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[EAU] — Our Homeworld (V 1.5.2)


Our Identity, our Vision, and the Mission.

The Erudian All-Union, otherwise abbreviated as the E.A.U, is a revolutionary civilization, united in Yan's theory which seeks order through Anarchy. This is the world that has been crafted from the irradiated ashes of Jiųshėjič (旧世界). While there exists a small contingency who exists to speculate, these bad actors would rather blow their dog-whistles to shift the topic of discourse than to reach any meaningful understanding. To place truth and outright lies on the same battlefield is to insinuate that a lie is just as valid as the truth. Our motives are not obscured by convoluted gymnastics of the mind, nothing has been left to chance. Our quest is absolute and inalienable— humanity is not up for debate.

LinkA world of true freedom. One billion and four hundred million Proletariat subscribe to an All-Unionist society where the spirit is freed from its cell, the doors of opportunity are open in every direction for its complete development. There exist many of us, each and every one emancipated as individuals, and while the obsession for the accumulation of things has been overcome it remains cognizant that so long as there exist the possibility of conflict and competing ambitions and goals then the Revolution must be renewed. By dialectically analyzing the social and material forces compromising society, the Proletariat have the tools to master nature and even themselves. It is most importantly a scientific methodology, one that seeks to accelerate society through radical, disruptive and intensifying technological advancements even in the virtual, digital, and cybernetic kinds. This would lay out our future as one of Technological Singularity, the ultimate equalizer to be enjoyed by all.

This is all forecasted by Yan's Theory; an egalitarian doctrine stipulating the liberation of humankind from elitism and stratification. At its heart, All-Unionism is the manifestation of the trinitarian reconciliation between three forces: the Base, Superstructure, and Perpetuity. This realm of theory is applied in practice as a plurinational association of self-governing city-states led by no party, nor is it the responsibility of any 'one wing' to do so. We are non-partisan, subscribing to no single political party, and direct democracy for representatives is enjoyed by all. Parties represent different classes and those classes' ideas, it is inane and counterintuitive to permit factions/sects that would want to do away with our end-goals.

What the All-Union means to us is that of a pluralist, confederal polity built upon collective leadership. Each and every one of us, the masses, we are torchbearers. The people and the party are indivisible, one and the same, thus political will is directly executed through direct elections of representatives. The government itself is a peculiar architecture, a Deep Democracy so to speak, beginning at the grassroots of society by way of citizen assemblies where local civilians are invited to deliberative assemblies based on jury duty sortition. The public would be split into two camps, the citizens in the present and the citizens in the future, facilitating a wider variety of social perspectives while also thereby limiting domination by traditional elites. This deep democracy is by definition organic, and differences of opinion along with freedom of discussion are permitted granted that it does not cross into revisionism. Revisionism is at the discretion of free and voluntary political institutions, the 'Committee of the Future' with the remit of representing and safeguarding the interests of disenfranchised demographics and future generations, along with the electorate who reserve the right of impeachment free of any electoral college. This made representatives more directly accountable to the electorate by the civic duty of the government public service. These representative councils are responsible for electing representatives into a higher position by constructivist consultation with other representatives, before reaching a final consensus with the base population, to pursue election promises through a 'two-way street' style of government organization. This would repeat until representatives are running the entirety of the industrial system, all for the express impetus of coordinating and facilitating the people's agenda. There is never any structure that makes one the leader over the others either defect or de jure, positions within the Supreme Congress lack a clear division of responsibilities, giving rise to a need for all the positions to work together and collaborate.

Multiple parties don't translate to a Deep Democracy, it just means multiple sectarian parties a.k.a factionalism. It is wishful thinking to believe that simply voting in politicians who support long-term policies would be enough to secure the interests of future generations. Short-termism is too deeply structured into the DNA of representative democracy. That’s why Yan stipulated a radical institutional architecture that designs myopia out of the political system. The All-Unionist Gospel espouses that collective leadership represents the workers and to pit the workers against each other is to shoot your own foot; breeding partisanship and division. Indeed, we stand for fraternity, diversity is our strength. Nothing more and nothing less. There is no official party, eliminating the contradictions of partisanship observable within multi-party Laissez-Fairiest democracies of the past. Such systems are deliberately engineered to preserve the status-quos, resulting in nothing major coming out of it. Unique to the All-Unionist democracy is the principle of intergenerational rights, special legal mechanisms that embed the perpetuity of the rights and well-being of future generations, ensuring equity and justice for all regardless of birthdate. These act as a means of ring-fencing the public's interests and protecting them from the short-termism of incumbent politicians.

