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Other Ships Iíve Made

Sometimes I get ideas for ships that either donít fit UIJ, arenít ďgood enoughĒ, are for a different nation (NS and more lore), or were made out of boredom/for practice. This is the official collection of those ships, many of these are old designs, before my skill with the program was as good as it is today. It should also be mentioned that these have nothing to do with this nation, itís all OOC.

If youíd like to use any of these for your nations, you can ask via TG. Some are in use, a lot arenít. I might make one for you if you ask nicely and donít ask for too much.

I also make Linkplanes (Linkmore examples) and I used to make guns, though not a much anymore.

Latest update: added First LHD, Zippy, WWII Pocket BB
Leviathan Legacy
I don't have all of the Leviathans, but just know this is just a fraction of them. Please excuse the disgusting colors.

This is the oldest one I can find, and trust me the Leviathan has quite the history. The "Mk." series actually started at around the 13th Leviathan design, the Mk series was the start of more practical designs and colors.

This would've been only a slight redesign of the Mk.2, as such the .2/.5

This was the longest living Leviathan, and was, at the time, my best ship, IMO

This was supposed to be a more realistic upgrade without making me start all over again.

With the newer 4.3, this is no longer the current Leviathan, however the differences are minimal, so you can just think of this one as the current one. It's the one on the flag, too. (As of now)

This is (I believe) the second oldest WWII Leviathan, the first was....terrible. So is this one, but at least it looks like an actual ship.

This one is still a massive WIP, and is "scheduled" for a complete redesign, again. Based off of the Yamato, Iowa, and Bismark class battleships.

New Ships
Pretty much anything from 2019 to now. As I'm still making newer ships, more will be added with time

Similar in idea to an LinkAlaska Class Cruiser


Not much to say on this one.

Cutaway of the side, and with loading ramps down

Battle/Flooding damage

Iím using this one again, but Iím putting it here until I get it in other factbooks.

Canon to this nation, captured and repaired by UIJ sailors, thus the blue-gray hull parts. Find it here

Like those cheap little missile boats poor nations seem to love

A corvette made for my nation, including this one. Capable of carrying like 32 anti-air missiles, which is pretty cool for a Corvette

Although Iím using this one, I jut had a lot of extra images of it that wouldnít make sense to put anywhere else.

nothing special, just 60 knots, inspired by Synne Industriesís insanely fast ships

Designed with the ability to use multiple large RHIBs in mind, as well as general combat and defense.

I like making Patrol boats, they're short and easy

I had so many on hand I was like ďletís just throw em togetherĒ

These were attempts at custom older style/open bridges, I think they turned out pretty well.

after the nukes fall or something

Made for Great mojave. Iím actually fairly proud of this one, the mast was a pain but looks pretty darn cool

but with no missiles

Based off the Kirov class, one of the better interpretations I made. This is probably the oldest new ship.

but cooler

A blank hull, fully customizable.

Basic example

A WIP ship I made for the purposes of bomber spam. It currently holds 29 dive bombers, estimated capacity of about 60-70, not including 6 spotters and the fighters I'll put on the deck.

Itís a sub

Old Ships
(These arenít in any certain order)

Figure we might as well start off strong. This was a mobile repair/resupply/dry dock ship capable of housing the Leviathan Class and smaller. It was armed to the teeth, for some reason. There was also a lot of interior detail, but I was only willing to use one extra image.

This here was the rear of the ship with the top removed. You can see the dual dry docks and cargo storage in the back

Meant for anti-space warfare, it could also launch fighters into space. It's beautiful.

What to say about this ship... I broke the program I used, so it could never fully load the ship, thus this....look. I ended up finishing and fixing the issue, but I don't have the images of it anymore. It was one of the biggest ships I've ever made, had an interior, too.

A cutaway to the interior. I don't know if this was from the finished one or not, but I assume it isn't. The ship had 3 decks, only 2 are showing, the second deck looks to have been removed almost completely or not added. You can see from the elevator in the back that it stopped at 3 decks, in fact a bit of the 2nd deck is between the elevators.

One of my better earlier ships, this one took inspiration from a variety of coast guard ships.

It also came in UIJ coast guard blue, note the addition of the side cannons. These were intended as ďnon-lethal potato cannonsĒ.

Technically a somewhat newer ship, but I hate it so Iím putting with the rest of my failures. Itís based off an actual coast guard cutter, LinkHamilton Class Cutter

I was starting to get better around this time, however this was one of the lower ends of that "era"

This one was based somewhat off of early Arleigh Burke destroyers

Based off the Arleigh Burke. Pretty good, honestly.

A (somewhat) functioning U-Boat

just blagh, over-armed and gross

Based of some deviantart concept ship, this thing was really good for me at the time, one of my best ships even to this day

Another one based off some deviantart ship

here's that ship, in fact

A frigate made for my puppet Blue arcadia

Based somewhat off the Ticonderoga-class cruiser. Kinda basic

Quickie that I made for my anti-anomaly/magic force. Essentially it was my way of combating magic. It was equipped with "magic dispersal units" and other sh i t in that vein.

