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Leviathan Class Facts and Trivia

Might add more with time, but as for now I’m satisfied with the amount of references.

• The Leviathan Class is named in reference to the WWII UIJ battleship UIS Leviathan, which was named after an Archdemon known for his love of Earth's vast oceans, Leviathan. Who named himself after the myth of the Leviathan. Which is was originally an Archdemon sighting, the Archdemon being named “Léviy-tàn”. So it has a long linage.

• UIS Siren was in a famous drama-thriller movie, showing up near the end to rescue the main characters from pirates. It was done as essentially free advertising for the navy, and worked pretty decently.

• In 2020, the UIS Proteus was the first Leviathan to engage an enemy. It used one of it's .50 cals to smoke a pirate dingy.

• At a cool WIP Credits, the Leviathans are surprisingly cheap, this is due to the Demon Frames. (See here for more information on Demon Frames)

• UIS Leviathan was the first ship in the world to launch a permanent satellite into space in 2019. This was a commercial satellite from the SpaceX company, used in a joint venture to test the viability of quickly launched, cheap satellites.

• Leviathan's “Demon Frame”, a Sonabit, was born in Bio-Loqabbi Naval Labs, under the name Zåo-Orizoh (lit. Sea Beast). Bio-Loqabbi Naval Labs would go on to be the first to develop a space-capable Demon Frame, which would become the Sol, a Sol class assault ship.

• The Demon Frames used on the Leviathan Class ships are extremely genetically advanced, however are brainless. The RX-7 AIs act as a brain, meaning that they can literally have full control over every aspect of the frame.

• In freak accident in 2021, UIS Proteus shot down a Chinese spy Satellite. Both countries (UIJ and China) denied involvement.

• On July 13th, 2020, UIS Leviathan, UIS Proteus, UIS Scylla, and Submarines UIS June and UIS October fired a combined total of 27 ballistic missiles head at (or somewhere near) the moon. The UIJ government simply passed this off as tests.
(OOC: See Incident “Over Heaven” for more details.)

• You could play a game of professional basketball in the hangar of the Leviathan Class.

• You can actually see one of the Demon Frame ribs during tours of the Leviathans, and you can even touch them, however images and recordings are not allowed and one has to sanitize their hands before and after.

• The AI of the UIS Proteus, Echo, while the opposite of Leviathan, gets along surprisingly well with him.

• Under a new law, RX-7 AIs are now allowed legal ownership of objects (including pets) upon a case-by-case review. Thus far Echo has gained ownership of a kitten, he named it Dio. Leviathan owns a small half mile patch of (monitored) land, where he is free to do as he wishes, and has built a simple cabin. Siren owns a photo of her Captain that she took. Silvia owns a variety of nicknacks.

• In 2021, a debate on retiring the AI Siren was started due to her lackluster performance compared to other RX-7 AIs. Upon hearing of what was essentially death, her performance spiked. Whether this was from fear or determination is unknown, but does bring questions of sentience to the table once more.

• The Leviathan Class isn’t the only class of ships to have RX-7 AIs, however, any other ships with RX-7 AIs are classified. All that is known is that there are more out there, and so it is assumed that there are more ships with them. These are assumed to be carriers, or submarines.

• Upon being publicly (on social media) asked their thoughts on death, each AI responded the same, resulting in a government cover-up conspiracy. They all said “I don’t know”, which was somewhat out of character for Leviathan and Cynthia.

• There was a planned 5th Leviathan, which was unnamed, and a 6th which was to be named “Gaghiel”.