Our worldwide honeymoon was achieved a little over ninety-nine years ago, on the year 101 A.A.Y. Forever commemorated by calenders, this important day would mark the date of Worldwide Unification, W.U Day, 'U' for the liberation of the individual from the oppression of states and stratifying elitism. All this, the freedom of our world is owed to the Arrival of Yan and the introduction of All-Unionism. It was a grand democratizing force of Erudia and its lion share of ethnicities, cultures, and histories would be uplifted in parity. We say good riddance to division by arbitrary boundaries of political borders, the ones imposed over the continents of Aconcagua, Eckhardt, Orienisia, and Shuruia for millennia. Through the Unification Wars, we say good riddance to the despotism of Rieg Bolhe and the genocidal warlords of the Post-Atomic Horror, and we leave behind the ruthless competition spurred by entrenched, systematic elitisms. We are living in Xīnshėjič (新世界), Xīnshėjič is the era of rebirth forged out of the glassy ruins of nuclear hellfire, when a species teetering on the brink of destruction was rescued by a Goddess to bring us to our feet to seize the day. The first edition of Yan's codex, the [All-Union Sutras] postulated the reconciliation of man's relationship with nature, a necessary development for the rehabilitation and reclamation of the irradiated ground zeroes once former hubs of pre-war commerce, politics, and industry. The concept of a Resource-Based Economy, combined with a foundation based around human rights, propelled the Proletariat ever closer toward the pearly gates of post-scarcity. The gears of history that grind and turn set into motion a shift away from the obsession with productivity that had instigated the climate crisis. Sustainable thought dominated, and the division between urban areas and countryside were gradually erased, as was the artificial distinction between the human and the natural, harmony and synergy taking its place. The relationship with land changed from ownership and to stewardship for the good of the biosphere as a whole. Within a decade the nature of human social relations, both with one another and the wider world had been completely transformed.

The unlikely invention of the Cochrane Drive by Zefram Cochrane, be it a fluke of cosmic chance or perhaps Divine intervention, permanently impacted the developmental course and relationship of our species with the macrocosmos. Harvesting anti-matter from the Van Allen Belts, Erudia's Proletariat is destined to explore the infinitude of the greater cosmos. The Cochrane torch drive propels the rate of our progress to relativistic speeds. Inversely, the drive has expanded Erudite knowledge, granting us opportunities to reconcilie the quantum and relativistic scientific fields into one unified Theory of Everything. This monumental event will have slingshot Erudite civilization beyond the fringes of our home solar system.

LinkSo as a Red Sun lights up our Sky, together, let our songs echo among the stars!

We do not wish, we do not have to hope, All-Unionism is a road map telling us the directions to reach our destination. Our energy needs, always growing, they had to be satisfied. This led to the procurement of the All-Union launched Solar Power Station Satellites, which beam energy to power stations on the ground. In addition, the All-Union also launched the Geuruta Energy Fleet. It was a glorious initative, collecting helium-3, hydrogen, and methane from the upper atmosphere of our gas giant brother. In order to relieve Erudia of the burden and allow it to heal, the unified councils of the All-Union announced the Space Expansion Initiative. Erudia began the construction of orbital habitats, based on the designs and research of Donhee Ham, space stations consist of two counter-rotating cylinders. The cylinders would rotate in opposite directions in order to cancel out any gyroscopic effects that would otherwise make it difficult to keep them aimed toward the Sun. Connected at each end by a rod via a bearing system, their rotation would provide artificial gravity, and they would be located in the Erudian-Geuruta Lagrangian Points. These colonies, called Cradles are the impetus of the Erudite's ambitious expansion into the unforgiving cosmos. Organized into administrative sectors called Habitats, while most of the Erudite population remained on Erudite, a class of brave pioneers carefully selected from Erudia's best fit and most capable is tasked with preparing Fusionism's promised future. The notion that colonies are a "Distant Privileged Elite" should be soundly rejected, only dissenting extremist may consider the pleasures of living in self-sustaining habitats as, for the most part, superior to living under Erudia's orange skies and breathing its refreshing atmosphere.


