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The People's Republic of
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Albandrite People's Army

The National People's Army

Insignia of the Albandrite People's Army.

Flag of the Albandrite People's Army

Service branches
-Land Forces
-People's Navy
-Air Forces
-Border Troops
Headquarters: Revolutionary City

The Albandrite People's Army

The Albandrite People’s Army (APA) is the name given to the collective armed forces of the UASR.. These include the Navy, Air and Land branches of the military.
The APA acts as a professional Volunteer military, with no conscription. However, during wartime state officials can call upon a draft if necessary to defend the Socialist Revolution. This usually involves incorporating worker's militias with the main army. As of 21 September 2015, the APA has a strength of 276,509 active soldiers.

The Numbers

Tanks: 808
AFVs: 6200
Self Propelled guns: 300
Towed Artillery: 200
MLRSs: 120

Air Power
Fighter Jets: 400

Transport Aircraft: 450

Helicopters: 800

Attack Helicopters: 120

Naval Strength
Aircraft Carriers: 1
Frigates: 20
Destroyers: 15
Corvettes: 5
Submarines: 7
Coastal Defense Craft: 10
Mine warfare craft: 16

Ground Forces

The APA has a total of 59,544 volunteer soldiers ready for conflict at a moment's notice. All highly trained in Urban, Rural and Open warfare.


Small Arms:

Makarov Pm- Semi Automatic Pistol
SKS- Semi-automatic carbine-

AK-12- Main Assault Rifle-

AK-74 - Assault Rifle

RPK - Light Machine Gun -

PKM- General Purpose Machine Gun -

Dragunov SVD - Sniper Rifle -

RPG 7 - Light AT-weapon -

RPG 18 - Light AT-weapon -

Armored Vehicles:

BMP-2 - Infantry Fighting Vehicle -

BRDM-2 - Amphibious Armored Car -

BTR-70 - Armoured personnel carrier-

T-72 - Main Battle Tank -

T-90- Main Battle Tank-

Air Forces

The main jet of the Air Forces is the Sukhoi Su-35.

They also provide the TU-160 supersonic bomber:

Helicopters of use in all sectors are the:
Mi-8 Transport Helicopter-

Mi-24 Attack Helicopter -

Mi-28 Attack Helicopter

Kamov Ka-50 Attack Helicopter


Aircraft Carrier- Kuznetsov-Class.

Battle Cruisers - Kirov Class -

Cruisers- Slava Class -

Destroyers- Sovremennyy Class-

Frigates- Admiral Grigorovich Class-

Corvettes- Steregushchy Class -

Border Guard

The border guard, consisting of 47,000 troops, guards the costal areas of the nation from sea borne intruders and catches those trying to smuggle illegal goods into the nation.


Most Combat Uniforms and service uniforms of differing APA branches
*base by Milosh--Andrich

Dress unforms of the APA, from left to right the Army, Navy, Air Force and Military Police/Internal Security.