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UIS Leviathan Overview (WIP)

UIS Leviathan

"A monster among men, a beast among gods"



- Captain: Capt. James W. Richard.
- Lieutenant: Lt. Thomas L. Sanders.
- AI: MPU-RX7 ONI SN.001 Leviathan

Laid: 2017
Launched: 2019
Sevince in UIN: 2019 -

Class: Leviathan Class Guided Missile Battlecruiser
Length: ~245 meters
Beam: ~25 meters
Height: ~35 meters
Displacement: 20,333 tons
Top Speed: 28.8 knots
Range: Practically Unlimited
Crew: 256 Enlisted, 32 Officers + 38 in air wing/drone control

Engines: Classified, assumed to be Clean Inferium Reactor
Power Plants: Classified, assumed to be electric
Other: Solar panels

Sensors and Processing Systems
ACS-RX9 - Advanced fire control and radar system
AC/MPU-RX7 “ONI” - Part of ACS, Main combat processing unit (Leviathan)
AC/FC-X - Part of ACS, Fire control system
AC/ADR-5 - Part of ACS, Air defense radar
AC/ASR-2 - Part of ACS, Air search radar
AC/SSR-3 - Part of ACS, Surface search radar
AC/OSA-3(B) - Part of ACS, 360* Organic bow Sonar Array
CCSUS-3/R - Command & Combat Satellite Uplink System
ARRS-4 - Airborne Reconnaissance Radar System

(Please don't metagame.)
HGCNU-34 ”Adam” - Part of the Human Apotheosis Project, Hell Gate Communication Network Uplink

x2 8 inch (203mm) AGM Railguns (In stealth housing)
x12 20 cell Mk.53 VLS (240 cells)
x16 4 cell Mk.37 AVLS (64 cells)
x4 Mk.16 Quad Tube Hypersonic Anti-ship launchers (Retractable)
x2 Mk.13 324mm Triple Torpedo Tube launchers
x2 .50 cal MGs (Stowable)
x2 7.62 HMGs

x2 ADEW Laser CIWS (Retractable)
x2 Mk.25 Thunderbolt CIWS (Retractable)
x4 Mk.24 AMS (In Stealth housing)
x4 Mk.9 Metal Storm CIWS (Retractable)

AC/DLS-5 - Countermeasure Launch System
AC/ECM-6 - Radar/Missile Jammer
AC/TSD-9 - Towed Sonar Decoy
AC/ECS-RX5 - ECM/Hacking Suite
AC/AASP-RX9 - Acoustic Ant-Sub Ping

x4 (heli) or x2 (large heli)
x2 Unmanned Drone helicopters (Multi-mission)
x2 Remote controlled Scout Drones
x2 Unmanned Underwater Scout Vehicles
x2 VTOL Jets 2021 Defense Budget Cut

x36 Inflatable Life Rafts

There are no released images of Leviathan himself
AI of UIS Leviathan

Rank: Petty Officer
Captain: Capt. James W. Richard
Engineer: Thomas Vet'al
BioTechnician: Saffel Gefet

Personal Details

Created: Sometime during spring of 2018
Activated: Sometime during the summer of 2018
AI Type: First Generation Organic Combat AI
Learning Ability Score: 95%
Personality Score: 89%
Stability: Highly Stable
Estimated Processing Power: 10.54 petaFLOPS
Estimated Lifespan: 2029-31
Signature: L E V I A T H A N

Personal Details

Leviathan's Bio can be found here.