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As a foreword, to address the white mammoth in the room; the author of this journal you are hereby reading is none other than I, Yan Sooyoung. To those who find themselves privy to my private dossier, let it be known, I am personally sharing with you a disclosure of special information. No consequence will come about should you choose to disseminate this information, ultimately I allowed you to gain access to this because I wanted you to have this knowledge. Therefore, it is your freedom to do what you wish to do with this information.

To you, mysterious observers of a different existence, I have curated this dossier with the intent to inform, a primary source of education. Understanding the intricacies of another existence can be a source of intrigue or that of immense boredom, it depends on the manner of presentation does it not? Nonetheless, instilling the expansion of one's knowledge with some basic facts about our reality as it is currently understood would be important to me. While my knowledge of the Multiverse is limited, that is to say, finite and incomplete, there is none on Erudia wiser than I on the subject matter of the greater cosmos at large. To those of you who may be natives, what you are about to lay eyes on is nothing but the ultimate empirical truth to existence.


It would take 6 days for the fastest human jet, flying non-stop, to traverse the circumference of Erudia's parent sun, this dim K-Sequence star, an orange dwarf if you will. It is a sun that doesn't qualify for the title of the largest star within its own interstellar neighbourhood, there lies countless single galaxies teeming with billions of such suns. The scale of the universe is astronomical, the distances involved are millions of times greater than the space between Earth and Erudia. Space is big, and if one had a spaceship and pointed it in a random direction, it's very much possible to escape the galactic halo altogether, and never run into another galaxy. Even so, this macrocosm is but a mote of dust for there exists a greater macrocosm, of a tapestry completely alien to human understanding that can only be comprehended in vague, abstract conceptions and theory.

There is a grand unifying theory, hitherto known as the Theory of Everything. The stipulation is that the fundamental forces of physics arise from the vibrations of one-dimensional strings. They are these indivisible building blocks making up the totality of all existence— which is a Multiverse of eleven dimensions. Each dimension has fundamental properties, that they are a directional plane of space or time, boundless in size, and that information is capable of being transferred within it. A good way of imagining the first dimension is an object that is a straight line, which exists only in a plane of length and has no other discernible properties. Add to it a second dimension, the y-axis (or height), and you get an object that becomes a 2-dimensional shape (like a square) occupying an area on a flat Elucidian plane. The third dimension involves depth (the z-axis) and gives all objects a cross-section and parabolic or hyperbolic geometry, a positive or negative curvature. The simplest example of this is a cube, which exists in three dimensions and has a length, width, depth, and hence volume. Beyond these three lies the seven dimensions which are not immediately apparent to finite beings, but which can be still be inferred to exist through their direct effects on the third-dimensional universe and reality.

This is because according to the Theory of Everything, the Multiverse is a compactified metastructure whose internal logic is analogous to that of the Ulusic nesting doll. Each dimension transcends and infinitely encompasses the dimension it supersedes. In a sense, all dimensions exist and inhabit each other simultaneously through manifold supersession. Strings make this possible, all of reality is fundamentally composed of these indivisible strings that are really one-dimensional slices of a two-dimensional membrane vibrating in 10-dimensional spacetime. Depending on how they vibrate, they are observable in three-dimensional space as matter, light, or gravity. It is the vibrational fluctuations of the string that determines whether it appears to be matter or energy, and every form of matter or energy is the result of the vibration of strings. The fourth dimension is time, governing the properties of all matter and energy at any given point. Along with the three other dimensions, knowing the position of an object in time is essential to plotting its position in a universe. Beyond the four known dimensions of length, height, width, and time, the continuums of these extra six dimensions manifest as transfinite Spatial-temporal manifolds— transfinite in the sense of being incalculable and beyond quantifiable measurement yet conceptually fall short of absolute infinity. These manifolds, infinitely occupying 1-dimensional points in space, give rise to the phenomenon that is observed and interacted with as quantum foam.