The Yan Calender


Important Events

After Arrival of Yan


The fortified community of Yangyeol witness Yan Sooyoung's arrival to Erudia. The All-Union would take roots in the city-state. The First Edition of the All-Union Sutra is published by Yan, becoming enshrined as the constitution. The sutras are mass-produced by Journalist Cooperatives such as Zhinghua Weekly, the precursors of the modern-day Seonjeong Media.

2 - 7 AAY

Major Colonel Rieg's maurauding paramilitary initiate the second Shuruian Terror as to prevent future generations from inheriting genetic mutations. This would result in a genocide causing the deaths of over 6,300,000 people classified as 'impure'.


Food sources continue to dwindle as crops fail and stored food runs out. Mass famine wipes out an estimated 25 million survivors all over the world in a single year. At this point, the global population of the human race is reduced to 550 million.


The Free City of Pyeonseoul becomes the center of trade and cooperation on the Orienisian continent. To move away from petroleum dependency, Pyeonseoul devises the Alternate Energy Initiative, diversifying the power industry through the concerted construction of new 4th-gen thorium reactors, tidal generators, and rebuilding hydroelectric dams, solar and wind farms.


The first session of the Yangyeol All-Union Supreme Congress is concluded with the amendment of the partyless state principle as stipulated within Yan's sutras. Following the first ever amendment of the sutras, Yoo Junghyuk is hailed as the first Premier of the All-Union. As Premier, Yoo reorganized the non-partisan council government to bring the All-Union under the iron-fist rule of a bureaucracy of social intelligentsia dominated by the All-Union Vanguard Party.

6 - 26 AAY

Under the Vanguardist regime, the All-Union undergoes the first Twenty Year Plan for National Reconstruction. The twenty-year plan concentrates the labor force around the reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure, prioritizing agricultural revitalization first, and then the energy grid, railway network, and heavy industrial centers in the successive phases. Important locations such as the turbine farms of Singseongsan are fixed, restoring electricity to the Mankhonzurkh and Noheonsanguk district's hydroponic facilities.


Agriculture within the All-Union is collectivized with significant state funding for distribution of technology and training. Populations begin to recover as food becomes more readily available. The first inter-regional trade networks are set up. Tradesmen and technicians are highly sought after, promoting the investment of state resources into the education system. The widespread adoption of hydroponic agriculture as the dominant practice of vertical farming would mark the beginning of the post-modern agricultural era in Orienisia, providing population centers with fresh food for all, putting an end to famine on the peninsula.

8 - 10 AAY

The Yangyeol All-Union and the Free City of Pyeonseoul voluntarily unite, forming the Koriyan Confederation. Premier Yoo also formalizes a military alliance with the Koriyan Red Army, a vestige of the pre-war Koriyan Socialist Republic, under the leadership of the cybernetic revolutionary Yi Jihye. The Reunification War begins over Yoo Junghyuk's ambition to reunite the Koriyan peninsula divided between despotic juntas and free anarchies under the hegemony of the Koriyan Confederation.


The Gyeongdo Technocracy capitulates following the fall of Ansong to a combined attack of All-Unionist, Red Army and Hanguk anarchist forces. Their plan to amass a ten million strong Tactical Doll army is foiled and the mastermind, Pak Jong-il, is executed. Hundreds of thousands of T-Dolls are captured as prisoners of war. Yoo would condone the repurposing of doll POWs as forced labor in order to accelerate the reconstruction efforts.

