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Domestic Football in Legandia

Legandian Premiership





Canterford Sport Club

The Colts

Dark-Blue Shirt with White Sleeves, Shorts and Dark-Blue Socks

Highgate Community Stadium (28.000)

Deancastle Football Club

The Dons

Red Shirt with White Sleeves, Shorts and Red Socks

The Pittfield Ground (30,000)

Easttex County Cricket and Foot-ball Club

The Lone Lion/The Eastern Lions

Genovese Style Shirt: Bifurcated Coloured Shirt, with Navy Blue on the Left and Red on the Right, Dark-Blue Shorts and Socks

Camberwell Ground (30,000 - expandable to 42,000)

Eintracht Innsbrooke Foot-ball Club

The Eagles, Die Schaft (The Team).

Dark-Red Kit with a White Beam across it, Dark-Red Shorts and Socks

Goldhawk Park(55.000)

Fercastle United Football Club

The Crows, sometimes The Magpies

Black and White Striped Shirt with Black Shorts and Stripes

Saint Joseph's Park (55,000)

Griffonham United Football Club

The Gryphons

Brown or Dark-Red Kit with a Golden Horizontal Beam across it, White Shorts and Socks the same Colour of the Shirt

AureArena (38,000)

Kingsfort Association Football Club

The Poppies, also The Kings (less used)

Red and White Striped Shirt with Red Shorts and Socks

Crossmont Ground (28,000, plans to expand to 36,000)

Leighton Albion Football Club

The Red Lions

Red Shirt, Shorts Socks with (traditionally) golden details {or Black}

Portside Stadium (55,000)

Lincoln County Football Club

The Clarets

Claret Style Kit: Claret coloured Shirt with Light-Blue Collar and Shorts, Claret coloured socks.

Seahill Park (45,000)

Lincolnpoole Football Club

The Dolphins

Blue and White Striped Shirt, Blue Shorts and Socks

Delphwood (57,000)

Marcoton Academical Football Club A.S.O.

The Owls, The Students

Black Shirt with a Red Collar, Shorts and Black Shirts

Academical Stadium (45,000)

Newville Sport Club

The Foals

Sky-Blue Shirt, Shorts and Socks with Red Collar and Details

Newville Stadium (24,000)

Real Canterford Football Club (formerly Real Canterfórdia Futebol Clube)

The Royals, "Real"

White Shirt, Shorts and Socks with Gold Details; sometimes includes a Blue Diagonal Beam across the Shirt

Crown Park Stadium (62,000)

Royal Crownbridge Football Club

The Monarchs

Red Shirt with a Golden Diagonal Beam across it, Red Shorts and Socks

King Victor I Stadium (58,000)

Royal Standard Association Football Club

The Standard

Bifurcated Shirt with Red and White halves, Red Shorts and White Socks

Riverside Stadium (49,000)

Sport Club Dragonfield

The Dragons

Black Shirt with Red Sleeves, Black Shorts and Red Socks with Red Collar and Details

The Fireground Stadium (38,500)

Stagmouth Athletic Football Club

The Stags

Orange and Black Striped Shirt with Black Shorts and Socks

Sarford Park (59,000)

Valefort United Football Club

The Falcons

Blue Shirt, Shorts and Socks with White Collar and Details

Elmond Lane ? (38,000 - expandable to 45,000)