The 5th and 6th-dimensions are Spatio-temporal continuums where the notion of possible worlds arises. The 5th dimension is where the notion of alternate worlds, a world slightly different from ones' own that gives a means of measuring the similarity and differences between our world and other probabilities. The 6th dimension is a Spatio-temporal plane of possible worlds, where it is possible to compare and position all the possible universes that begin with the same initial conditions (i.e. a Big Bang). Therefore, civilizations that can harness the fifth and sixth dimensions gain access to travel forwards in time, backward into time, or explore branches. Branches are alternate timelines, full of familiar events with alien causes and outcomes. The 7th-Dimension is a continuum of possible worlds that start with different initial conditions. Whereas in the fifth and sixth, the initial conditions were the same and subsequent actions were different, here, everything is different from the very beginning of time. The 8th-Dimension again gives us a continuum of such possible universe histories, each of which begins with different initial conditions with infinite branches. In the penultimate 9th-Dimension, it would be possible to compare all the possible universe histories, starting with all the different possible laws of physics and initial conditions. Finally, the 10th-dimension is the sum totality where absolutely everything possible and probable is realized.

There also exists atemporal realms, places existing outside the scope of dimensional time and space. The quantum reality of the Multiverse floats like foam upon the surface of a dimensionless sea, a zero-dimensional void so to speak where absolutely no information can enter it. It is called the Null Void and the Null Void is of no definite size and impossible accessibility. As far as anyone understands, there exists no concept of existence within this pataphysical space and so it is impossible to quantify with even the most advanced techniques. The Null-Void is not without some effect on totality, it is possible to observe the strings spontaneously exist from the Null Void, like a whale breaching the ocean waves for air.

There is yet another realm besides the Null Void, one that is only accessible by mortals in a post-mortem state, the paraphysical Hall of Spirits. Existing in-between the Multiverse and the Null-Void, it is a truly infinite labyrinth of hallways that expands into all directions horizontally. Featuring a placeless architecture and a directional gravity that gives a sense of "up and down", it is the eternal resting place for individual souls after death. A soul is an immutable record containing the history of an individual, completed in death and the Hall of Spirits is the root of all "Magic" in the Multiverse. Every sapient life with souls acts as nodes for leylines to overlap into dimensional space through a form of energy known as Esper. Analogous to gasoline, Esper is an essential element for the invocation of spells and actualization of Thaumaturgy. While Esper is an indefinite source of power, only a finite amount can exist within dimensional space at any given time. This means there can be "Hot" and "Cold" zones, depending on the concentration density of Esper in any given area. An important thing to mention is the viability of how the reincarnation of deceased souls is possible by certain civilizations sensitive to Esper energy. As Mystic-craft can only arise from a permutation in a species' genes permitting the development of Psionic Nerves, practitioners of Esper manipulation are known as the Mysticborne. They, the Mysticborne, are born with the metaphysical Psionic Nerves that are stored in the soul, their inner reservoir of Esper will naturally replenish if exhausted. Among the most notable capabilities of the Mysticborne are the spells of summoning, capable of invoking certain souls to return to the living world as 'Heroic Spirits' those who have accrued enough fame during their lifetime to be immortalized into the records of history.


  • One World, One Species
    - World Unity. The post-war period was an eight-decade-long struggle, but humanity gradually overcame its differences to unite under one banner, one faith, and one common goal: All Proles, emancipated by friendship, in Yan Sooyoung.

  • The All-Union Gospel
    - The binding Constitution of the Unified Communist Councils enshrining democracy, equal rights under the law, the inception of a stateless society governed by a non-market economy among others. While Yan has never officially endorsed the religious aspects, because the All-Union Gospel originates from the will of a celestial being, it is dignified and exalted by the masses with fervency equal to that of the Holy Scriptures of old. The population charismatically practices All-Unionism with cult-like enthusiasm, as the 'First Among Equals' fans the flames of faith within Erudia.

  • Let-Do Guidance
    - Yan Sooyoung is the vanguard of the Proletariat's rights, as opposed to moderating the macroeconomic PESTEL factors of human society through government policy-making. She stipulates within the All-Union Gospel less of a need to involve herself with the task of day-to-day governance, under the belief that self-determination is better off without her intervention, and by extension, the autonomy of the human civilization as a whole would not be transgressed by her guidance.