10 AAY

Yoo Junghyuk personally kills Leiko Makima, first comrade of the Hanguk Free Territories, during an in-person diplomatic meeting much to the surprise of his allies. Yi orders her troops to stay out of the ensuing conflict as confederal forces backstab the free territories. The Reunification War would end with the defeat of the H.F.T and the Red Army reuniting with the Koriyan Confederation, cementing Koriya's place as a regional power.

11 AAY

Elsewhere around the world, larger cities would consolidate power by annexing smaller communities under their economic or martial dominion. Meanwhile, bandits and highwaymen prey on smaller communities and lone traders, which the cities try to restore order but don't have the resources to effectively combat these opportunists.

12 - 13 AAY

Bandits from the neighboring Absolutist Kingdom of Fili conduct regular raids and skirmishes into the confederation's territory. The second edition of the All-Union Sutras is published concurrently, the most important of these being a clause over the right to bear arms for all revolutionaries. Civilian militas help thwarts off future bandit incursions.

13 - 14 AAY

The detonation of a Prion Bomb by Hatalog bandits in the Hongli border regions causes a regional epidemic. While the area is quickly quarantined, the incident would result in the deaths of its 30,000 Koriyan victims. The severity of the attack proves to the Koriyans that the Filipinas kingdom is incapable of maintaining law and order over its own territory. The Koriyan Confederation declare war against the Absolutist Kingdom of Fili, both sides mobilizing hundreds of thousands of artillery pieces, armor, infantry, and T-Dolls.

14 AAY

The slave armies of the Fili are emancipated following the capitulation of the Absolutist Kingdom. The entire monarchial family is summarily executed and for four months, peasants lynch members of the aristocracy and their landlords. Reconstruction efforts are extended to encompass annexed regions, drawing upon local manpower to help facilitate their construction.

15 AAY

Mobile "trailer schools" are devised as a stop-gap measure to combat the free-falling post-war literacy rates and home-schooling, while a new generation of teaching staff are raised within rebuilt academic institutes.

16 AAY

Power generation and agricultural industries in Orienisia now dominate the new economy of the continent. The confederal economy start to diversify in their exports due to increased inter-continential trade. City populations continue to grow while land reclamation efforts intensify.

17 AAY

The Military Junta of New Bhatkhalia launch small scale skirmishes over resources, expanding their influence with every conquest. The Freeroaming Peacekeepers organization is founded during this period, charging contracts in exchange for protecting travelers on the roads.

18 AAY

The Vanguardist era of the All-Union would end when Premier Yoo is assassinated by Yi Jihye using a sword, after his state-sanctioned eugenics plans were revealed by whistleblowers within the A.U.V.P. Yi Jihye is declared the Premier of the emergency provisional government, through which Yi would help establish the foundations for a Leeist-styled People's Democracy echoing the multi-party system of the pre-war Laissez-Fairiest societies. The All-Unionist Vanguard Party is disbanded and succeeded by the Ecological All-Unionist Party as various other parties independently form based around society's special interest groups such as All-Union Feminist Front, Techno-Unionism, Queer-Unionism, Anarcho-Unionism, etc. The 6th session of the Supreme Congress would agree to ramp up domestic military production, fully embracing war economy in preparation for the eventual reunification of the Orienisian continent under All-Unionism.

19 AAY

A Neo-Nikonitic clique take-over occurs in the Iwonese archipelago to the northeast of Orienisia, an Ethno-Chauvinist ruling class would cemet their rule through a new class of vat-grown clone soldiers mentally and physically superior to even the narco-supersoldiers of the Third Armageddon War. These cloned soldiers called Augments rebelled against their masters, they viewed the Neo-Nikonites and Iwonese natives equally as second-rate citizens to be bred out of existence. A tyrant would arise from the Augments, Aghaf Ferris, a dictator that regularly curtailed the freedom of her subjects and bled them dry so as to amass her own wealth.

20 AAY

The northern powers of the Pan-Ulusic Realm and the Federal Republic of Eurabica are gripped by a series of conflicts that culiminate into the A.I Revolt after human courts ruled that dolls do not have the same rights as humans. This led the machines to unite and form a regional uprising movement, forcing the governments of these countries to resort to a mass genocide of dolls. The Ferris Dominion would use the chaos as an opportunity to land an invasion, quickly dividing the Pan-Uusians and Eurabians between vengeful A.Is and Aghaf's despotic rule. Millions of refugees flee southward as a protracted war for supremacy begins.

