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What is this, er, nation? (WIP)

(to be merged with the geography factbook eventually)

Consisting of like 37 UIJ ships, 1 Hell ship, 2 captured ships, and a handful of satellites, the fleet is known as the Inter-Dimensional UIJ Fleet 1, or IDUF-1 (40 total). It consists of Task Force 1 (TF1), Task Force 2 (TF2), and Task Force 3 (TF3). Together, they make up the inter-dimensional hopping fleet of the IDUF-1.

On Wed Nov 16, 2023, at approximately 7:30 PM, a number of important UIJ ships suddenly disappeared into thin air, taking with them their crews and a handful of satellites. Meanwhile in Hell, at the exact same time, the Experimental Advanced Destroyer known as HNS (Hell Naval Ship) “Snark” also disappeared. It had just cleared some trials, when it too disappeared without a trace. The ship was incomplete, and the lead scientists of the project were on board.

For approximately 10 minutes all these ships and satellites were gone, and once 10 minutes had passed, they all reappeared in the same position as before. However, they showed signs of conflict, they’d clearly been gone for longer than 10 minutes. Some theorized it to be months, others decades.

The crews were all interviewed, and all gave the same story. They were transported to another world, one that looked like earth, but wasn’t. The sky was different, the landmasses, while similar, were different. Flora and fauna were completely alien, but clearly had similar purposes or behavior.
The ships were all gathered in a fleet formation, the subs on the surface. They heard in their heads a booming voice, it told them that if they were to survive, they must fight and explore. "The Voice" said it would help them, giving them ships, and promising to resupply and repair the ships and men once each fight or exploration was complete. A R&D ship was also provided for work on the Snark and to develop new technologies, medicines, and sciences. They were forcibly "Jumped" around something "The Voice" referred to as the NS Multiverse.

And, upon completing each task given to the fleet, they were in fact resupplied and repaired. The dead, risen and renewed. Entire floating wrecks, repaired in mere minutes. Even wrecks of completely destroyed ships, and the atomic dust of men eventually returned. However, should they loose the entire fleet, each and every man, then they surely will never return home.

With the goal of returning home, they set out, swearing to annihilate anything that stood in the way of that goal. Adventures and research would be done with efficiency and tenacity, and the bonds between each crew member and marine would be stronger than ever before.
With their backs against the wall, alone, outnumbered, and often outgunned, they push on, determined to survive.

There are some number I don't have right now men that make up the fleet, and these, are their stories.

Essentially a NS-dimension traveling fleet of stealth ships from UIJ. Each interaction with my nation would be assumed that the fleet would be in your universe, somewhere with vast salt or fresh water oceans. Whether that be somewhere on earth, or some unknown planet in your vast planetary empire.
Do not assume the fleet is immediately hostile. Leviathan is an asshole, but his wishes and desires (such as shooting someone) are “reviewed” by appropriate leadership. He’s an asshole, but he’s not actually in charge. The leadership of the fleet is actually the Captain of the UIS Leviathan, Capt James W. Richard, a fairly kind and laid-back man.

One should not take the fleet lightly, with a range of about 2/3 to about 1 AU accurately, large space craft can be hit. At about 1/2, most FT spacecraft can be hit. And with what, you ask? This nation uses somewhat realistic physics, so a guided, gravity-boosted tungsten Rod would cause some really big holes in ships, and massively damaging impacts on shields. And that’s the Kinetic side of things, chemical weapons are available, using missiles with 1/2 kiloton warheads to also target enemy ships.
This also has the effect of potentially moving ships, say, knocking a ship in or out of orbit, or using them to redirect an asteroid, you get the picture.

Further, the “Snark”, while plagued with problems, is capable of firing an Inferium beam at an angle of 90 degrees. It has limited range, but it’s a beam of essentially pure radioactive energy, not something you’d want to be hit by. Effective against most forms of shielding, and easily melts through thick armor, however targets can also receive extremely lethal doses of radiation.

Snark is sort of my counter-FT thing that most people have, however I don’t like to rely on such things, so half the time the ship won’t work. I prefer blowing overly cocky nations away with science and tactics.

Also worthy of note, the only reason Leviathan is the “head” of the fleet is honestly because he’s like my favorite character because I get to actually insult people ICly provide real criticism in a snarky and funny matter.
also because the nation is UIS Leviathan, not IDUF-1.