new Premier of the UASR. In 2015 he was elected the General Secretary of the Communist Party.

Notable Contributions:
-Crackdowns on corruption and anti terror campaigns that yielded great results
-Improved standards of living for citizens due to a boost in economic power following foreign trade deals made by the Premier.
-New Public Works programs, from parks, apartment rennovations, to massive monuments.
-Openness about his way of running things to the public
-New Automation programs and the introduction of a set basic income for all citizens, Vinsky being one of the first leaders to look for solutions to increasing automation.
-Environmental Protection acts and reduction of emissions that had plagued industrial cities and created pollution problems throughout Albandry's modern history.
-Expansion of the UASR's support for international revolution.
-Expansion and rapid development of the UASR's nuclear program, which led to controversy after several Atomic bomb testings.
-Controversial military takeover and annexation of several historically disputed islands around 100 miles off the coast of the UASR. Known for their mineral resources and oil along with a lack of a human population. Vinsky has recently begun programs to create worker cooperatives based around mining and drilling on these islands and entire cities are beginning to see construction in the region.
-Opening up internet usage in the UASR and making it a public right. Becoming the author of a small pamphlet titled "Socialism in the Information Age", in which he criticized the Internet for being used for imperialist destabilization but praises it as a tool for Marxist agitation.

Vinsky greets a soldier during a military inspection

Vinsky Giving a Speech on the announcement of the Environmental Salvation Act

Vinsky dancing at a Christmas charity event.