21 AAY

The balkanized remnants of the Guantzu Social Republic are conquored by the mad warlord Guchu, believing himself to be the second coming of Ralk the Destroyer. He would grow his Yellow Heavenly Empire in hopes of reviving Orienisian Tescotist belief, spreading misery with every unimaginable atrocity.

22 AAY

Solid state battery innovations enable the armed forces of the All-Union to standardize the use of directed energy weapons. Laser, electrical, and heat beam weaponry would be produced and equipped to virtually all service branches. These next-generation weapons have unmatched range and penetration, easily cutting through the ranks of enemies.

23 - 25 AAY

The Koriyan Confederation - Yellow Holy Empire war begins. Mass troop formations encounter harsh resistance and the roll-out of new weapon systems is delayed by brittle supply lines. Drone strikes of important military targets within populated areas are frequently conducted by both sides.

23 - 25 AAY

The frontlines is dynamic and fluid, changing with each day as both sides lose, hold and gain ground. Freak weather events commonly inhibit the progression of both sides. The Yellow Heavenly Empire proves to be the most ruthless and most difficult enemy with fanatic soldiers led by highly experienced generals, leading to hundreds of thousands of confederal casualties and millions for the empire. Special operations assassinations and remote drone strikes succeed in taking out key figures within the theocracy's chain of command which turns the tide of the war in the Koriyan's favour.

25 AAY

The Heavenly Kingdom is defeated and Guchu is killed in combat. Light cavalry troops are deployed to take out strongholds of resistance. Half of the continental landmass is brought under the Confederation's control, tens of millions of people residing in underdeveloped and wartorn communities would migrate to the urban centers to enjoy a better quality of life.

26 AAY

The Twenty-Year Plan for National Reconstruction is officially finished, laying down thousands of miles of brand new high-speed rail gauges, building hundreds of new cities and public services using 3D-printed modular construction techniques, and revitalizing heavy industries through war-time economic measures. As living standards start resembling pre-war living conditions in the most developed communities, decreased infant mortality rates cause a positive replacement rate. Populations would skyrocket, causing a ripple effect of burgeoning settlements rapidly expanding and growing into megalopolises of interdependent city networks further excaberated by the return to a civilian economy.

27 AAY

Eckhardt experiences a migration wave of wasteland vagabonds who begin emigrating into fortified settlements in the millions, leading to further consolidation of power. Militias mature into standing professional armies due to the near-constant threat of violence. The influx of immigrants starts a housing crisis within many cities, prompting corporations to start charging a premium for citizens to live within exclusive walled neighborhoods.

28 AAY

Segregation in cities props up as an aristocracy of business owners who can afford corporate fees distance themselves from the impoverished masses; forced to reside within sprawling slums that instantly form around the walls. Needing to expand their workforce, the state of the New Fellalurian Republic legalizes indentured servitude.

29 - 41 AAY

Millions of workers are employed over a period of twelve years as a complex network spanning thousands of miles of flood and erosion control, hydroelectric power stations, and irrigation channels for transport and recreational purposes are constructed. The massive infrastructure project helped bridge the gap between the Koriyans and their newfound constituencies, increasing the agricultural output of underdeveloped Hatalog crops while relieving strain off Guantzu and Koriyan breadbaskets. The completion of the Kabriz river dam raises the waterline of the Eleum mega lake by 75 meters, expanding the hydrology of the lake by hundreds of thousands of square kilometers as a part of the Koriyan Confederation's climate geoengineering efforts.

30 AAY

The short ice age comes to an end as summer returns to Aconcangua, Eckhardt, Orienisia and Shuruia. It's estimated that 35% to 55% of the 550 million human population would have succumbed to either war, barbarism or starvation by this date. As the climate warms up, communities ramp up solar farm construction to power over a million miles of vertical farmland.

Post Ice Age Era

The Present Day

Multi-Party Experiment

Yoo's Conspiracy