The Bismark.

Based on the Liberty Class LCS Frigates

A FT tech super sub made for Wobbegong. Honestly with a bit of a freshening up, this could still be pretty good.

Made for Silverkia. I'm not sure what this is, honestly. It has a crown so it's cool.

Made for Fascistisk state as a realistic ship. Mediocre, at best.

Another ship made for Fascistisk state, it was a super ship with a stinky, mean anime AI. Kkmf stinky sock

The actual ship

the super cool AI


The Stinky Sock -- Victor of all Engagements!

The KKMF Stinky Sock was built in world war two, and it already was super promising. It had like 350 mm cannons and a helicopter and a big mast thingy anyway we shouldn't dwell on actual statistics and things that make sense for too long - on to it's ridiculous victories.

In 2919 it got into a battle with the Japenese Yamato battleship, and it absolutely destroyed that superior ship because that ship wasn't superior at all

It went on to go single handedly defeat the Japenese amerikan chinese rooksie combined fleet and sink it to the bottom of the ocean with one shell (the enemy had lined up nicely and our super magik amour penetrating flamethrower shell pierced their captain's heart)

The Stinky Sock single handed won world war two for both the Axis and the Allies and then just decided to rule the whole world with an iron fist.

The crew decided to install a artificial first matey for the ship, since everyone was getting old and they could very well operate the ship anymore. So, a group of three heroes journeyed to molag ogo, the fortress world of the keymasthiooooosian Essence centre. Using the heart of a virgin (not really lol) combined with neo nazi blood and a milled steel katana blade of heroism and shogunate, they formulated a being from the heart crystals and hardened her shell with a blood sphere of true neutral nature centre blue axrisxian wine red.

this being's auroa was like a blueish green so they immediately knew it was both a woman and the perfect artificial robot fellow to run their ship so they brought her back home where they totally installed her and started another voyage.

Naming her 'Miss Stinky Sock', the crew and Socky had great adventures in the land of Earth and other stuff oh yeah I guess they were sort of Fascistisk but not really they were actually pirates

so anyway they were totally pirates and one day they decided to pirate the Executor of the holy pasta empire of whatever and they totally succeeded because they were a much better ship and basically the greatest thing ever made.
They took executor and told her 'hey you are with us now' and she accepted and she's now the lesbian lover of Miss Stinky Sock who's sexual appetite knows no bounds

anyway then the Stinky Sock destroyed the UIS Levation (or whatever it's a stupid name anyway) and their crew refused to join the glorious pirate fleet so Miss Stinky Sock had them drafted into sexual slavery it's pretty messed up but she's cute and everyone loves her anyway

okay then the KKPMF or whatever the letters were Stinky Sock went on one final super mission - defeat the avrdvark fortress world that birthed her in the first place. It was shaping up to be the best darn battle in the whole wide world the whole Dalvius fleet vs only the little shiitty purple ship and it's pirate fleet

it lasted three years but in conclusion not a single stinky sock was sunk that day and Avraek ate his own poop haha then he was drafted into the pirate fleet great stuff.

In conclusion again

The Stinky Socky fleet, ruled by Miss Stinky Sock or just socky to her friends with an iron fist and an iron lebedo or whatever that word is is the strongest fleet in the world we fight gods and rule the entire ominverse take us on if you even dare

glory to Socky

Read factbook

Made for Space wizard, it was a sub that could turn into a party ship.

Based off some poor Oceanic nations' s h i t t y boat

Used by various nations, it really sucked.

One of the better small ones. Made for my puppet, Blue arcadia

donno what to say here

Not terrible

Pretty basic, not bad

This thing was a masterpiece when I made it. It also drifted really well, and had amazing mobility, I still don't know why.

Here's a picture of it drifting, and no, it would never roll over. It just looked like it would.

Pretty good

Modern Refit

Scenic shot I had on hand, might as well add it. Taken on the bow of that WWII Crusier

One if my better designs.

Bet you didn't expect space ships. Well they aren't great. Clearly based off the Pillar of Autumn from Halo.

Another one based off Halo

These ships were made for The Islands of Versilia.

Co-Built Guided Missile Destroyer. It was supposed to be a ship built between my nation and Versilia. Funnily, one of my better older designs, In fact if I fixed some things on it, I'd probably still use this. The blue+red things were supposed to represent my nation, the orange+black was Versilia, who had an orange and black flag back then.

Modern Battleship III. Too chunky, my first tumblehome ship.

With upgrade package

Modern Battleship II. Laughable, imo

Modern Battleship I. gross

alternate paint scheme

Patrol Boat

Pontoon Carrier. Worst carrier I've ever made. It did have a full interior, though, so it was kinda cool.

Interior cut-away

These ships were made for The holy empire of the spaghetti monster

Modern Battleship II. One of my cooler older designs, it had an interior, sadly I don't have those images.

Modern Battleship I. FSMS Ribbed For Her Pleasure. Absolute meme ship.

Destroyer. If the colors weren't so awful it wouldn't be half bad.