  • Non-Market Economy
    - Capitalism and Feudalism have been radically defeated. In their place, exists a humanitarian and social system. The gift economy or gift culture is a mode of exchange where valuables are not sold but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. All transactions operate under the goodwill principle of Mutual Benefits, or "I want you to be better so you make my life better".


  • Intrauniversal Conspiracy
    - Among the Proles who were deeply unsettled by the Convergence Event, within these circles, are a small minority who critically question Yan Sooyoung's role either as an indirect cause or as the deliberate premeditator of the Spatio-temporal anomaly. As Yan has never publically addressed these criticisms, many continue to debate over the truth of the whole matter, if it would ever reach the light of day.

For & Against
  • For: Egalitarianism, All-Unionism (Communism), Multiversal Fraternity, Emancipation & Redemption, Species Uplift, Leading by Example, Altruism

  • Against: Elitism, Xenophobia, Capitalism, Feudalism, Autocracy, Imperialism, Caste System, Political Intrigue, Discrimination

Personal Trivia
  • An avid author in her spare time, famous for the publication of fictional "web novella", which are often adopted into web cartoon format. Delegate Kim Dokja was for a time, an unknowing fan of Yan's famous title; "Three Ways to Survive the 4th Armageddon".

  • Yan's favorite food is a starch known as "Sweet Potato", stating that it makes for great tasting Chamisul.

  • The Divine Secretary enjoys "going out to town". As a transcendent being, she has little to fear in the way of assassination attempts, but Yan struggles to wrap her head around the nuances of the human mind. Changing her form at will, she anonymously observes the state of her people in order to directly observe the dramas, problems, and prosperity they experience in their lives.

  • She is never seen without wearing a white lab coat. Whenever questioned about it, she describes it as a "second skin". Nobody has shown the audacity to try validating such a claim.

  • Few events have ever inspired Yan Sooyoung to violate her self-imposed 'Let-Do Guidance', mainly intervening directly in matters of existential threats (i.e. Year 75 Convergence Event, Iwonese Shogun Separatism.)

  • Yan was once the owner of a Pug dog named "Goto". When it passed away from natural causes, Yan would lament Goto's demise, stating "The likes of death are one of the few things that can never be truly undone."

  • Face of the Revolution
    - Arrested and exiled for political activism at the age of 23. Returning to Koriya amidst a general strike, Yi united the revolutionary movement and established a 'War Council' organisational structure that was instrumental the downfall of the Hanguk Empire. Together with the temporary war cabinet, the Socialist Republic of Koriya was formed; the P.U.C.C.R's pre-Armageddon War predecessor.

  • Delegate of Defense
    - Yi Jihye is a long-standing member of the Defense Tribunal with a seat in the Supreme Congress. In the 110 years of Yi's long life, she participated in various influential military campaigns and armed conflicts; coordinating the continental-spanning revolutionary war, commanding the counter-invasion of mainland Juwan amidst the Third Armageddon War, crushing insular separatists on the Iwonese archipelago, waging counter-terrorist ops against the Fellalurian Primitivist of the Zurückzumaffen Society to the supervision of active peace-keeping operations in the war-torn regions of Earth. Outside of wartime, as a public functionary, she organizes press conferences, arranges the tribunal sessions and approves military projects.

  • Doctrine Innovator
    - Yi takes her job very seriously, her approach is founded upon the assumption that everyone looks out for their self-interests. She is especially sceptical of the United Nations of Earth, suspecting that the UNE's compliance is no more than a facade to make relative gains. Because of these views, Yi and the Defense Tribunal pursue the OIST program and a doctrine of orbital warfare in secret as a contingency, in case the mutual cooperation relationship between Erudia and Earth falls apart.

  • Champion of Social Justice
    - In addition to an armed revolution, Yi is a believer in Cultural Revolution and she has gone to great lengths to weed out the nuanced chauvinism and sexism inherent in military culture. These social reforms range from the ending of gender bias, exploitive practices such as transparent recruitment ploys, to the empowerment of women in senior commissioned officer roles.

  • Founder of Beongaedo Martial Arts
    - After undergoing transhumanist operations, she deemed it unfair to compete in regular Kwondo tournaments. This encouraged the 8th Dan black-belter to found her own sect of Kwondo, combining the words of lightning 'Beongae', and the word of doing 'do'. Beongaedo is one of the first sports and martial arts in Erudia centred around the strengths and weaknesses of cybernetic proles and autonomous dolls alike.

  • Founder of the Koriyan Worker's Union
    - The theocracy's systematic heavy-handed punitive approach in dealing with worker unions meant that they were destined to fail. Regardless, Yi went ahead to beget the Koriyan Worker's Union, recruiting over two million members at its peak. The organization was able to lobby for greater worker's rights from increasing women's salaries to increased bathroom breaks, along with their main purpose of providing legal mediation for thousands of worker-employer disputes in the limited span of a few months that their boat remained afloat, before being sunk by a government crackdown.


  • Shady Past
    - Openly disclosing her past during the 2nd Congress of the Supreme Councils led to immense public uncertainty. As a result, the majority voted in favour of impeaching from the position of Defense Delegate. She would not return to the office until the outbreak of the Iwon Civil War, contributing to the operational success of the Lambai Landing and the invasion of Teipei. Emerging victorious in the suppression of right-wing separatism, she was voted back into office. Yi regularly insists that her loyalty is to the Revolution rather than any given state.

For & Against
  • For: Armed Revolution, Transhumanism, Cybernetic All-Unionism, Equal Opportunity, Gender Equality, Sexual Inclusiveness, Loyalty, Political Transparency, Law Enforcement

  • Against: Injustice, Racism, Capitalism, Feudalism, Caste System, Political Intrigue, Fascism, Nationalism, Imperialism, Free Market

Personal Trivia
  • Maintaining an online presence under the moniker of "Comrade_Lee", Yi has a propensity for casual, informal web behaviour. After allegations of unprofessionalism and incompetence were surfaced by the public, Yi spent twenty years building a custom synchronization cognition interface. The machine uplinks her consciousness to the metaverse of the internet, allowing for unrestricted web browsing while being virtually untraceable by conventional means.

  • She has a favourite song, obsessing over a Jeijingian techno-pop song called Link阿肆 - 热爱105°C的你 (Super Idol), which was a continent-wide hit in the year 21 AAY. Yi often proclaims it to be a "banger" to younger generations.

  • Her fashion sense can be described as old-timey and conservative if also leaning towards a masculine tendency. However, her personality is still very much feminine in every aspect, from her humour to exuberant self-expression.

  • Despite undergoing cybernetic augmentations, Yi Jihye adheres to strict and life-long abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes, proclaiming them to be "vices which undermine your mind". Commentators often describe her integrity to be puritan in nature.

  • Responding to press questions concerning her love life, Yi Jihye answered to being "disinterested" in seeking marriage or falling in love with a husband.

  • Prime Minister's Enviromental Youth Award Recipient

  • 2050 President of the Student Council

  • ₩7.5 Million Won Samsung Global Hope Scholarship

  • ₩25 Million Won POSCO TJ Park Fellowship Scholarship

  • Choi Jeong-hee's Left Arm

  • Successful Amendment of the National Security Act

  • Progressive Resolution to the Wealth Disparity in the Korean State.

For & Against
  • For: Government Market Intervention, Humanism, Economic Growth & Stability, Participative Democracy, Enviromental Sustainability, Multiculturalism, Globalism, Secular Government, Wealth Distribution

  • Against: Extremism, Reactionaries, Poverty & Unemployment, Traditionalism, Theocracy, Monarchy, Dictatorships, Despotates, Illiberalism, Anti-Democracy, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, Militants, Warmongerers

Personal Trivia
  • She is 179cm in height, placing her at above-average height for a Korean.